San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Waiting through “Ringer” for “Game of Thrones”


Greetings from Ballroom 20, Comic-Con’s home for tv panels. I made it through the line in time to join the “Ringer” panel in progress. “Game of Thrones” begins in 20 minutes.

That line was rough. When you see signs in front of you that say 2500 people in front of you, it might as well say “Abandon all hope all ye in line here.”


For those of you who can’t read what’s written in pen beneath, that’s a comic-con geek reminding the sign makers that “people” is not a unit of time.

It’s a gorgeous setting to wait in though. Here’s a couple of quick pics while I wait for “GoT”





5 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Waiting through “Ringer” for “Game of Thrones”

  1. Now im hooked on the vicarious comicon experience. Thanks. Thanks for that. WHAT HAPPENED AT THE GAME OF THRONES PANEL?

    • Sorry these are coming in so late. A) Its West Coast time, B) I just can’t blog and walk at the same time, you know? C-Con is a VERY time sensitive thing sometimes. I had to spring from B 20, get Peter Mayhew’s autograph, then hustle to Hall H so I wouldn’t miss the “Visionaries” panel. I couldn’t update until I was there sitting in on Robert Rodriguez.

      Doin’ my best kid.

  2. We’re trying to plan our Comic-con schedule for tomorrow and we’re wondering… how long DID you have to wait to get into Ballroom 20? Your help is so appreciated! Hope you have a GREAT day full of surprises tomorrow=)

    • No problem Aja.

      I got in line at 11, and got IN around 2:15. So I was in line 3:15 about.

      However, that’s not always your standard wait time. It really depends more than anything on the popularity of the show. I think Game of Thrones, preceded by Sarah Michelle Gellar is really a recipe for a long wait. For your earlier B20 shows tomorrow, I’d think 2 hours ought to be enough… for True Blood? 3. If I go, I would try to get in line like at 2:30 for that one.

      Hope that helps. If you want to be more specific, comment again and I’ll check in early and get back to you.

      Hope you enjoy the blog!!

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