Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Superhero Movie?


Being the creatively bankrupt individual that I am, I often look for inspiration for these topics from what’s coming up in the theatres, what’s going on in my life, etc etc.

So this week, with “The Avengers” panel being the highlight of my weekend month, I figured what better topic to “Toss Out” than “What’s your favorite Superhero movie”?

Superhero movies have become a genre unto themselves… They’ve even begun to spawn subgenres. There are more than a handful of movies now about ordinary people donning the tights and fighting crime with no particular powers or qualifications. “Super”, “Kick Ass”, “Defendor”, etc… You don’t even HAVE to have super powers or a billion dollars worth of high-tech equipment anymore in order to fight crime! (Or try to fight crime).

I’d have never thought this would be the state of affairs back in 1989 when Tim Burton brought “Batman” to the big screen. It was that movie, and Christopher Reeve as Superman, and that was it. (Those were the only superhero movies worth anything at least). Now, major superhero flicks are released constantly. This year alone brought us four major ones, and NEXT year brings us “The Avengers” “Batman: We’re Recycling the Last Title Again” and “Spider-Man: The Reboot”.

In fear of this turning into a “Dark Knight” thread, feel free to discuss your LEAST favorite superhero movies, as well. If you thought it was a stinker, go ahead, let’s toss those into the mix as well.

So let’s hear it folks! “Iron Man”? “Spider-Man 2”? “Batman”? What’s YOUR favorite Superhero movie??


73 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Superhero Movie?

  1. I think most of the Batman series, especially The Dark Knight series, have been my favorites. I won’t say it was my least favorite–or perhaps biggest disappointment–was Thor. The scenes from the other planet were well done, but that part of the story was too much and I could have done without most of it. I preferred the scenes on Earth and the story that was happening there. The otherworldly emphasis dragged that film done for me.

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    • Yeah… Well, first off, obviously, I dont think we’ll see a lot of dissention about the most recent Batmans, although the Burton ones can be divisive…

      But as to “Thor”, I think I’m torn. Hemsworth WAS Thor. I mean, he practically was the embodiment of that character. So, that was awesome. But on the other hand, it wound up feeling very small scale. They had that one big CGI battle with the Frost Giants, and then it was like “Thor: The Stageplay”. That town reminded me of the fake Rock Ridge that gets built at the end of blazing saddles, you know what I’m saying?

      I dont know if I’d say I was disappointed, though, because my expectations were really low. In fact, I pretty much came out pleasantly surprised because I had no hope they could pull off a movie surrounding Asgard and Thor and Odin and Loki and make it accessible to the non-comic fan…

  2. This year, with all the comic book superhero films we’ve had I have to go for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Loved them. While I didn’t enjoy Capt. America as much, I think Chris Evans is Capt America… just don’t think that superhero has much of a place in this era.

    I liked James McAvoy’s Wesley in Wanted. A sorta superhero…!

    And yes.. I vote Unbreakable too.

    • DAMNNNN… “Unbreakable” is kicking ass and taking names! 😀

      It is a great flick.

      I thought Hiddleston was great, too. But even hearing his name right now makes me cringe a little. At the panel on Sat, they opened it up for questions from the audience, and 90% of them started with “This one’s for Tom”. UGH.

      Yeah, Captain America disappointed me too. Definitely. Kind of like the reverse of what I was saying above about Thor – with Thor I had no expectations because it’s a difficult sell, with Cap, I thought it should be a slam dunk to tell a great story… and somehow it left me a little flat.

      • Tom’s got a big following in the UK. He’s very well liked and after seeing the extras on the Thor blu-ray… i’m a bit taken by him too!

        Does Push classify as a superhero movie? It’s one, I know it’s not well liked or known, I enjoyed it a lot. Different, but still at the heart a simple superhero film.

      • I dont think anything was BAD about it per se. I just don’t LOVE it. It doesn’t crack my top ten, and I kind of have the expectation that the newer, big superhero movies should be constantly forcing me to re-evaluate my rankings and forcing old movies out, etc…

        It just left me flat somehow. Red Skull was… bland? I thought that whole early Steve Rodgers stuff was weird to watch, even though the story it was telling was fine. And then the anachronistic Hydra weaponry totally robbed the flick of the WWII roots of Captain America feel. I mean, he was battling dudes with plasma weapons… in the 1940s. Thats not right.

