San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 4 in review


Exhausted, sore, cranky greetings from Limburgh Field in San Diego.

Comic-Con has ended. All that remains is the flight home.

Day 4 is a great day at the con. It’s starkly different than the other days, but by day four, that’s a good thing. There’s plenty of time to get autographs, shop for comics, see the booths, and take pictures of costumed attendees.

In terms of autographs, I got a few today, but a special shout out goes out to Richard Hatch and Gil Gerard, both of whom were as friendly and personable as a fan could hope for.

Gerard (Buck Rogers) joked with us over the price of his signing, and when I was joking back, pretty soon He, Jay and I were all laughing. After he was done, we wished each other luck for the rest of the day and he was very genuine about it. He was a great guy to meet, you can’t ask for more than that.

So too was Richard Hatch, who encouraged us to check out Dragon-Con (on my to do list), and took the time to address my question (which was his favorite role, Cpt Apollo or Tom Zarek) thoroughly. It was a great interaction, and he was friendly as can be, too.

I won’t call any celebs out, but for a lot of them that I’ve gotten autographs from it’s such an impersonal transaction that you feel like you’ve been mugged afterwards. Not that I’m under any delusions any celebs would ever read this blog, but if they did, I would say – take note. I am NOT paying $30, $40, sometimes $60 for a picture of you with your signature. I pay that money to MEET you. Just for a minute or two. Typically to get the long held “Thank You” off my chest, sometimes to ask a question, but always, ALWAYS just to share a moment where we engage. Those of you who take my money, rush your sig, and begrudgingly, briefly acknowledge my efforts to speak with you… Well, you could learn a lot from these two guys.

Meanwhile, I photographed the floor pretty thoroughly today. I’ll be posting albums once I get home. I’ll also be returning to regular content postings for all of you sick of this Comic-Con bullshit.

Meanwhile, check out these models from the Batman movies:




And here’s some pics of three of the most famous comics of all time (although the Action Comics #1 has been “restored”, that’s why it’s value is shot)




I myself picked up a ton of Silver and Bronze age beauties, at a booth that had a 50% off mark down. Mist notably, I picked up about 75% of Frank Millers legendary run on Daredevil, all at half off!!

I also had plenty of time to take pics of all the great toys on display… Check out this 20″ tall “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man” and the entire case of bad ass Star Trek Mr Potato Heads!



Plus, the floor always holds the potential to spot a celeb, like Nathan Fillion here at the Marvel booth.


Now, I know I said costumes are light on Sundays, and they are. Compared to the other three days, they are fir sure. But that doesn’t mean they’re not THERE, and with more time on your hands, you wind up seeing tons of them!! Here, take a look!







So… That’s it for Comic-Con this year. As usual, it was awesome, but exhausting, and I’ll be happy to be home. I plan to post the panel videos as soon as I can for those who would like to see them. I’m also going to put up some galleries so there will be more pics to come throughout the week.

Thank you all for checking it out, people have definitely been checking in. I’ll be back to writing up movies soon, I swear!


73 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Day 4 in review

    • Hypno Toad. Heh.

      He said Zarek, which surprised me a bit… But he had good reasons, basically he pointed out the character was more diverse, more layers. He was also saying that Zarek was right (basically in his zero cylon tolerance policy) even though he didn’t win out.

    • Yup, it is amazing. But the one thing I always tell people is it’s not EASY. By the end of it, I was glad to go. There’s never enough sleep, you’re sore from carrying way too much around, the foot traffic is like getting out of a ball game for four days straight.

      But yeah, it was super cool. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. As someone living in the UK, SDCC has always been a bit of a fantasy for me. Thanks to blogs like this, i get to experience all that SF goodness by Proxy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice post and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  2. It amazes me how geek culture is now mainstream. There are countless cons just like this all over the USA and world.

    • I’ll second your comment about “Geek Culture” being mainstream now. It certainly has become accepted… maybe even the norm.

      But there’s no other convention like this one in the States. I can’t say anything about the World, I dont know anything about other countries and what they have. But SDCC blows all other US conventions away.

      If you just meant cons that focus on Geek Culture, you’re right, there’s tons of them. I plan to try to hit some more and blog them too. This was a lot of fun. I already have my trip to NYCC in October lined up.

  3. Great post. It’s so true some celebrities just blow you off like it is an opportunity to make more money and not like it is a chance to build a relationship with your fans. I went with a friend to a book signing in LA for some singer from a 90’s band and he was such a drone. My friend was so disappointed afterwards.

    PS. I live in Downtown SD, and i definitely appreciated all the characters walking around and bumming off of the deals the restaurants were giving out to comic con attendees.

    -Bianca at

    • Yeah, it sucks when that happens. All it takes is a minute or two, you know? Anyways, it’s cool you dont hold a grudge. From what I hear, a lot of San Diegans HATE Comic-Con for taking over the city…

    • I kind of boycotted it to be honest. Sounds as if you’ve been before… when you say you couldnt go “This Year”. So if that’s the case, you know for probably at least the last five years or so, Marvel has done a big panel every year. Iron Man, Iron Man 2, the Avengers… Then, this year, because they’re owned by Disney now, they didn’t put one on. I was kind of holding a grudge.

      It was big, and they had a bunch of pros dressed up in costumes, so that was cool. Plus Captain America’s uniform, but I didn’t really investigate what viral thing it was that they were doing…

    • Saturday is amazing. I literally couldnt keep up. Its like, ooh! There’s a good one, go get ’em…. but wait wait wait, who’s that coming in now? They’re all over the place, and I’ve yet to attend the big Masquerade event where they have a competetion and everything…

      One of these days.

  4. As for the celebrity signings, I think some people just aren’t made to connect with tons of people for their signature, but I guess if you are paying for it, at least be a little nice. But, I think paying to meet anyone is weird already. I don’t think it’s worth the money.

    • Here’s the way I look at it. I look at it as I’m not paying to meet them… I’m kicking into the incentive pool for them to come out and meet the fans. Now of course, some of these people make their livings off of this stuff now… but there’s certainly some that don’t need the money. I’m helping them cover the cost of getting there, renting a booth, and giving their time. Plus whatever is left helps incentive-ise (I think there’s a real word in there somewhere, LOL) their visit.

  5. I look forward to your take on “Captain America: The First Avenger” if you haven’t gotten to that one yet. There is nothing quite like Comic-Con. Sure, there are a number of other similar conventions but I believe Comic-Con International in San Diego has its own unique spirit, room for everything, including comics! It will always be a fan favorite and an industry favorite.

    • Thanks! I’ll be hitting that tomorrow probably. If you check back tomorrow night it will probably be up.

      They actually did a screening, I heard, where Chris Evans attended and signed stuff. But it was one of those super secret Comic-Con things that no one ever knows about til it’s done.

      You should have seen what Favreau wanted people to do for tickets to the Cowboys and Aliens premiere! LOL

  6. I’ve commented on other SDCC posts that it’s so hard, finally being on the right continent, the right side of the country and still not making it there…But your blog at least paints a realistic picture. I’m going to train up by starting with Seattle Comic Con and working my way up…or down, geographically speaking. Interesting to hear Richard Hatch’s preference for roles – very different tone in the two productions, I guess. And you saw Nathan Fillion! Cool. Soo jealous.

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