Random Rants: Call Off the Dogs. Cameron Crowe is NOT Going to do a Sequel to “Say Anything”

I was nervous, too.

A month ago exactly, actually, I wrote a post where I kind of lost my shit because I heard that Cameron Crowe was toying with the possibility of doing a sequel to “Say Anything”.

Good news that I just read courtesy of Slash Film, who point out that IFC.com got him to set the record straight. Apparently he was just bullshitting with the person who had asked the question, and even though he had discussed it with John Cusack, it was a long time ago, and he has no intention of revisiting his classic characters for real.

While I’m DEFINITELY relieved, I think it’s a sad state of affairs that this sort of thing would actually seem feasible. Crowe is a film maker who makes incredibly personal films, and they have a way of becoming personal for his fans, as well. In a normal world, this is the type of off-handed speculation that would have been immediately dismissed as idle chatter.

But that’s not the environment we live in. Between Hollywood endless appetite for pre-branded material, and directors and casts all too willing to reprise, revisit and resurrect classic films and characters, this was the type of statement that seemed frighteningly plausible.

Thank you, Mr. Crowe, for respecting the sanctity of that phenomenal movie.

Now I just have to sweat out Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner 2”.


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