Now showing on cable: “Knight and Day”

Premiering this weekend on Cinemax was 2010’s action comedy, “Knight and Day”, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Cruise stars as a secret operative who has gone rogue for the sake of protecting an innovative new source of energy and its inventor. Diaz is the single woman he “runs into” at the airport in order to plant something on her and bypass security.

On the nearly empty flight they board, Cruise and Diaz flirt, and sparks obviously fly. However, when Diaz has to excuse herself to go to the restroom, Cruise is attacked by essentially every other person on the plane, including the pilots. Cruise takes all of them out and crash lands the plane in a cornfield. Once they’ve debarked safely, Cruise informs Diaz that her life will be in danger now. He drugs her and returns her safely home, but keeps an eye on her.

When the assassins he predicted do indeed show up to eliminate her, the hijinks ensue.

Diaz and Cruise have some authentic chemistry together, and their interactions are the strength of the movie. Together they have some genuinely funny moments. It’s not exactly a viable date movie, though, Cruise roofies Diaz like ten times and once even uses the Vulcan nerve pinch on her.

Unfortunately, the story is completely improbable and the action sequences are over the top in a comical fashion. There are scenes where Cruise aces as many enemies as Schwarzenegger in “Commando”, just with less gardening equipment. He also clings to the roofs of speeding cars, outruns missiles and pops in and out of view as if he had Nightcrawler’s powers of teleportation. Diaz, for her part, plays the stereotypical, shrieking, helpless female… shooting people accidentally, getting out of trouble with ridiculous luck, that sort of thing. Thankfully she “grows into it” by the end of the flick at least.

Its silly and inconsequential, but not without its charms thanks to the star power of the two leads.



8 thoughts on “Now showing on cable: “Knight and Day”

  1. I agree that it’s the two leads who make this movie enjoyable… Tom Cruise is crazy, but he’s a good actor. If you had someone else, say Ryan Reynolds – the movie would be a failure. (There I go ripping on Ryan Reynolds again muahahah!) 😐

  2. It’s near the top of my Netflix queue! I want to see it because it’s fluffy and just disposable entertainment. Nothing wrong with that when you are in the mood for it 😉

  3. Diaz and Cruise made this fun to watch, but too many of it just feels a bit cheesy it already pretty breezy entertainment, that’s a great watch during the Summer, even though it sadly is all gone.

  4. This is what happens when Studio Heads and Accountants think. Oh lets put Tom ‘huge star’ Cruise and Cameron ‘huge star’ Diaz in a film together again.
    The storyline let this film down and to be honest Ive never felt that Cameron Diaz was a watchable actress anyways. I do like Tom Cruise films though but this one is one of the weakest I have seen him in.

    • Agreed on all counts. Off the top of my head – without going to IMDb, just pure gut instinct. I’d say Cruise has been in worse movies, but I’m having trouble naming them.

      Which isn’t a good sign! Yeah, this isn’t amongst his best, that’s for sure.

      As for Diaz? She’s had her share of moments. But nothing worth the “A List” celeb status she seems to enjoy, I’m with you on that one. She must have great PR people!

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