        I didnt mean to say it was bad, it was fine. But its probably my least favorite non-hulk Avengers gang movie, and that includes Iron Man 2, which I like more than most people do.

      • Agree with a lot of what Fogs is saying. The whole plot felt like it would have fit in fine a few years ago. Not so much now. Didn’t feel all that creative, considering what they could have done. I’m guessing.

        Also the plot was pretty much the same as GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. I’m not joking. Replace characters and places, it was the same.

        While Thor still had a relatively simple plot I felt it had more heart to it. There was a bit more conflict and more of a journey for the character.

        Also I think like Fogs, I had low expectations for Thor – probably helped my enjoyment!

      • Yeah, surprise surprise… we disagree. 🙂

        I thought the HYDRA parts were some of the best parts of the movie, and I thought Weaving as the Skull was brilliant. I loved HYDRA having advanced weapons… that’s what made them a threat. They were winning the mad science race!

        I can see if you’re going to be expecting a war movie with a superhero, you’d be disappointed. But Cap is really a superhero that just happened to be set in WWII.

      • LOL @ Jaina…. eaaaasy now 😀 I didn’t think Cap was GREAT but I’m not ready to throw it under the bus and start comparing it to GI Joe! LOL!!

        @K2, surprisingly though, we see a LOT more eye to eye on movies than comics.

        I suppose now that the superhero stuff is coming back into play we’re acting out the old mind sets. LOL!!

      • OK, maybe that was a strong comment but you can’t deny the similarities!

        Joe = Capt. America
        Cobra = HYDRA
        JGL’s character (i’ve forgotten his name!) = Weaving’s Skull

        Cobra and HYDRA were both aiming for the same thing with some nefarious plans. Just expected more heart from Capt. America.

  3. I stand pretty firmly in the Spider-man 2 camp. Yes, I realize that The Dark Knight is a superior film, but how often do I really want to sit down and watch a 3-hour crime drama (the answer might be different if we were talking about The Departed, or Goodfellas)?

    Spider-Man has been my favorite superhero since I was a kid and I think the second movie really captured the spirit of the comics. I can have Spider-Man 2 on in the background all of the time and I just don’t tire of it.

    As far as my least favorite, that would have to be Spawn. What a pile that was!

    • LOL @ Spawn. Shaking my head to get rid of the image of that clown…

      Anyways, Spider Man 2 is still awesome. How GREAT was Alfred Molina as Doc Ock? Freaking awesome, right? Unbelievable movie.

      But I will say I’m not put off by the DK runtime… although I can see how people would be. For me, if a movie is THAT good, I have no problem if it’s long. Keep it going!

  4. From my teenage stand point, I found Kick-Ass utterly hilarious and surprisingly witty. One of my other favourite superhero films, also directed by Matthew Vaughn, was the unexpectedly good X-Men First Class.

    I’m also unsure to why no-one has mentioned Batman Begins, Cillian Murphy made a damn good villain.

    Least favourite probably has to Superman Returns, I think it says a lot that we haven’t heard much of Brandon Routh since.

    • Oh god. Superman Returns. Hang on. I need to go hang myself.

      Yeah, that was a travesty of justice. I can’t even start, I’ll rant and rave for an hour.

      Kick Ass is a great flick! Love that one. I hope they get a sequel made one day, it deserves it!

      “Unexpectedly Good” is a good term for “First Class”… I wonder where it will shake out amongst the other X-Men flicks, given time.

  5. “The Dark Knight” is easily my favourite, without a doubt. I also love “Batman Begins” and “X-Men: First Class”. And while it isn’t among my favourties, I still really enjoy Ang Lee’s “Hulk”. I don’t find it nearly as slow as everyone else does, and it’s a much more intelligent super hero film than most of it’s contemporaries, especially back in 2003. Plus the score kicks ass.

    Least favourites are “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin”. Total insult to the Caped Crusader.

    • Yeahhhh… about that Ang Lee one… eesh.


      Not a big fan, on that one. Boring as hell, and I believe that was the first movie where the world was introduced to “Skinny Jennifer Connelly”. Heartbreaking.

