90 thoughts on “500,000 Page Views

  1. Wooooooooooooooooooo to youuuuuu! Man take it from a fellow blogger, your dedication to comments is what put you here! Quality content is only half the story and your dialog with your readers is second to none on the Interwebs. Its why I am loyal!

    Congrats and keep it up Fogsman!

    • Thanks man. Its totally true. Comments and exchanging thoughts with others about movies is totally what its all about. Need to have good content too, but the comments are where its at bro, you hit it right on the head!

      I’ll be here buddy, I aint going anywhere! ;)

      • Listen man, I’m celebrating my 3,100st view! I’ll be at a million before I know it! lol.

        Which reminds me, you need to check out my most recent entry I just posted. I think you will like it. You will be my 3,101 viewed and you will get to see a sweet, new trailer. :)

  2. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that.
    It’s good knowin’ he’s out there, the Dude, takin’ her easy for all us sinners.
    – The Stranger, Big Lebowski

  3. Huzzah! Congratulations on the milestone! I am also quite envious of the active commentariat on the site, too! Envy, envy, envy! I think a very large part is how friendly and active you are with all the commenters. So cheers, and may there be 500,000 page views more!

    • Do I know you?

      LOL. Just kidding Santo. :D Thank you, first off.

      It is a nice milestone, I think, yeah. I guess that’s what happens when you keep at it. The odometer has to hit the big numbers eventually!

      Being friendly and active comes easy, man. That’s what its all about, for me, really, is talking to everyone. I just get the ball rolling, and then listen to what everyone has to say!

  4. Whoah, congrats Fogs! Somehow I thought you’d already hit this mark a long time ago, well here’s to 500K more in half the time, man! :D

  5. .5 million? Haha I thought that happened a while back! Regardless, congrats, man!

    On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Fogs’ Movie Reviews wrote:

    > ** > Fogs’ Movie Reviews posted: ” Just a quick, celebratory note; Fogs’ > Movie Reviews just surpassed the 500,000 page view milestone! I wanted to > extend a big thank you to everyone who visits, reads, comments and > subscribes!”

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