TV Talk: True Blood (S4E2, “You Smell Like Dinner”)

Now we’re talking.

THAT’S the True Blood I’ve been missing. Witches casting spells, shape shifting, vampires chowing people, crazy laughing demon babies. I love this &%$*ing show.

Headlining tonight’s show were the revealing flashbacks we got regarding Bill Compton.

a) He was a Punk Rocker! “Fight on!”

b) He became King by killing the Queen with a high tech hit squad.

I like his character more than before on both counts. It’s also cool to see him freed up from Sookie. We know he’s a neck breaking type of guy when he doesn’t need to be gentle, LOL!

Speaking of Sookie, she tried to make up for all the time she’s missed by taking a moral condescension tour of Bon Temps. She’s too good for Eric, she’s too good for Pam, she’s too good for Bill now, she’s too good for Jessica, she didn’t say anything in particular to Arlene, but Arlene knows her well enough. She was probably thinking something condescending! The only one she didn’t come down on was Tara… and I wonder what she would have done if she knew how Tara’s been paying the bills! She annoys me enough without the Faerie/Goblin crap, and it looks as though that’s going to crop up again next week.

No worries though, everything else was firing on all cylinders tonight. Arlene’s baby tosses his hat in the ring for “Coolest Evil Demon Baby” ever. Because it’s Terry and Arlene, I have a feeling there’s going to be some comedy involved, but big whoop! That never disqualified an evil baby before! Remember Corinne’s demon baby on Soap? Tons of laughs…

Jason got chowed up good by a couple of members of Bagheera City. Hopefully he’ll emerge from this with cool new panther powers. “Form of! Oh wait, shit, there’s only one thing I can turn into… Form of! A Panther!” As long as that subplot keeps bringing us Jonesing Andy Bellefleur, I am in!!

Hey while I was just checking out how to spell Andy’s last name on IMDB, I saw that Terry’s a Bellefleur, too. Are they related and I missed it?

Jessica is straining at the moor and it’s only a matter of time before she busts loose. I only hope it’s everything I’ve been waiting for :p. Speaking of busting loose, Sam’s been spending a lot of time with the “Born Free Club”. Seems like his brother is jealous, which isn’t good, because his brother is the kiss of death.

Finally, we have the plot that I hope rises to the fore this season, the witches. Not only do they have Lafayette on their roster, they look like they can really threaten the Vampires! If they can knock Eric out like he was at a college keg party, what the hell else can they do? (Maybe they can make Sookie’s Gremlins go away? Hope, hope)

Let’s hear it out there. I know people are watching, and now’s the time to share!


5 thoughts on “TV Talk: True Blood (S4E2, “You Smell Like Dinner”)

  1. The one thing these shows make to do is go back and listen to the whole series again (yeah, I listen to the audio books at work!)

    As for Andy and Terry, they are cousins. Do you remember Portia in S4e1? Portia is Andy’s sister. I won’t spoil it for those who have not read the books but Andy and Portia have another relative on set.

    Being a huge Eric fan, I am glad for the romance arc this season is putting Sookie and Eric together.

    Going back to a comment from last week that Sookie is the least interesting character… I agree. She is more of a narrator that spurs a lot of action around her. She reminds me of Harry Potter (yeah, 2 comments in a row that I bring up HP) Harry, like Sookie, did not ask for the brouhaha around him but they make the most of it.

  2. Fogs,

    Episode one really almost made me turn off the tv after the beginning, cheesy electricity balls were flying around, but yes, they finally realized the error of their ways and remembered it wasn’t b-movie sci-fi flick. I must disagree with you on Tara’s girlfriend however. She can stay as far as I am concerned. Sookie, eh. The best female character is by far Pam. When she tried to do that interview for tv, that had to have been one of the best scenes of the show. You say Bill is free from Sookie, but he isn’t. In fact, if Nan finds out Bill knows about Miss Fairy, then Bill is in big trouble. That whole preview of Eric about to get staked, that’s when Godrick is going to show up. At least for now, the only other person besides Bill that knows about the fairy is Pam. Bill might have to take care of that situation. I have to say, episode 2 definitely stepped up it’s game. Sam’s brother is going to kill his mother so he can turn into humans. He’s gonna try to screw Sam somehow that way. Probably with Sam’s new girl. Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Keep up the good work Fogs, love the reviews.


  3. I’m telling ya…. that baby is not doing the things we are led to believe he’s doing. That’s why we never actually SEE him doing them. I can’t wait til it’s revealed what’s really going on there.

    • What’s REALLY going on is that he is an EVIL DEMON. Who just happens to be a baby right now, but an EVIL DEMON, got it???

      (I take it that means you caught up?)

      BTW, obviously Comic-Con through my viewing schedule off. I hoe to have this week’s True Blood up soon.

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