San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 2 in Review


Greetings from the lobby of the Yacht Harbor Best Western, where you have to be if you want WiFi.

Been home for a little while from day 2. Had some pizza already, I’m gonna post this up and CRASH.

As I posted, this morning was all about Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. It was awesome, but I covered it pretty well, so we won’t revisit it.

I stayed in Hall H for the next panel as well, Relativity Media. Relativity had two movies to present, “Haywire” and “The Raven”.

Click through to read about them, plus a TON of pics from Day 2!!!

“Haywire” was up first, and on hand to present it was Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh (Traffic), and stars Gina Carano and Channing Tatum. Carano is a female MMA champion, and this project is an action movie showcasing her fighting skills. They brought the trailer and a complete scene with them. The scene is a knock down drag out brawl in a confined hotel room. I have to say, her fighting skills really lend an air of authenticity to the action. This isn’t Kristin Kreuk in “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li”, folks. When this woman kicks, you BELIEVE she just knocked someone back. Totally. Now. Can she act? I have no idea, we weren’t shown anything that would help us make that call. I WILL say they’ve surrounded her and Tatum with talent, I mean God, look at this supporting cast: Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Bill Paxton.This flick is loaded. I wish a couple of them had roles worth attending the Con over though.

Next up was “The Raven”, starring John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. The movie also stars Alice Eve and Luke Evans, both of whom attended. Also in attendance was director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta). “The Raven” revolves around a serial killer who is killing victims based on the murders in Poe’s stories. Poe is at first suspected, but then joins the investigation. It seems a bit like a Victorian era “Se7en”. They brought an extended trailer to show. Cusack was cool, but very soft-spoken for the most part. The crowd questions eventually livened things up. If there was one thing to come away with from this, it’s that Cusack researched this role VERY thoroughly. The man KNOWS his Poe.


Unfortunately, this would be the last Panel I would hit today.

This is how it works. I had just spent 5+ hours waiting to get in to Hall H, then two hours in Hall H itself. Total time on the floor, walking around amidst the comics and video games and costumes? 0.

Yet, if I wanted to see True Blood, I would have had to have gotten in line again, right then. Turns out my buddy Jay got shut out of the panel despite being in line from 1:30 or so for a 5:30 panel.

I also did a double check later for a second trio to Hall H, but it had a full line again. Had I wanted to stay through to Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, etc, I would have had to have stayed in Hall H all day. I just didn’t want any of those movies enough.

I think this is a symptom of the lessened number of big budget studio panels this year. With less offerings, the remaining offerings become even more important.

Instead? I hit the floor. I walked it in it’s entirety for the first time. It was great. Spent many hours walking about, taking pics… A sample of which are posted below.

Check in tomorrow, when I start my day with Francis Ford Coppola, try to get into the “Community” panel at the last minute, see if I have enough left in me to fight the Ballroom 20 line for “Fringe”, and walk the floor during the best costume day of the Con (Traditionally).


















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