Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think is the worst sequel of all time?

Hello boys and girls! It’s time for another edition of “Tossin’ it out there”, the post series where I turn the floor over to you.

Today’s topic comes via recommendation from Dave (Thank you Dave), and to steal his phrase, it’s a real “ass froster”!

What do you think is the WORST sequel of all time. Now… you can name drop as many as you’d like, but be sure to come to a decision for us. You have to crown a king of the shit heap! What is… the WORST… sequel ever? The WORST. Sequel. Ever.

And if anybody’s wondering, yes, you can include prequels if you wish. For our purposes today, sequel will just mean coming after the original. No Remakes though! That’ll be a topic for another day.

So there you have it! Which movie shall it be? What’s the Worst one ever?


60 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think is the worst sequel of all time?

  1. Final Destination 5 was disappointing for me. I mean, besides the fact that it’s 3d, well it’s kinda boring. I was hoping they will add a twist or something but it’s the same thing and they did the same thing in 2-3-4 so I was hoping for a change. But that’s not the worst sequel, it was still entertaining in a way.
    But Scream 4 was probably the worst sequel I’ve seen lately. It was so bad it made me laugh…great movie to watch with your friends and comment!

    • The Final Destination certainly is about cranking out identical movies again and again. I liked it though, mainly for the Gore.

      “If you want Blood? You got it!”

      Disappointing to hear about Scream 4. I really liked 1&2, I was hoping they could come back with a decent flick. I’m sure I’ll get to it soon.

      Thanks for stopping By!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Every Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Godfather III, Troll II (never saw it, I was just amazed you did a blog about it). Generally, sequels do nothing but eff up the original. Blues Brothers 2000. Wait, what happens if the sequel is for a shitty movie and the sequel sucks a$$? What’s worse, the original or the sequel? Something like, Breakin and Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo? Hell, throw Troll in there too. Now there’s something to think about….

    • Yo. Don’t mess with Troll 2. Or Troll.


      Those movies are GENIUS.

      So is Breakin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo. The title alone is phenomenal!!

      Plus, I don’t consider “Troll 2” a sequel. The director, Fragasso, thought he was making an original flick. The studio renamed it on him.

      Which is why there are no Trolls in Troll 2. Lol!!

    • I love Rambo 3, how dare you, Sir!

      Meanwhile though, you nailed the two I’m debating between. Godfather III and the third Matrix. I’m thinking these two because I believe they both did actual HARM to the movies that came before them.

      Matrix 3 is a much shittier movie than GF 3 when you look at each by themselves, but the Godfather series was obviously a much higher calibre of movie that’s getting besmirched.

      Tough choice…

      And of course the Star Wars prequels need to be considered as well, in terms of franchise damage…

      • I don’t mind Highlander 3. It’s infinitely better than all forms of Highlander 2. Also, when did they change it’s subtitle from “The Sorcerer” to “The Final Dimension”?

        T3 is my least favourite 3, followed closely by Spider-man 3.

      • Spidey 3 is such an aberration isn’t it? It’s the same crew! It wasn’t like 20 years later or anything either, like GF3 or the Star Wars prequels.

        And yet it sucks so bad.

      • It really shows what happens when “The Studio” gets too involved to the point where “The Talent” just stops caring.

    • Ohhhfff.

      God. The pain.

      Who thought this topic up? It’s like regression therapy… All these painful repressed memories surfacing.

      Yeah. Funnily, (and I use that term loosely) Aykroyd was in that movie, too. He doesn’t care.

  3. I feel the need to come and defend The Matrix Revolutions because I still like it. Is it anywhere near as good as the first one? No, but I still like it.

    A lot of choices. The Star Wars prequels spring to mind as do Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. But as bad as they are, they don’t take the top spot for me. The prequels don’t because as much as I like stories, I’m not a die hard fan or anything. Batman is a character that’s very personal to me, but I find the Burton films heavily flawed as well, so it’s not like Schumacher dropped the ball on a flawless series.

