Other Blogs You’d Like

I’d like to take a second to draw your attention to a new block of links I’ve added on the right hand side here, the “Other Blogs You’d Like” section.

These are links not only to Blogs that I enjoy, but to people who have stopped in here and commented on a pretty regular basis. As I’m just starting out, having the feedback and return visits of people who have obviously been doing this for awhile means a lot to me. It really has helped me feel as though I belong in the blosphere.

So I’m going to thank them the best I can – with a shout out for their pages. Take a moment to swing through and who knows, maybe you’ll find even more movie stuff you like!


5 thoughts on “Other Blogs You’d Like

    • No problem at ALL man. I love your site. I saw you had put me out there too, and I felt remiss. LOL. I wish I had more time recently, you do good stuff. Hope to see you checking back in for the Comic-con stuff, I know its on your radar.

      • Right back at you, Fogs. And I’ll be dropping by for the SDCC posts for sure– especially Captain America if you get a chance to catch it. I’m hearing good things and am looking forward to seeing it this weekend myself.

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