News Worth Sharing: The first pic of the new Superman

So, just as I made my first post here yesterday about the upcoming Superman movie, the WB today release the first image of Henry Cavill wearing the suit for the upcoming “Man of Steel: No, Superman doesn’t have any kids”

I’m fine with the outfit… I am curious if they hired William Forsythe’s hair stylist though.

The one thing that kind of bugs me a little is that the setting of the photo seems to support the whole “darker and edgier” bullshit that Warner Brothers has apparently latched onto. Newsflash to Warner Brothers, people did not go to see Batman because it was dark and edgy. They went because it was true to the character (and that particular character happens to be dark and edgy) and because it was GOOD.

Honestly, just make a good movie and people will go to see it. Obviously we want to see a Superman movie if “Superman Returns: You Can’t Unsee This Movie” grossed nearly $400 million worldwide. Christ. Imagine if you released a GOOD Superman movie.

Superman is NOT dark and edgy. Well, except in some various elseworlds stories and whatnot. Oh, and Action Comics 775. Superman is optimistic! They call him the Big Blue Boyscout! C’mon… enough with the “dark and edgy”, it makes me think you’re simpletons.

Other than that, obviously they’re trying to set a tone from jump street that the movie will have lots of action, and that Superman will look different, and thus, hopefully BE different from previous iterations. Which is fine with me.

“Man of Steel: We Got a Real Actress to Play Lois Lane This Time” opens in June of 2013.


6 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: The first pic of the new Superman

  1. Yeah, I’m hoping that this picture is dark and moody because it’s in a bank vault and not because that’s how Snyder is choosing to shoot the whole movie. But as noted before, I have trust issues on this movie (and this picture wouldn’t look out of place in Snyder’s other works). I’m especially concerned, because it did seem like “Dark and Edgy” was the message WB took away from the success of the Nolan-Batman films… and because I can honestly see a lot of people who just don’t “get” Superman going for that. Action Comics #775, after all, needed to be written specifically to show why Superman wasn’t supposed to be dark, just like the whole Azrael-Batman sequence needed to be written to address all the readers who thought Batman should be like the Punisher. And it would be so very easy for WB, Snyder, and yes, even Nolan, to fall into the trap of thinking that “Dark and Edgy” equals “good movie”.

    But the costume does look right, at least. And it’s still very early to tell.

      • Noooo… not per se.

        But I am surprised to see he’s fallen so far out of favor when only a couple of years ago people (in general, not necessarily anyone here) were psyched he was on Watchmen. I guess one horrible movie will do that to you. Although, I guess I could say the same thing when it comes to Bryan Singer. I LOVE “The Usual Suspects” and obviously X1 and X2 are pretty good flicks. But I hate Superman Returns so bad that now I kind of residually dislike him.

        Anyways, it just surprises me a bit. Thats all.

  2. I think Z-Snyder did Dawn of the Dead and 300 which creates some sort of a cult to his movies. But once Watchmen and some other recent stuff hit, I suppose people started to realise he’s just a one-trick pony and would be better off directing music videos or video game cut scenes instead.

    As for Bryan Singer, I love X1 and X2, but Superman didn’t seem like the correct material for him. He tried to incorporate some sci-fi tones into the Superman mythos and it didn’t work… Funny, now Z-Snyder is gonna take over him! o.O

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