    No, for me the shit covered crown goes to Terminator 3. The first two films are two of my all time favourites and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. To me, those two were a perfect series. Then T3 comes in and ruins that. Also, T2 and a brilliant ambiguous end that T3 completely pisses on by giving an answer to. So while technically the Star Wars prequels or Schumacher Bat films are worse, they don’t mean as much to me personally. Therefore, I declare T3 the worst sequel of all time.

    • This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

      I agree with everything you’ve said here. The only trouble is, in my opinion, Highlander 2 does all that, and more. It’s completely joyless. The 4 times I’ve watched Highlander 2, (WHY? WHY would I do that to myself?) have made me feel nothing but a deep sense of loss. Not even that one Bat-Alien-Immortal being decapitated by a powerline or something was enough to make me stop the crying inside.

      In T3, at least the T-X is smoking hot, and I remember enjoying an action sequence with a firetruck, in between tears, white hot knuckles of anger, and gritted teeth. Although, T3 ruins 2 movies, and Highlander 2 just ruins one. Terminator gets the better comeback movie (not without its flaws), but Highlander’s series is much better than TSSC.

      TL,DR: I’m a great big fat Terminator/Highlander Fanboy whose heart has been broken and mended again and again.

    • Matrix 3 is a tough one to defend, I think. I see your Raging Bull icon, and I just want to compare it to a boxer who’s blind in the left eye. It’s going to be easy to hit you with a right. LOL.

      I think, like Bond, that the Batman movies – and hell Batman in Hollywood in general – are so serialized it’s easy to write of a single chapter without it tying into the others.

      T3 did suck. Maybe I just didn’t watch it enough. But I dont want to end up like Bruce, and say “I’ve seen that lousy movie four times” LOL. I save that for lousy movies I like!

  4. Ok. My turn.

    I’ve decided to go with Godfather 3.

    Not because its a horrendous movie. If someone had never seen I or II, they’d probably say it was ok. (not good, mind you) If I wanted a sequel that was just plain bad, I’d have gone with Jaws 4: the Revenge. Even Michael Caine wont watch it.

    But Godfather III not only fell completely off of a cliff in terms of quality compared to its predecessors, it substantially damages my concept of Michael Corleone, the protagonist of the first two CLASSIC movies. Michael on the park bench in II was one of the most perfect endings ever. He has gained the world, yet lost his soul. You wonder if he feels anything at all or if he’s just a shark now, instinctively swimming and eating. Its brilliant.

    To continue the series with that half baked travesty starring Sofia Coppola (good behind the camera though) and Andy Garcia, where Michael is a crying pansy just sickens my stomach.

    I think the Star Wars prequels could be argued in the same way (Darth Vader) or the 3rd Matrix (Neo). Each of them completes the story of a major character in a way you can’t unsee.

    I just think GFIII does it the worst.

    • Wow, that’s a nice criteria. Does a sequel actually damage a concept from the original to the point that you can’t “unsee” it.

      That’s a tough criteria for me, since I’m pretty good at compartmentalizing things. I still love The Matrix even though I despise both sequels. I still enjoy Spidey 1 & 2 despite hating 3.

      I think I’m going to have to throw in here with Morgan and go “Batman Returns”. It was a movie so bad it made me question what I thought I liked about Burton’s original Batman.

    • Thanks.

      Obviously, I compartmentalize this stuff too. I dont “Hate” the Godfather now because of this. LOL. But I think maybe – I don’t know – I get bothered 1.5% of the time with an annoying thought that incorporates the eventual path of Michael.

      You know, I maybe should have gone with Star Wars, because its even worse with Vader unfortunately. But the thing is, because of Lucas’ assinine policy of forcing the CGI redos to the fore, I haven’t watched Star Wars in years. Whereas GFI and II are never allowed to lapse.

      • I can see where you come from with Star Wars, but I’ve been able to compartmentalize the original trilogy from the prequels (of course, I didn’t totally hate all the prequels, I just didn’t like them as well as I wanted to. Call it a 2/3/4 on the 5-point rating scale.)

        Worth noting that the DVD releases a few years back (I’m not sure if they’re still in retail stores or not, but it shouldn’t be hard to get them second-hand) had the original un-doctored versions on a second disc as well as the “Special” Editions. And since it’s not like they were shot in HD or anything, there’s no real reason to hold out for Blu-Ray if Lucas hasn’t done the same thing with the Blu-Ray versions.

