What’s Your Favorite Pixar Movie?

So in a comment this morning, my friend Gary indicated that his favorite Pixar movie is Monsters Inc. I immediately countered with four or five I thought were better, as befitting my know-it-all status. But then I was thinking, hey favorites are favorites, right? Everybody’s got their favorites…

So this is a topic that needs exploring. What’s your favorite Pixar Movie? Comments with your reasoning are even better!



16 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Pixar Movie?

  1. Wow, only 3 movies are getting any choices. It was personally tough for me since I love all of the Pixar movies. Each has it’s unique flair and style. My daughter and I watch these to see all the items that are reused in every movie, such as the blue/yellow ball with the red star, the Pizza Planet Truck, even the camper that was in Monsters’ Inc. (Randall getting beaten with a shovel) is used in Bug’s Life (the Pizza Planet truck is right next to it.) Plus John Rat….. (whatever his last name is, Cliff Claven) is in every one also.

    A Bug’s Life was funny. I liked the male ladybug and the giant caterpillar that just wanted to be a butterfly. Been a while so I forget their names.

    Cars and Cars 2, always loved Owen Wilson and the way he talks. That alone adds some humor. Then you add Larry the Cable Guy and you have an intelligent person who just sounds stupid. Makes for good humor.

    Finding Nemo is just a good story with lots of good humor from Ellen Degeneres (Dorie). Bruce the Shark is just cool. Fish are Friends, not food.

    Monsters Inc, not a big Billy Crystal fan, always found him more annoying than funny, but alongside John Goodman, it was a funny movie. Roz, I’m watching you, always watching.

    Ratatouille, I found Remy’s brother to be funny because he eats everything without thinking. This one is probably my least favorite.

    The incredibles, well it’s a superhero family, what more can you say. Jason Lee as the villain, Syndrome. I always have liked Jason Lee from back in the Kevin Smith Mallrats and following movies.

    Toy Storys, all good, excellent kid humor with the antics and adult humor with the dialog.

    Up, weird one but I liked it. Dug was a funny dog and Alpha’s voice box added to the humor. Then there was the big bird, Kevin.

    Wall-E I loved because it made fun of the human race as a whole and how we destroyed the planet, went to space, got fat because we let technology do everything for us, then there was the story of Wall-E and Eve.

    • I don’t think you actually ever said which one you voted for! I’ve reread it, too!

      As for 3 movies only getting votes, it’s early. Give it time. We’ll see how this thing does in awhile. Your comment has come in within about 15 minutes of posting!

      I totally agree though Bruce, this studio is incredible. They do incredible, incredible work. Its hard for me NOT to vote for some of them.

      That said, I would second you on Ratatouille if it weren’t for Cars 2, which I hated. I was never that impressed with it, and until Cars 2, it was my least favorite, too.

      I voted for Toy Story, myself. I think it gets the added benefit of being the first and demonstrating this new style of animation which now is used in about 10 movies a year. But it also has wonderful I mean, really incredible characters in Woody and Buzz.

  2. I would go with Toy Story 3. While Pixar is head and shoulders above US competitors, I always thought they were still lagging behind Japanese animations. Not at the technical level but in terms of story-telling and moving beyond the stigma of animations being for kids. I hope they continue to move toward darker, more adult material with Brave and beyond.

      • Ironically, I’m gonna cite “Tin Tin”, which I just caught the trailer for on your site!

        I mean, that’s morrre grownup. Not completely adult, but its not too kiddie. And I wouldnt call it dark… it seemed really lighthearted to me.

      • Yes Tintin is definitely a bit more elaborate than the average US comic book. It’s not truly adult but certainly not as kid-oriented as Spider-Man or Iron Man for example.

  3. Wow what a tough decision! I like em all!

    I voted Toy Story since it’s the first Pixar movie I ever watched… one of the first movies I ever watch in my life in fact!

  4. Toy Story is heads and tails above all their other features, in my opinion. But everything I’ve seen has been pure quality. (All but Cars 2, TS3 and Ratatouille) Hope to watch Toy Story 3 soon.

  5. Honestly, the only two Pixar movies I could really not live without are Ratatouille and Up. The others are great, for certain, but I know which out of their oeuvre mean the most to me. I think the former gets far too little love considering how flat-out fantastic and inspired it is, and the latter, well, it’s just sublime.

  6. Toy Story is my pic. Not that the others aren’t quality works on there own, it’s just that it was the combination of innovation, excellent characters, actors voices, and a great script with tons of memorable lines. The clever placement of the double entendre and the occasional pun is priceless. Some of the others have some of these elements as well, but not to the extent that Toy Story had, in my opinion.

  7. It was a toss up between Finding Nemo & Toy Story but I’ll have to go with Finding Nemo. With any luck, they won’t tarnish my opinion by making a sh** sequel featuring Dory in a never ending slew of action sequences.

  8. What a rough poll. I think my heart imploded when I read the question. The only one of these I don’t actually enjoy is Cars 2. A Bug’s Life is my least favorite beyond that, but I still do enjoy it. But the rest? All very dear to me.

    In the end, I can’t vote for any single Toy Story movie because I do enjoy them all as a whole now. Mayhaps I’m just not as much as a Toy Story fan, but I didn’t absolutely *love* Toy Story until Toy Story 2. I liked it, sure, but its sequels actually enhanced it for me. (how often do you get to say that? 😛 )

    WALL-E was phenomenal. I was looking forward to its release for a year. I even saw it at a midnight showing, the day it was released. But, for that very reason, it suffered a bit. I still very much loved the movie, but I walked into it with an expectation to be watching one thing — and it wasn’t that thing. Sometimes, when you go into a movie with the assumption its about something that it ends up not being, you’re blown away. The Matrix comes to mind. Sometimes, though, you feel a little hollow because of it. WALL-E left me with that twinge of disappointment, even though I still adored it. So, while I strongly considered it as my vote, I decided not to. No fault of its own that I thought the movie would be more of what the first 15 minutes or so offered, and what it *did* offer afterwards was good and fun, but alas, that’s just the trouble with assumptions.

    So, for me, that left Ratatouille and Up. Ratatouille is fantastic. It captures a feeling of France so well, in my mind, and I think the animation in it floors most of the others. Not sure why, but the animation just seems better than even more recent movies, like Toy Story 3. It’s also an excellent friendship drama.

    But, Up truly hit me like a frying pan when I saw it. It’s odd. Quirky. Flying houses. Giant exotic birds. Dogs who talk through collars. It’s the kind of adventure that you have in a dream, and when you tell someone about it later, it makes absolutely no f*ing sense anymore. And you’re just scrambling to make it sound as great as it was to your friend, trying to just recapture the essence of it. The love story in it is beautiful and tragic and I’ve made the statement that anyone who doesn’t cry when they see it has no soul. And, perhaps because of it, all of the comedic and light-hearted moments that follow are laugh-out-loud funny. I remember giggling like a kid throughout all the stuff with Russel (and I remember no one else in the theater doing the same, so, maybe its just me 😉 ). Up was absolutely insane to me, and positively endearing. Thus, it narrowly gets by with my vote here.

    • SQUIRREL!!


      I put Cars 2 in the field on my “most disappointing” category for the year end awards here. It narrowly missed being put in with the “Worst Movie”s

      Up was awesome, no question. But my standard bag against it has always been that the unique and beautiful element is kind of front loaded. Once the house lands, its kind of action cartoon city… Not that it’s not a great flick, just that for me, thats why I go with one of the Toy Stories probably… You’re right though, it’s tough to just pick one. 😉

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