News Worth Sharing: WB still considering Green Lantern sequel


In spite of it’s less than stellar Box Office performance to date, Aiden Redmond of Moviephone is reporting that the executives at Warner Brothers are still moving forward with a planned Green Lantern Sequel. I’ll believe it for real when it moves into production – they were saying the same sort of thing at this point in time when “Superman Returns to Crush His Fans Hearts” was under-performing.

Still, it’s better than hearing its dead in the water, which is what everyone kind of thought after the film got skewered by critics (not me, :)) and opened weakly (for its budget).

Read the source article here:

UPDATED: So, they’re already backing off. Which doesn’t make sense to me. While your movie is still in theatres, wouldnt you want to promise a sequel? Not like they could be held to it. Read it here:


4 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: WB still considering Green Lantern sequel

  1. I’m sorry but I like when a studio pushes through with a franchise. They could work on the issues in the first one and make the sequel even better. Instead of just rebooting it with Justin Bieber in five years or something.

  2. Plus if you know the comic, the second one should really kick ass with conflict between Green Lantern and Sinestro. I think that’s what audiences were missing in this first one. THe villian was too vague, but I think the set up has the inpact being stronger for the second one.

    • True.

      You know though? A lot of critics complain when there’s not a big enough threat. Like one of the knocks on Thor is that for budgetary reasons (it appeared) he was in this small little town with no people practically just facing off solo against “The Destroyer”. At least with Parallax I did feel like they conveyed a gloabl threat.

      You have an excellent point though. Put a face to the villain and it makes a stronger movie. Hadn’t really thought of it like that.

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