Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed…

Just wanted to leave everyone a quick note.

I’ll be attending New York Comic-Con this weekend, which is going to prevent me from getting my reviews up. I’ll have my posts on this weekend’s offerings up starting Monday.

I wont be posting about NYCC this year, unfortunately, as the movie related content is pretty scant. :( But we’ll be back up and running again when I roll back into town on Monday. See you then!

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20 thoughts on “Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed…

  1. Enjoy. I’ll be going to NYC in November to see Chaplin: The Musical. Love me some of that Big Apple.

  2. Hope you’ll have a good time!

    If you see Pacific Rim trailer again while I haven’t seen it at all yet I’m gonna be really depressed :)

    • Ha! No… unfortunately I didnt attend any panels. They just werent worth the sacrifice.

      Now, if “Pacific Rim” had a panel, I’d have been all over it… but they didn’t :(

      I guess I did see this though…

      But thats it.

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