TV Talk: Game of Thrones

The one thing I miss about Lost more than anything is talking about it on the net afterwards. Since then, there hasn’t really been a show that’s come along and commanded discussion like that…

But I know a lot of people are watching Game of Thrones, and I’m hoping some people want to share their thoughts on the finale.


Holy Shit! Dragons!

That was awesome! Now they’ve got Dragons! I was wondering how I was going to root for the Dothraki contingent after Khal Drogo bit it (it was kind of like watching your favorite sports team lose your favorite player). But now they’ve got Dragons? Hell yeah…

Plus the Imp is going to be the King’s Hand? Thats sweet. I wonder if he’s going to have any trouble bringing the lil brat King in line. If anyone recalls, he smacked that little shit across the face earlier in the series:

All in all, I loved this series. If it stays this good across the length of its run and it ends gracefully (unlike Lost) it’s going to be one one of the greatest shows ever. A lot of shows start off hot and then have the wheels come off though, so we’ll have to wait and see.

True Blood next week, but in the meantime, anyone gonna miss this show as much as I will?


16 thoughts on “TV Talk: Game of Thrones

  1. I am gonna miss it…I can’t wait to see if the Khaleesi stays totally badass(now that she has dragons) or if she takes the left turn at Albequerque and heads straight for bat-shit crazy. Could go either way. And as for the imp….some people don’t evince greatness until they have greatness thrust upon them. Besides he does have the best reptoire of euphamisms for masturbation of any character ever…if that doesn’t earn you the title of “hand” what does?

  2. Best show I’ve watched in 5 years, I’d say. Episode 9 is right up there with Season 5 of the Shield.

    I’m going to miss it like crazy at least until The Walking Dead returns. In the meantime, I’m on page 514 of the book, and have the next three ordered on Amazon.

    • !!!


      You know what’s funny, man? I understood that entire comment.

      I don’t put anything up with Season 5 of the Shield though. The finale of that show is still the most devestating thing I’ve ever seen. I guess I can see how you would say that about this show though. If you’re that emotionally invested in that character… I mean, it WAS a “No Way…” moment. I’m gonna hesitate to put anything up amongst the greats after one season (thanks Lost!), but if it keeps this level of quality up, it will definitely be in that discussion for sure.

      • My only fear is that the show progresses faster than the novels, and they have to start making their own content. I want them to continue using the novels as a solid framework, and not take the Walking Dead approach of having the source material be more of a loose outline. The worst parts of TWD’s first season were the drastic departures at the end of the season.

        Now there’s a show I fear for the second season of. Without getting all spoilery, I’ve read that both Darabont and Kirkman are in no hurry to do what needs to be done. I’m greatly enjoying the show, but I find myself dying for it to be more like GoT, where you get to see the story you love come to life, and not just inspire something that has some characters with the same names. (Rick and Glenn are however exempt from that particular rant. They have been nailed on all levels thusfar.)

        I can see why you might not put GoT as high as the Shield, but I have to admit, I was sucked in completely, and felt it every bit as much as Arya or Sansa. I probably spoiled half to all of Season 2 for myself checking online to see if there was going to be some dramatic rescue in the season finale.

      • I didn’t even see this comment yesterday.

        First off… You’re wayyyyyy ahead of things as far as HBO goes. I’d be more afraid (way more afraid) that they won’t finish all the books at all. Rome? Deadwood? If the numbers don’t add up for them suddenly, they’re not afraid to cut a show.

        That said, you’re spot on about the Walking Dead. Glad to hear you’re watching it, I’ll make sure to get write-ups on that going… I haven’t heard anything there, but budget cuts are a big concern… Darabont was worried/complaining about that already.

        Finally, I wasn’t really trying to be hard on GoT, I just don’t put anything on par with the Shield and The Wire. They’re my sacred cows of tv. GoT COULD get there… But it’s got a ways to go.

    • Thanks, Jersey!

      Obviously I hope you come back before then :D, but be sure to come back when GoT airs, cause I’ll DEFINITELY be recapping that one!!

      If you’ve got interest, poke around a bit, I attended the Game of Thrones panel this year at Comic-Con and posted the video. You can find it if you want in either the TV Talk section or the Convention Coverage section!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Speaking of GoT, they apparently are getting Neil Marshall, director of a very good and underrated “The Descent”, to direct an episode this season. And not just any episode, but “Blackwater”. Bookreaders will know just from the name of the episode the epic shit that goes down, and not conincidentally, that was the episode personally scripted by GRRM for Season 2.

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