San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Touching Down, Settling In


Greetings from San Diego.

I’ve been battling WiFi issues all day, so please bear with me. I’m hoping it’s better at the convention center.

Also, working off of an iPad app isn’t exactly the same as being home in front of a computer, in fact, it’s proving to be downright difficult. So if there’s slop involved, please forgive me. At home, I’ve been working hard to try to make the site presentable.


I had a safe, on time flight in. Flying still amazes me… I can’t get over the fact I woke up this morning on the other side of the continent…


On the way in, I connected with several other people on their way here. I guess wearing a Green Arrow T-Shirt and being on a flight to San Diego is like announcing you’re going to Comic-Con. It just reminded me that one of the best things about the convention is that you meet so may new people, yet they’re always easy to strike up a conversation with because you already have much in common.

Got here around noon, and picked up the rental car. (At National – choose your own) A Nissan Pube! 😀 It made me laugh when I saw it among the choices, so I told Jay, “Oh, this is the one!” No offense to Pube owners, I’m sure it looks good on you!


We took the Pube to Wally World, and stocked up. One of these days I’ll write a Comic-Con survival guide, and one of the points I’ll cover is food. You do NOT want to wait in line 45 minutes for the garbagey hamburgs and hot dogs they sell onsite. First thing is, who wants to take an hour out of their schedule AT COMIC-CON? Then, secondly, they charge a small fortune for the crap, so… My goal is to make it all the way through the day without needing any food purchased on-site. So I have to stock up on snacks.


So. My apologies. I know this is going up late night for everyone back east. But we just got caught in the ninth level of hell.

Here’s how it went.

The convention offered badge pick up tonight at a hotel all the way across town. Jay wanted to go and get it out of the way, and for whatever reason – and I just posted this morning how everything at comic-con has lines – I didn’t think it would be that bad. Maybe because it was all the way across town, but I just didn’t think it would be that bad.


First of all, we were stuck in traffic – a line in the street if you will just to park. Here’s what we saw as we pulled up.


Heh. So. I drop Jay off, and I park on the other side of the world. There weren’t even any spaces left… I had to park along a curb.

When I got back to Jay?


Thing is… See that line? That was the line to GET to the line!

Here was the REAL line!


That one, large looking sea of humanity? That’s actually an enormous line, zig zagging up and down the length of the hotel ballroom. It was as torturous as it seems, especially seeing as we waited 45 minutes to an hour just to get into it. By the end, we were literally getting punchy. Laughing at stupid shit, getting giddy, I had the Elmer Fudd voice going… Jay tried to explain a mobious line and I told him the only Mobious I knew was Mobious the Vampire. (SIC in being incorrect LOL).

So after hours upon hours of waiting, we got our badges. Suffice it to say, the planned blog post was delayed.

But I promised to share my experience. There you have it. I’ve been up 20 hours now, may hit 24, I don’t know. When we got back, we had a great meal at a nice tavern across the street… Now I finally get to connect with the blog for a bit before I pass out. Tomorrow I hop things will be better – better connectivity and more opportunity to connect. We’ll see.

That’s Comic-Con for ya.

See you tomorrow people!


9 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Touching Down, Settling In

  1. It’s possible, I don’t know. We had preview night tickets last time. And got in late, so we didn’t have to deal with this at all.

    Theres lines for everything though so I’m sure there would definitely BE a line. I just dont know if it would be longer.

  2. God bless you. I don’t know if I would have had the patience to pull all that waiting off. Loving the babe magnet vehicle though. In honor of the Con, you should hang some sort of cape off the back of it. Enjoy and again, can’t wait to read the daily blogs.

  3. They could at least play movie clips or deck the place out to look like the bat cave or something like they do at the amusement parks….but then again all of”you people” would have nothing to do for hours and hours except look for flaws and inconsistencies….and in a way isn’t the agony of waiting in line just a mechanism to heighten the joy of the con? O. And the car? I think you should see how many costumed comic zealots you can pack in it. THEN TAKE a picture.

    • You know what they DID do? They had this Superhero themed soundtrack, where they played Sabbath’s Iron Man, the theme from the 60’s Batman show, the 60’s Spiderman Cartoon, the John Williams Superman theme. That sort of thing. Minor consolation.

      No costumes. People in costumes tend to arrive later… I’m sure they don’t want to wait in line all decked out

  4. Couple of hours ain’t that bad. Least the badge is out of the way. I would’ve done the same thing. Have a blast and I look forward to Lots O Lots of pics and stories. Visit True Blood and Game of Thrones for me, get some shots of Emilia and Deborah.

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