San Diego Comic-Con 2011: In line for Coppola


Greetings from the line for Hall H! I took a slight gamble and came “late” this morning (7am for an 11 am panel). My Comic-Con instincts proved accurate… I have a similar spot in line as I did yesterday, when I wound up with SPECTACULAR seats.

Today’s plan is to catch Francis Ford Coppola, who’s here presenting his upcoming movie “TWIXT”. I don’t know anything about it, but it’s Coppola, so I’m there.

The Coppola panel springs at 12:45. The “Community” panel starts at 1. I’m going to make myself available for a Comic-Con miracle and see if there’s any chance that that panel doesn’t fill up. It IS being held “off-site” at the Hilton across the street. I don’t know how gnarly that line is going to be.

Later in the day is “Fringe”. If I don’t have to sacrifice my entire day on the floor, I’ll suck it up and brave the Ballroom 20 line again.

Speaking of Ballroom 20 lines, people are calling yesterday’s Ballroom 20 line “The longest line in Comic-Con history” of course, that’s just line gossip, but I know Jay quit it after 2 hours, giving up hope. The schedule began with “The Walking Dead”, ended with “True Blood”, and in between was a bunch of geek friendly shows like “Eureka” and “Warehouse 13”. So I guess it’s not surprising. I still think it’s mainly a factor of the lack of a “WOW” movie being presented (like “The Avengers”), so people were like, well, then, there is no WAY I’m missing “True Blood”!

So I’ll be here in line til 11. I’ll be in panels (hopefully) for a couple hours after. So I’ll be radio silent til 2ish (here) at least. But after that, today’s the day the costumes REALLY come out… I’ll be taking loads of pics! You won’t want to miss!

In the meantime, I’ll be roughing it out here in line…



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