San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson talk “Tin Tin”


Ho.Ly. Shit.

That was awesome. First of all, not that he needed one, but Steven Spielberg had a “surprise guest” – Peter Jackson.

They talked a lot about Tin Tin, which goes without saying. How they each found Tin Tin, what it was like making it, what it was like using mo cap. They showed… had to be 5 minutes from the film? I have to say, I REALLY like what I see, and I’m not just saying that because I just was given such a special treat. I mean, I don’t know anything about the property really, I’ve never read any. But it looks fun, adventurous, exciting… Like a young Indianna Jones.

Speaking of which, these two were very cool about discussing – or name drooping at least – their older movies. Trust me, not all panel guests will do that. But Spielberg talked about how ET inspired him to have children (his attachment to the young actors), mentioned how he doesn’t want to see anymore “Jaws”. Peter Jackson shared how he was inspired by “Jurassic Park”

The panel kicked off with a Spielberg highlight reel if you will. Just greatest hits montage to get the crowd psyched. And you know? I’ve never really seen anything like that, God did it put some perspective on just how MANY awesome movies the man has given us.

Comic-Con then awarded him their “Inkpot Award” for his contribution to Pop Culture.

Quickly thereafter, Jackson was introduced, and the two of them spent an hour on stage, discussing directing, producing, and being fans of Movies.

Eventually they turned to questions from the audience, and Andy Serkis (Gollum, King Kong) made a guest appearance with a comedic question. Eventually, the panel ended with the last questioner wearing a TShirt that said “I just want to meet Steven Spielberg, shake his hand and say ‘Thank You'”

I think he was speaking for all of us.

But they brought this lucky guy up on stage, let him shake Spielberg’s hand, and He and Peter Jackson took turns taking pictures of the fan with each other, pretending as if they were directing. The crowd went wild.

I’m still blown away to be honest.

I took video, if all goes according to plan, I’ll share with you all at the beginning of next week. And remember, the video will be better than these crappy pictures out of my bad camera…



2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson talk “Tin Tin”

  1. I have to say I’m curious about Tintin, because it’s something I never got into as a kid. My local library had dozens of Tintin comics in hardbound volumes, but I always picked up Asterix instead (and I still love Asterix, of course). I tried Tintin, but it just didn’t click with me… but I may have been too young, as none of the Franco-Belgian comics were really meant for kids. So I’m wondering what my take on it would be as an adult.

  2. I never read them either, CO, in fact I always thought they looked goofy. I think its something like soccer where its bigger outside this country.

    But Spielberg and Jackson both seem to be genuine fans… and I trust their judgement pretty much.

    PLUS… the trailer and the scenes I saw today make the movie look really, really good. At this point all I can say is its got some SERIOUS potential. Once I get home next week, I’ll post the link to the trailer here for the curious. For those who can’t wait and know how to find such things themselves, its out there…

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