San Diego Comic-Con 2011: In Line for Game of Thrones

Ok, right now a line feels like taking a breather. Plus, this is the Harbor Side line… The line for Ballroom 20, so there’s a cool breeze, and in 20, 30 minutes, I’ll have a nice view. I’ll try to share.

It’s hard to convey how hectic this can be. Especially trying to take photos and upload them and stuff. There are people EVERYWHERE. Every time you score a chair to sit in, it feels like a triumph.

I did a quick run through the floor earlier in order to get the lowdown. Swung through the DC Comics booth, picked up all their freebies…

I’m. In line about 4 hours before GoT. I know that will mean sitting through a panel or two beforehand, but that’s cool. There’s always the possibility of finding something you really like. That’s how I discovered “Fringe”, waiting for the True Blood panel two years ago.

Spielberg will be in the hizzy tomorrow. Shatner, unfortunately, will probably get bumped. I couldn’t pass up Capt Kirk for an 80% chance of seeing Spielberg, but for a 100% chance? Beam me to Hall H Scotty.

Apparently picture uploads aren’t working out here… I continue to do Mortal Combat with the evil WiFi.

Just text for now, worse comes to worst I’ll do a massive photo dump at the hotel tonight. I’ll definitely do a “Day in Review” post anyways…

Peace out for now. I’ll post more if Ballroom 20 has a usable connection.



3 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: In Line for Game of Thrones

  1. You probably can’t load your pictures because some evil villian like Jelly Boy is jamming the airways. Where is a super hero when you need one! Hope your having a good time and keep trying, I can’t wait to see more pics. I am now totally engrossed!

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