Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Sports Movie?

So! Football Season is underway, the Baseball playoffs are fast approaching, the NBA is in a lockout wait, that doesn’t help me here… Anyways, Sports seem like they’re in full swing around here.

Which made me think it’d be a good topic for this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There”, because there are 18,759,412 Movies about sports, and Friday with the release of “Moneyball” that number will be 18,759,413!

Eight Men Out, Slapshot, North Dallas Forty, Blue Chips, Invictus, Victory, Rocky, Warrior, Vision Quest… it seems as if if there’s a sport, there’s been a movie about it. Even if you’re not a sports fan, I’m willing to bet there’s SOME sports movie you love.

So, let the Games begin! What’s YOUR favorite movie revolving around sports??


94 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Sports Movie?

  1. Gosh, I couldn’t pick just one. So here it goes….given that I have a daughter that plays baseball, not softball, A League of Their Own comes to mind. Can’t think baseball without Sandlot and Bad News Bears. (the original!). Moving to basketball, Hoosiers, love that movie! I am not a football fan at all, but I love the movies Rudy, Invincible, and The Blindside. I told you, I am a sucker for those underdog, feel good, based on true story movies!

    • Who isn’t? 😀

      She plays Baseball, eh Deb? I’ve seen the Facebook posts I guess always thought it was softball…

      I love the Bad New Bears, that movie is awesome. Hoosiers, too. “My team is on the court” somehow became I line I use all the time… for a lot of… unrelated things. LOL!

      • What can I say? I like football too, but I have yet to watch a really good football movie. Actually, I take that back — Friday Night Lights was quality.

        It’s funny, caught Field Of Dreams on TV last weekend, first time I’d watched it in about 7 years or so. There are some very irritating things about the movie (Amy Madigan’s performance, the whitewashing of the Black Sox scandal), but I’ll be damned if I still didn’t cry like a baby during James Earl Jones’s “People Will Come” monologue and Costner having a catch with his old man.

  2. Friday Night Lights. Has to be one of the best sports movies I’ve ever seen. Classes? Ima aflete. After that, North Dallas Forty, Caddyshack (they do golf in it), Kingpin (come on, you have to give Big Earn a shout out – keep em coming toots, I got a long drive ahead of me). The Longest Yard – and the real one, not the cheesy remake.

    • That sound you hear is the sound of me kicking myself for not thinking of “Kingpin” when I wrote the blurb about you name the sport, they’ve made a movie about it.

      Is this legal?

      I don’t know. It’s fun though, isn’t it?

  3. Debbie,
    Great call on the Hoosiers. How could I leave that one out? Does Color of Money count? Is pool a “sport”? Nice little blog choice Mr. Fogarty.


      I had been anticipating that question with Poker, on Rounders. And I was ready to give it the green light.

      I love “The Color of Money”. Just a huge fan.

      And thanks as always, appreciate your support!!

    • That’s ok Diggs… You picked me up on Friday Night Lights …. Great flick! It’s a wonder that I actually hate football, but I love the movies about it!!! Hahaha (PS Dan…. my daughter played football with the boys too!) hahaha

    • Oh god yeah. LOL.

      If there’s any other haters of “The Hustler” out there, Brik’s got a post for you over at Awsomely Shitty, that’s for sure!

      I don’t hate it that bad (as I said), but that post was hysterical!

    • Great sports movie manager – Lou Brown! Great voice. Strong motivator…

      Goes with his guts. Putting in Vaughn to face Haywood even though his season pitcher v batter numbers were terrifying? Gutsy.

      • Not to mention that Haywood was leading the league in most offensive categories, including nose hair.

        Major League is a movie where the sum of it’s best lines are greater than the actual movie itself.

      • Not that I’m saying that the movie isn’t great, because it is… but you may be right. Because that movie has a TON of great quotes.

