Now showing on cable: “Tangled”

Premiering on Starz this weekend was one of Disney’s most recent animated offerings, 2010’s “Tangled”.

“Tangled” is Disney’s take on the classic fairytale Rapunzel. In this recounting, Rapunzel’s mother, a Queen, ingests a medicine made from a magical flower while she is with child. Rapunzel is born a Princess with magical hair.

However, an evil old woman had been using the magic of the flower to keep herself eternally young. Soon after Rapunzel is born, the woman kidnaps her in order to gain the youthful benefits of her magic hair. She raises Rapunzel as her own child, locked away in a hidden tower.

Rapunzel knows nothing of the outside world, nor her true parentage.

Except for what she’s able to see through the tower window of course. And every year, on her birthday, she sees the floating lanterns that the King and Queen and their subjects release in memory of their missing daughter. So, when a thief – Flynn Rider- breaks into her tower in order to evade his pursuers, Rapunzel insists that he take her to see them.

So begins Rapunzel’s journey of adventure and discovery.

Like all Disney movies, “Tangled” is impeccably animated. It comes standard with a couple of animal sidekicks, despicable villains, and musical numbers scattered throughout. It has some excellent action sequences, genuinely comedic moments, and charm aplenty. It’s a worthy addition to the Disney stable, for certain. My only minor complaint being that they should scale back the “big eyed heroine” thing a bit, ‘Punzels eyes were outrageously huge.

There are a couple of other things to note, since we’re here. This movie was initially called “Rapunzel”, but Disney renamed it and amped up the presence of Flynn in their marketing campaign in order to appeal to boys. They’ve also stated that this will be their last traditional fairy tale for the foreseeable future. Both are regrettable in their own fashion.

The movie itself is a winner, though. I’m not certain yet it belongs up with their absolute best movies, but as an addition to the Disney library on the whole? It fits right in perfectly.



13 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “Tangled”

  1. Just caught this on Saturday myself. Glad I did, as this was a very enjoyable movie. I think I agree with everything you say here, including your final ranking. I also have to give the studio some props on the quality of the computer-generated graphics here. Hair is notoriously hard to create and animate in 3D; it takes some serious guts to look at that medium and say “Hey, let’s do RAPUNZEL.” And they pulled it off.

  2. This is a movie an entire family could watch and enjoy, my family loved it. There is tons of humor and action, and like Pixar films, there were jokes on all levels.

    Yes, this was another of Disney’s high quality production, but hey, when you like Apple, have more money than the Federal Reserve, you got the budget and the talent to work it.

    My favorite character was the horse, Maximus. The way they made him part bloodhound, part horse and part human. Especially when Flynn and him were fighting on the bridge and then hitting each other when Rapunzel wasn’t looking. The voice overs fit perfectly and the characters looked a lot like the actors who voiced them. I find that amusing and when I watch any animation of that caliber, I immediately go to IMDB and look up the actors to see how close they look.

    I saw this one in the theaters and in Real 3D. The 3D was real good, right up there with Megamind. I’ve seen a few live action and a few animated 3D and find the live action are much better as 2D than 3D. It’s easier to pull 3D off with animation.

  3. I think what makes Tangled so great are the songs, we havent had this kind of classic Disney musical thing for a very long time… and you are right, Punzelzor’s eyes are HUGE. Like Amanda Seyfried!

  4. I love Tangled, although I’m 24 but I found it extremely entertaining and it made me really happy. I don’t know what I liked so much about it, it’s just like any other Disney movie…but it was great! 😀 It makes me happy when I think about it….I don’t know what’s up with this movie, it gets me high or something…

  5. I was thoroughly surprised at how I liked Tangled. It has that old-school 2-D fairy tale feel that has been missing from Disney for so long and that brought me back to my childhood. Awesome movie.

  6. Disney can virtually do no wrong in my book and this one is no exception…I love the band of tough guys and their dreams. I love the horse who is really just a four-legged human. I love the songs…and the animation of her hair…I don’t know if its pure disney magic ala little mermaid or beauty and the beast….but that may be due more to the proliferation of animated movies than the quality of the film itself….but when I saw it was coming on cable…and everytime Sula picks it…I do a little happy dance…

    • The winner of this week’s “Comment that made me go ‘Huh’.” award. No question mark.

      That’s an excellent point… I wonder how much more this film might have been appreciated if it were mixed in with the “Disney Renaissance” of the 90s, back when we didn’t get 20 major animated releases annually.

      I still don’t think it belongs in that top tier totally, but if this had come out then (2d animated) it would have been a HUGE deal.

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