News Worth Sharing: Charlie Sheen seems… more rational?

In promotional efforts for his upcoming Comedy Central Roast (Monday Night, 10pm), Charlie Sheen will appear on the “Tonight Show” later this evening, and an NBC will air an interview Matt Lauer did with him tomorrow on the “Today Show”. Now if they could just create the “Tomorrow Show”, he could hit the trifecta.

To promote the interview, NBC released some snippets. In them, Sheen comes across as decidedly… less crazy. Saying things like, the important things to him are the quiet moments with his children, and the entire “Tiger Blood” period just got out of control from him.

While I’m happy for him that he seems to be regaining his sanity, there is a part of me that is sad to see Crazy Charlie go. I was one of the curious few who purchased a ticket to his “Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour”, and I wasn’t disappointed. It certainly was a living train wreck.

So. A brief, but memorable era seems to be coming to an end. Sadly. I’ll be DVRing the Roast (DUH!), but it doesn’t seem if Charlie is ready… at least at this moment… to unleash more adventures of the “Rockstar From Mars”.

At least we’ll always be able to cherish the good times we had.


6 thoughts on “News Worth Sharing: Charlie Sheen seems… more rational?

    • I hope so.

      I wouldn’t mind him getting a new gig. Not that I watched Two and a Half Men or anything…

      I always thought someone should have offered him a reality show when he was going crazy.

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