      • Rumors are floating around that he’s adding an Episode 3 “NOOOOOOOOO” to the scene where the Emperor is lightning blasting Luke.

      • Just saw that today. LOL. I think if its true it will just add a feather to my “Hollywood Mysteries: Is George Lucas Secretly a Hack?” essay that’s waiting to be written…


      • Not to nitpick CO, but I believe what he did on DVD was release all the special editions first, claiming the original trilogy would never be released. Wait until everyone had bought them, then release the original trilogy as stand alone.

        Which I did own at one point, but they was stolen.

        Anyways, I wont be fooled again. I shan’t buy this blu ray set. Ever.

        As for the newly released edits – thanks Jay, nice work – Obi Wan’s magic roar thing is the worst, I think. Not that the others dont suck, mind you… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Well, I was thinking about picking up the original trilogy in Blu-Ray, but not so much anymore.

        The prequels don’t damage my view of Vader in the slightest, I think mostly because there was so much distance between RotJ and TPM that I can 100% segregate them. My childhood memories of the originals are in no way tainted by the existence of the prequels.

      • Yeah, that’s a lot of it for me, too, K2. The original trilogy was all when I was a small child… literally some of the first non-animated movies I remember watching. The prequel trilogy was all after I was an adult. There’s such a disconnect in emotional attachment that they almost default to “alternate universe” status.

  5. This is a bit of a toughie… at least as far as crowning one goes. Just limiting it to movies I’ve actually seen… the ones that spring to mind are “Terminator 3”, for the reasons mentioned by many above, and “The Matrix Revolutions” for answering the questions set up from the first and second films in a very lame fashion. I still say that should have been a one-and-done series.

    But what keeps coming back to me, very much like acid reflux, is “Batman Returns”. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Burton’s “Batman” to begin with, but I could enjoy the first film OK. It wasn’t great; it was, charitably, a solid “B”. But it was all right. It had the potential to grow into a great series. But then came the sequel. And Tim “I don’t read comics” Burton royally screwed the pooch. A superhero movie is only as good as its villains, and what do we get? Psycho Catwoman, and even worse, deranged gibbering drooling Penguin. The Penguin had been a major Batman villain for decades before then, and his characterization has always been the sophisticated smooth criminal and occasional arms dealer. But Burton, fetishist of the grotesque, has to turn him into some babbling subhuman freak. A legitimate Batman movie featuring a true-to-the-comics portrayal of the Penguin could be a great movie. And the movie had good actors in it; Pfeiffer as Catwoman should have been fantastic, and DeVito should have made the most perfect Penguin next to Burgess Meredith. But it was all completely squandered in the name of pseudo-Gothic grotesquery.

    There are those that lambast the Schumacher films more. But I can’t go along with that. For starters, the lighter and softer direction was mandated by the studio as a direct reaction to the negative reception “Batman Returns” garnered from fans, critics and parents for being so over-the-top in its monstrosity. (Note that Nolan’s films, while dark, manage to be merchandised without any outcry, and are better films, so the argument that the studio is wrong for letting that be a factor doesn’t fly with me.) The technicolor goofiness of the third and fourth films are arguably more Burton’s fault than Schumacher’s; while Schumacher directed them, they would have been that way without him, and they would not have been that way without Burton. There’s also some small outcry about Bane’s portrayal in the fourth film, but that, to me, is minor by comparison. Bane’s a C-list character at best, he was barely more than a cameo (so it’s like complaining about the portrayal of Zsasz in “Batman Begins”), and the difference in portrayal, while significant, is not as sharp and staggering as the difference in the Penguin. His derailment just isn’t on the same order of magnitude at all.

    So I’ll go with “Batman Returns”. From the “could be good or bad” potential of the first one, it chose the bad path. It completely warped what it was supposed to be. It squandered what it had. And unlike a bad James Bond film, it actually damaged the later sequels until the reboot.

    • And I suppose I should mention: I can enjoy “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin” in a cheesy “So Bad It’s Good” kind of way. I can’t enjoy “Batman Returns” on any level.

