New Series: James Bond. Classic, Cheese, or Crap?

I know lots of Star Wars fans. Hell, my niece has already dressed up as a Jedi once for Halloween and she hasn’t even been to kindergarten yet.

I know a handful of Star Trek fans. Not the people who like the new movie, mind you, I’m talking about the people that watched “Voyager”…

I know a couple of Harry Potter fans. People who know the differences between the books and the movies, that kind of thing.

And comic book/Superhero movies? LOL, yeah, I run with that crowd. So what?

But I don’t (personally) know a single James Bond fan aside from myself. Which is a damn shame. The James Bond franchise is the oldest, most successful movie franchise in history. Next year will be its 50th anniversary. 50th! There’s been 22 (official) films starring 6 different Bonds, and the series has NEVER had a flop. Only varying degrees of success.

That’s awesome, to me. It’s historic. And I feel like it’s not getting the props it deserves.

Now, as a fan, I love all the movies. Even the ones I hate the most I can see why they did what they did and either respect it, or shrug it off. To me, Bond movies are like Pizza.

Even when they’re bad, they’re still pretty good.

But the truth is that not all Bond movies are created equal. Some of the Bond films are classic. Cla-ssic. They deserve their place amongst the greatest movies ever made. Some of them are fun because they’re cheesy. You know, the type of film you can enjoy as long as you don’t think about it? It may make you laugh in the wrong places, but at the end, even though it wasn’t technically a GOOD movie, you have to admit you liked it. But honestly? A handful of them are downright crap. The kind of movie you wouldn’t want to subject anyone to.

With a mix like that, I’d be leery of recommending the series to a newcomer and letting them pick a random film from the series. Or even debating the franchises’ greatness/historical importance with a neutral film fan. If someone doesn’t appreciate the value of a good, cheesy movie? Then the Bond franchise is saddled with farrrrr more stinkers than winners.

Therein lies the majority of the reason for this series of posts (the remainder being I like to write and this gives me something to write about even if I havent seen anything new). Which Bond movies are good? Which ones should you avoid like the plague? Which ones are more comedy than action movie? Stick around to find out, I plan to write-up each movie in the series over time… I’m thinking I’ll post one entry in the series each week!


6 thoughts on “New Series: James Bond. Classic, Cheese, or Crap?

  1. YEAH!!

    Lol. I mean, I know they’re out there. When Quantum of Solace was coming out, I spent entire days on Bond message boards. But it just seems as if they’re not as numerous “Out in the Wild” if you will.

    Good… looking forward to hearing your input. Hope you agree with the premise. Some I love even though I shouldn’t, some I realize… I shouldn’t even be watching this.

    And then, some… like this one? Geek me the %#$& out!!

  2. I am a James Bond fan!

    There are lots of James Bond fans around.. just not as much as Star Wars/Trek… Almost everyone above the age of 30 (okay 40) likes the 007 movies. 😀

  3. I found this post after all the others. This is the best part of blogging and the internet from my point of view, finding others who share your love for something. James Bond has been in my life for almost fifty years. If I had been older than four when Dr. No Came out, I could say I have been a fan since the beginning. I’ve seen every one of them multiple times in theaters, and multiple times at home. I remember when a Bond film premiering on TV would have the highest ratings of the season (Prior to Cable).
    My best friend in High School and College was as big a fan of the Bond films as I was. From 1973’s Live and Let Die to 1989’s License to Kill we saw every new Bond film together. During the long hiatus from License to Kill to Goldeneye, my friend passed away and when I went to see the first Pierce Brosnan Bond, I had several moments of melancholy morbid sadness mixed with glee and excitement. I love talking about these films and will eventually get to all of your posts. Looking forward to Skyfall and the whole 50th celebration. I really appreciate your passion for the subject even when we disagree. I haven’t had the chance to discuss, argue and compare like this since 1993. Keep up the good work. I’m going to try a few more Bond posts myself this coming month in anticipation of Skyfall, I hope you will check them out and let me know what you think.

    • Oh yeah, man definitely. This place is going to be Bond city, too. Starting in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer. Ruth from flixchatter, too!

      And you’re right, finding people to talk about this stuff with IS the best, isnt it? I’m still amazed that this series was as well received as it was – that I got to write about all the Bonds, and people actually read the articles. That’s awesome. It really was a great experience.

      Thank you for checking them out too Richard. Its been great reading your thoughts on them and commenting back and forth.

      I’ll forgive you for dissing Carly. 😀

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