Now showing on cable: “Inception”

Inception premieres this Saturday, June 18th on HBO.

If you missed it in the theatres, didnt catch it on demand and didnt buy it or rent it on DVD, well here’s your chance to right the wrong you’ve been doing yourself for a full year now.

Inception is one of those rare films that gives the audience credit for being intelligent. That’s not to say it’s a thinkpiece, by any means. It just means it doesnt pander to the lowest common denominator and over simplify everything for you. It gives you an action movie wrapped in a complex sci-fi structure that manages to keep your mind engaged whilst it gets your heart pounding.

Basically, Inception revolves around a group of high tech scientists/thieves who can “Hack” into your dreams. Once there, they can steal your most carefully guarded secrets. Things get more complicated however when a client wants them not to steal a thought, but to leave one. Before you know it, the crew is embroiled in a multi layered dream within a dream within a dream job, struggling to find their way out.

I loved it, it narrowly missed being an all time great, for me. I think at the time, I had just come off of watching “Shutter Island”, and I got hung up thinking that a little of DiCaprio’s patented “man on the verge of a nervous breakdown” would have gone a long way here. There’s really no exceptional acting or characters here, and even though I see how they were trying to involve the heart in this flick, it didnt really connect with me – it felt calculated.

What we’re left with though is a first class action movie. It doesnt just pander to your adrenaline glands, but really gets you thinking as well.



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