The Hangover, Part II

Ok, I realize I just took points away from Super 8 for lack of Originality…

But the fact that this movie is a carbon copy of the first one never bothered me. Yes, it’s “The Hangover: Bangkok”. Yes the plot outline of this film was completely regurgitated from the first movie. Who cares? I guess that those jokes havent gotten old for me yet.

You KNOW the story. The Wolf Pack get together, get wasted, and wake up with blackouts. Someone’s missing. As they search for them, the pieces of the previous night slowly come together. Of course, what they wind up piecing together isn’t any ordinary night, but a wild night of drunken debauchery that would shame a party crew comprised of Jeff Spicoli, Bluto Blutarsky and Hunter S. Thompson.

What else do you need?

It was funny as hell, it’s as simple as that. Yes, there were a few times where I saw something and thought “Hey, that happened in the first one, too” but by and large, I was just laughing at these three hysterical comedians doing what they do best. Cooper is smarmy, Ed Helms is the incredulous everyman… disbelieving that all of these blights could be visited upon him, and Zak Galifiankis is, well, Zak Galifiankis. Oh, and every now and then, throw in a dash of Ken Jeong.

I mean, maybe its me, maybe its because I watched it in a packed theatre full of people ready to laugh at anything. But when I left, I asked my friends… “Was that better than the first one?” The answer winds up being no, but mainly because of the originality element.

Tons of fun. A-


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