TV Talk: True Blood (S4E1, “She’s Not There”)

I know there’s folks out there watching True Blood…

I’ll tell you, I think everybody’s favorite Supernatural Soap Opera has a LOT of work cut out for it this season. It is NOT going to be easy topping last season’s “Vampire Liberace”, Russell Edgington!

But, seeing as he’s currently indisposed, the residents of Bon Temps must soldier on. Click through to read more and discuss the season premiere of True Blood!

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Episode 1!! 

Ah, the flash forward. Tried and true fictional narrative device. Whaaaaat? Bill is King of Louisianna now? Tara’s a cage figther? Jason is an actual COP? I don’t know which is hardest to beleive.

First though, I need to get on the record about the open. My stance on Sooki Stackhouse has always been that she’s one of the LEAST interesting characters in the show. I know it’s HER show, but still, there’s half a dozen characters at least on this show that I would rather be watching. Jason, Tara, Eric, Sam, Jessica, Pam, Lafayette, hell… Andy Belflour. I just dont dig on Sooki (although I AM grateful that Anna put it all on record for us a couple of times, if you know what I mean).

So… I was leery of Fairy-ville to begin with. But now that its revealed to be more like Gremlin-land, I am REALLY worried. When Sooki and Lumberg were running from the fairy-gremlin’s force blasts, I was like, Ohhhh goddd, here we go… the ramp was coming up, the shark was swimming, and all I was thinking was, well, at least we got three good seasons out of this show.

I shouldn’t have worried. In the end, it was a small part of an excellent season premiere. It just happened to… open the premiere, thats all.

But once we got back to Bon Temps, everything was back to, LOL, “Normal”.

I’m very much hoping that the coven of witches is this season’s main storyline/bad guy as opposed to Sooki’s Fairy God-Gremlins. The lead witch seems crazy… I like her. And I’m not sure yet whether Polly the Undead Parakeet came back to life because Lafayette completed the circle, or because Lafayette is actually providing the witchy power. I think it would be awesome if he eventually became a full out voodoo slinging warlock. That would be awesome!

Meanwhile, I like Jason, but he can stay in the fridge for awhile, cause I’m not sure I’m keen on the land of crazy panther people yet…

Tara though, nice! I like her as a baddass cage fighter, that was awesome! And she dismissed that drunk with style, too! I guess she got her fighting spirit back at some point since last season. She needs a hotter girlfriend though.

Bill’s found some new friends, Arlene and Terry’s kid is who we thought he was, and Jessica cooks the world’s worst omlette. I hope she realizes that housekeeping isn’t for her, and reaches her full potential this season, as the coming attractions allude.

And finally, the “Central Story of All Seasons” seems to be heading in an interesting direction. Somehow, Bill has leapfrogged Eric in the Vampire Beuracrachy and become King. Which means, apparently, he’s Eric’s boss now. Undeterred, Eric is making an outright play for Bill’s ex, Sooki the Human/Fairy/Gremlin. How much that plays into Bill’s actions is yet to be seen, but the previews make it look as if Bill tries to get Eric out of the way once and for all.

So, despite the jawdroppingingly awful visit to Fairy-ville that opened our show, Season 4 seems full of promise. And I’m sure it will only get crazier as the season goes on. If you’re reading this and watching it, leave a quick (or not so quick if you want) comment, and we can get a discussion of this crazy show going as the season moves along!


11 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E1, “She’s Not There”)

    • Cool… check back in, I think I’m going to stick with writing episodes up for the first few episodes at least, see if I can draw some convcersation out. I don’t watch enough NEW movies to feed a blog, so I figured I’d add some tv to keep things topical. Bookmarked your blog, BTW, I’ll definitely be checking in occasionally 🙂

  1. Fogs, good review but you missed out on the biggest fantasy movie irony of all. Fiona Shaw was Petunia Dursley, the muggle, witch hating aunt of Harry Potter, is now playing a witch.

    I have read all of the Sookie books so I know where this season is headed. Alan Ball has deviated from the book series quite a bit. In the books, Lafayette, who Ball has made a wonderful character, was killed off early in the 13 book series.

    Charlaine Harris, the author of the books, has said that Ball was the best choice to bring her world to the screen. She has accepted the changes Ball has made and said it would have been boring if he stuck straight to the book.

    The Fae creeped me out, for the record as did Gary Cole being granddad.

    • Wowie, you know your Harry Potter, too, huh?

      I’m much too casual about that franchise to pick up on something like that.

      I had heard that about Lafayette, and I’m glad Ball made the right call. He’s such a cool character. If he had died, who would call Tara “Hooker”? He and Jessica are two of my favorites. I like Pam, too.

      I also knew a little on Harris’ attitudes towards the show from the True Blood panel the last time I went to Comic-con (09). She said (in her southern accent) “He and I have a deal… I don’t tell him what to put on tv, and he doesn’t tell me what to write.”

      Crowd liked that.

      • Fogs, yeah I am a full blooded HP geek! I would really suggest listening to the Harris books. It’s not like the HP movies/books where they kept pretty close to the books. I enjoy the books a lot. I look at TB as an alternate universe to the books. Same characters and similar story arcs with a different intention by the author.

  2. Hey Dan. For the most part I totally agree with your assessment on the high points. But I think Tara’s girlfriend is beautiful. Way too pretty for Tara! I don’t really like Sooki either. Do you think the baby is actually evil or are the things happening around him for a different reason? His mother DID involve witchcraft trying to abort him. Maybe it’s coming back to bite her in the ass – and it’s her OWN actions causing problems. I don’t think that will be straightforward at all. There will be a twist there. But isn’t that what True Blood is all about! I was forced to watch Twighlight with my neice and find True Blood NOTHING like it.
    On a final note – BRING ON ALCIDE!!!! I need some more shirtless werewolf, thank you!!

    • Ohhhhhh… Yeahhhhh…. I forgot that she drank that nasty voodoo stuff. Wowwww.

      Good Point! I hope he IS possessed. [Ozzy] Crazy!! (Guitar chug) Babies!! [/Ozzy]

      Now, not that I need more shirtless werewolf in my life or anything, but where IS Alcide? Isn’t he supposed to be a regular now?

      Agree to disagree on Taras girlfriend…

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