        I love that one you just used. I also frequently pull out “They don’t call him the best color guy in the business for nothin’ folks!” when I’m ragging on announcers or friends that make dumb comments. 😀

  4. My favorite would probably be Rudy. Don’t tell me you have a little tear running down your cheek when he finally gets accepted to Notre Dame or runs into the field for the first time.

    • How about that completely unbelievable, totally incredible, has to be made up ending of him getting a solo sack in the one play he plays?

      Except that it’s what really happened.

      Yeah, great flick.

  5. “The Wrestler” and “Million Dollar Baby”. I like when sports become the departing point of a broader discourse… And “Dodgeball”, of course!

    • Jersey… I will second “The Wrestler”. I love it. Aronofsky is a genius. That movie is incredible.

      But I’m going to go in the opposite direction on Million Dollar Baby. I just… didn’t appreciate the turn of events, and turn of tone. It was way too much. Obviously Eastwood and everyone involved is very talented, So its not a lack of quality. I just cant stand movies that disguise themselves and wind up being something completely tragic when its not what you thought you were signing up for.

      • I’d usually agree about this point, but not about Million Dollar Baby. The turning point and the change of tone were indeed unexpected, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I felt like I was shown another side of the characters, a deeper one. Like I had the chance to see their inner parts… It made me appreciate the whole movie even more.

  6. I can’t believe no one as said Raging Bull yet. Easily my favourite sports films and one of my favourite films period. I’d also say The Wrestler and Million Dollar Baby, and as far as laughs go, Slapshot, and Dodgeball is a bit of a guilty pleasure too.

    • See my comment above to Jersey about Million Dollar Baby.

      Raging Bull is awesome, and obviously boxing is central. But I bet the reason it’s not on the tip of most people’s tongues as a sports movie is its so much more of a character study than a “typical” sports movie.

      Just explaining when it probably hasnt been name dropped. Obviously its unassailable in terms of quality. 😀

  7. Tough one for me. Not a big fan of sports movies in general; you asked who isn’t a fan of those feel-good underdog based-on-true-story sports movies, and, well, it’s me. I just can’t escape the feeling that I’ve seen them before, and I know the shape of that story from the beginning. Hardly anybody ever does movies about the underdog that goes up and gets utterly crushed, and the top-flight team that stays at the top doesn’t get a lot of attention either. Now, it could be argued those wouldn’t be interesting stories, but at this point, the underdog that makes good isn’t so interesting to me either, because I know that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

    So for me, just knee jerk reaction here, I’m going to have to with Caddyshack (where the success or failure isn’t critical to the movie) and Rounders. You did say poker counts, so even though I would call it a bit of a stretch, I’m going with it. (Fair notice, of course; I have yet to see Rocky or Raging Bull, so there are certainly “classic” sports films I can’t judge fairly.)

    • CO.. sorry I didn’t get back to this one til now. I got “Freshly Pressed” yesterday and things have been crazy around here. Check out the carnage in my Lebowski thread when you get a chance. LOL.

      I would recommend Friday Night Lights as a sports movie that would challenge your expectations… but if you haven’t seen Rocky or Raging Bull, you’ve got some bigger fish to fry! 😀

  8. Field of Dreams – hands down my favorite, it makes me cry EVERY time. Blind Side, Cutting Edge, League of Their Own are on my list as well. Kevin Smith is doing one about hockey and that will be sure to be added to the list.

  9. Any Given Sunday remains one of my all time faves. The roles essayed by both Al Pacino and Cameron Diaz stand out in my memory even now, at least 5 odd yrs after I first watched the movie.


  10. Here are my top three; Hoosiers, The Natural, and Caddyshack. I have to admit though, I am not a big fan of sports movies. I’m not against them, it’s just I would usually opt out for something else, comedy, action adventure, documentary, etc….

  11. Not a sports fan, but sports movies are usually way easier to sit through than an actual sporting event. That being said, Bad News Bears (original) has to be it for comedy. For drama: RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!

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