News Worth Sharing: “Point Break” Remake in the Works reported testerday that Alcon Entertainment has secured the rights to 1991’s “Point Break” from RGM Media, and would be developing a remake of the film.

For anyone out there who still wonders why the Cineplex is cursed with so many remakes, that sentence should be informative. None of the creative talents involved initiated this. A company bought the rights from another company… neither of whom I’D ever heard of before, and now a remake is on its way.

I would turn this into a rant, but Hollywood is beating me down. I have no will left to fight. In between this News post and my last I even heard about a Beetlejuice remake that I couldn’t muster up the will to mention. I think it’s telling that my intention behind this series was to post the news I wanted to share and discuss with folks – I know this can never be a news blog – and yet, the only news that Hollywood seems to be churning out that’s discussion worthy is “We’re remaking this, we’re remaking that”

But this News IS News Worth Sharing because my friends and I hold this movie in a place of great esteem as one of the great Cheese flicks of all time. Aside from the ridiculousness of Johnny Utah being paid to learn to surf, and the prominent role of “The Poor Man’s Nick Nolte” (thanks Jeff) Gary Busey, the movie also revolves around a repressed homosexual romance more than any film shy of “Interview with the Vampire”. It’s ludicrous from A-Z and loaded with top notch action sequences. What’s not to love?

I only hope that none of the original cast legitimize this movie with any cameos or direct involvement. I think its a safe bet that Kathryn Bigelow won’t be involved. LOL.

What do you think?


13 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: “Point Break” Remake in the Works

  1. I think it’s telling, in a way that the other announced remakes and sequels aren’t. Most of the other announcements have been classic movies in some way… but Point Break‘s appeal has always been about the cheese. They’re remaking it solely on the recognition value from its cult status. I think it just goes to show that if it was popular, for any reason, Hollywood has someone lining up to either remake it, or make a sequel to it.

  2. I’m okay with this remake, so long as it works like the stage play, and they cast a different random guy from the audience to be Johnny Utah every time I watch it.

    What? That’s not possible? Then leave it the @#$% alone.

  3. It should have been, Utah, please don’t make part II. Poor Swayze, he must be turning….. Is the movie industry that starved for real movies that they feel a need to remake this classic? I mean, who else could churn out the classic line, “I caught my first tube today, sir” or the even better, “I can’t live in a cage man”? Movie industry, you have severely disappointed me. Keep churning out shit like this and then wonder why people are stealing movies on the internet. It’s because they are so shitty, that nobody wants to pay for them…..All this typing has me hungry, in fact, I’m so hungry I could eat the ass end out of a dead rhino…..

    • ^

      Just in case anyone thought I was kidding about my friends and I holding this movie in high regard.

      You’re right, Utah don’t make part II is better.

      I dunno. I just think it’s too much. Like if this were the only remake coming down the pipe I might not be too bothered, but it’s such an obvious assembly line now. Gahd.

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