    • I see your point(s).

      I just dont know if I get the same feeling. I do know there was a lot not to like aside from Burton’s “vision”, like the penguins at the end, and Christopher Walken….

      Yeah, ok, you’re right, that wasn’t very good really. LOL. I haven’t seen it in awhile in fairness though. And when it came out, I liked it well enough.

      Whereas with both of the post-Burton Batmans in that quadrilogy I thought they were awful instanly. Although they do have the So bad theyre good mojo going… Maybe an “Awesomely Awful” treatment someday…

      • “Batman Returns” was actually one of the first times I can remember watching a movie and concluding that it sucked. Which isn’t to say that I hadn’t watched bad movies before then, just that for many of them I was an indiscriminate kid. Somehow I guess I avoided any truly bad ones once I started evaluating them, up until that one.

  6. I don’t know if it’s the worst sequel but Cars 2 was the first that came to mind. Probably because it was the most recent….

    Highlander II, Godfather III, & all 3 Star Wars prequels are up there, too. Absolute garbage.

  7. Legally Blonde 2 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Ahum, don’t ask me how I ended up seeing that… The first movie was pretty damn hilarious I thought but the sequel was absolutely horrendous.

  8. For me, someone already posted it, what happens when the original and the sequels suck. I hate the “Twilight” series, all of them. They were the most gut-wrenching stomach churning movies I have ever seen. Cool effects for the werewolves but that’s the extent. True Blood did the werewolves much better and had less of a budget. The whole idea of sparkly vampires and them not wanting to suck on or kill humans is like a catholic priest not wanting to be with little boys. I had to half-ass watch them just so I could say I watched them and then rip them apart.

    I have to agree with a lot of the sequels that were trashed above. Highlander 2 was bad, I can’t honestly remember T3, must’ve blocked it out of my mind. Matrix 3 doesn’t stick in my mind either. Maybe another mind block.

    • Ohhh.

      So what happens when the entire FRANCHISE sucks? I guess that might be a whole different topic.

      But I assume it’s rare, right? Sucky movies don’t typically produce franchises…

      I’ve never seen Twilight. Ive stated away. But I did have a chuckle about this idea – you KNOW once the last movie is out (next year, right?) they’ll do a box set.

      I’m considering taking one for the cause and watching them all in a row. A Twilight marathon, which of course I would blog about (the only reason I’d do it). I bet it would wind up funny…

      • There’ll likely be a spinoff movie (if they didn’t make it already) since she did write a spinoff novella in between a couple of the books, I hear. So you may get to delay that marathon further.

        Also, watching that would be worse than watching Highlander 2 four times in a row.

  9. Here is my criteria. First movie great, sequel terrible. A ‘worst’ sequel moniker to me would mean the second movie killed any chance of other movies from being made.
    On that note…here are some other worst -best sequels.
    Blues Brothers 2000 (this movie just makes me mad)
    Clerks II (give me a break)
    Son of the Mask (I hate this movie)’Analyze That’
    Analyze That (2 great actors collecting a paycheck)

    • Nice criteria. I might have suggested adding Ghostbusters 2 to that list, except apparently we’re on the verge of a third.

      I wouldn’t count out “Speed 3”, either. Not with the way Hollywood works nowadays. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      But yeah, nice list. I think we see eye to eye on all of them, including the BB3 hate

    • I never realized the distaste for Temple of Doom that’s out there. I never thought it was all THAT bad.

      Star Trek 4 is also pretty much considered a good movie, even though it is pretty much Star Trek meets Greenpeace.

      Star Trek 5, though? Right there with you.

      What would GOD NEED withastarship?

  10. Any classic Disney movie that has a sequel. Like Peter Pan!!! And all those annoying tinkerbell movies…also Beauty and the Beast! Leave them alone. The only ones I can approve of is the Lion King. Lion Kind 1 1/2 is hilarious.

    • Yeah… I never even checked them out. Didn’t that series go straight to DVD?

      Regardless, the great animated movies should be left alone, just as the great regular movies should.

      Thanks for stoppin’ by!

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