Now showing on cable: “My Soul To Take”

Premiering tonight on Cinemax is one of the latest offerings from Wes Craven, 2010’s “My Soul to Take”.

“My Soul to Take” is a slasher movie brimming with ridiculousness.

The basic plot is that seven children are prematurely born at the exact moment a serial killer (“The Ripper”) is killed. On their sixteenth birthday, he somehow returns and begins to kill them off one by one.

There was a point mid-way through where I realized that the movie would have been much better if he could have killed them all at once and been done with it quickly.

I wasn’t even five minutes in to this movie before I realized how bad it was going to suck. The initial scene with the original killer being killed was just laughably bad. I’m talking so bad you know right away that the whole movie will be bad. And I certainly wasn’t wrong. The characters are terrible, the acting is terrible, and “The Ripper” is a shameless attempt to create a franchise calibre villain. He’s a hulking, growling brute who says says things like, “Fear the Ripper” and “Come out come out wherever you are” to his victims. Except the only thing even remotely scary about him is that Wes Craven thought he would be a good horror villain in the first place.

There’s ham-fisted exposition, jarring directorial intrusions, a complete fail at symbolism involving the California condor, and this desperate attempt to create a mythos, complete with all sorts of rules and reasons surrounding “the Ripper”.

With time, this movie could rise to Awesomely Awful status. It is that bad.

If you like to watch bad movies, and you have someone to play Mystery Science Theatre with, then this movie might be a good choice. Otherwise stay far away. Far away.



5 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “My Soul To Take”

  1. Ok… I’m less than 10 minutes in and the movie is SOOO unbelievably horrible I just have to finish it.

    This has the potential to be so bad it’s good.

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