Comic-Con 2011: The Blog Plan

Hello boys and Girls. The time has come to officially announce my plans for this year’s Comic-Con. As those of you who are friends and family know, I’ll be traveling to the convention again this year, except this time, I’ll be trying to capture the event as best I can here on the blog.

The plan is to post live updates via text and iPad, and videos when I get back home on Monday. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, in addition to the hecticness that is Comic-Con. But I know that I’m going to enjoy the process, and I hope that you’ll enjoy the results.

For those of you not interested in the Convention so much, don’t worry! I’ve got a regular slate of material to publish during the period that I’m out there. (Weds the 20th – Sun the 24th). I have another James Bond piece, I’ll be completing my Troll 2 “masterpiece” and I have a “Movie that everyone should see” already ready for next Sunday.

I may even find time to squeeze in a review of “Cowboys and Aliens” or “Captain America” if I’m able to catch either of them!

So please, come back and enjoy the Comic-Con experience with me next week. Leading up to the big day, I plan on putting up an article or two about what the experience has been like for me previously, and what I’m looking forward to out there this year. Keep an eye out for the Comic-Con logo in my posts!!


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