San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Quick Update


Just a quick update from the one KNOWN WiFi hotspot, in the main hall.

To say I “Saw” the “Community” panel would be a misrepresentation… I was so far back it was silly. I was there, live, watching it off the screen, does that count? I feel like it doesn’t. Perhaps I’m spoiled after GREAT seats for GoT, Spielberg/Jackson and Coppola.

Speaking of which the Coppola panel was a mixed bag – Good news and bad. The bad news is, it certainly wasn’t the panel I’D have drawn up, the good news is, it had a bunch of funny moments. Also, the new movie he’s promoting “TWIXT” looks promising… It stars Val Kilmer (who was on the panel) and Elle Fanning. Its got this vampire high concept, mixed with an author (Kilmer) who dreams of Edgar Allen Poe, and somehow talks with a ghostly Elle Fanning. It looked moody and unique… The conversation scenes with Fanning had a “Sin City” look about them.

I’ll post more about it tonight. Plus I got video to share for when I get home.

In the meantime, Saturday is the BEST day for costumes! I have to go take pics! I’ll try to do a dump in a few hours!!



2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Quick Update

    • I’m tempted to say yes. But Poe certainly only seemed like a supporting character in this.. it was strange. Kilmer played a writer with writers block and mounting bills, and the local sheriff of this strange small town gives him insight into a string of local murders… And there seems to be a group of young fangers nearby. He dreams of Poe helping him? Or Poe appears in a vision? The future is unclear. LOL.

      It does looks atmospheric and stylistic. And Kilmer had a comedy scene where he was trying to talk himself through writers block that was SLAYING the audience. It was VERY funny. So he seems to be in good form. Which is nice to see.

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