    • I’ll throw down for Ang Lee’s Hulk any day of the week. That said, I also don’t really consider it a superhero movie a’la, say, Spider-Man 2. Letterier’s remake is much more of a “superhero” movie.

    • Yeah. I love Watchmen, I do.

      But then again I’m a big comic book nerd. I have a huge collection… and obviously I love the source material. You’re exactly right in how you put that.

      In fact, I prefer the Ultimate cut. You know, the one that’s 83 1/2 hours long, but works in the director’s cut + the Tales of the Black Freighter? Like you said… its almost inaccessible to your average movie goer… just long and brooding and dark. But for fans of the Alan Moore work, it’s just phenomenal.

      Lot of divisiveness around it though. I think its a love it or hate it flick.

  6. Superman: The Movie for me. What can I say, it made me believe that a man could fly.

    Of the more current crop, both of the Nolan Batman movies were masterpieces IMO, and I was giddy with how good Iron Man and Thor turned out to be.

    Least favorite? Unfortunately, there’s too many bad ones to count. And I haven’t even seen Catwoman, Ghost Rider, or Elektra.

    • Oh, dude. Catwoman is a so bad its good CLASSIC. Like Showgirls or The Room. I laughed all the way through it. Its impossible to believe Halle Berry won an Academy Award a couple of years before that. Hysterical…

      Superman The Movie… for me, this new wave of Superhero flicks kind of undermines it. There’s still a LOT of greatness there, especially the score. I still love the Main Theme and the Love theme, they’re both great. And of course, Reeve. But Hackman’s Luthor is… just not what I want out of my Luthor, you know? I keep waiting for the day that the DC Animated U Luthor makes it to the big screen in a live action form. Instead of these real estate swindler clowns they keep throwing up there.

      • I can see why they went that way through. Mad scientist Luthor was the Luthor at the time in the comics, and I don’t think he would have fit.

        Easy to forget that since we’ve had businessman/politician Luthor in the comics since 1986 and that was the Luthor of the animated series, but compared to the history of the Superman franchise that Luthor is a relatively recent invention. Remember, in the Silver Age, the root of Luthor’s hatred of Superman was that he blamed him for a science experiment gone bad that cost him his hair. Compared to THAT, real estate swindler Lex is positively revolutionary.

      • Also, I give big credit to Superman: The Movie to be the first live action superhero movie to really take the medium seriously. The studio, the director, the cast, the crew all went out to make a great movie, not to just make a buck (well, to do that to, but you know what I mean).

        Much like superheroes as a concept, without Superman you probably don’t get Batman, and without Batman you probably don’t get Spider-Man, and without Spider-Man we wouldn’t been even dreaming about the Avengers. I can say the Nolan Batman movies, Iron Man, and maybe Thor and Spidey 2 are objectively better than Superman: the Movie, but Superman was perfect for it’s time that I don’t think any superhero movie since has come close to.

      • GREAT Luthor points. Damn Hallsians, knowing their comics…

        Doesn’t change the fact that we HAVE had bad ass businessman/politician Luthor for twenty five years now, and not that he’s had many opportunities to be on the big screen, but he should be.

        Hey, historically? You’re right on S:TM, obviously. But it doesn’t hold up as well now that we have modern ones (it’s certainly not the only movie in history that THATS happened to), that’s all. It definitely still deserves a lot of props, I still think its MTESS worthy, I just dont have it that high up on my list personally, that’s all.

  7. Toss up between Superman: The Movie and The Dark Knight for me, with Spider-Man 2 coming in at third. All three did a great job capturing the tone of the heroes they’re focused on. I see where you’re coming from on Lex Luthor, but that’s always a problem with Luthor: How do you give him a scheme that truly seems worthy of Superman’s attention and doesn’t consist of him attacking Superman “just because”?

    I also have a big fondness for Batman: The Movie (the Adam West one) and the TV series that spawned it. The haters mostly don’t deserve to have Batman comics.

    On the negative side of the scales, Batman Returns — but you’ve heard me rant about that one before. Also, Catwoman, of course, and Elektra. There are lots of other bad superhero movies out there, more than the good in my opinion, but those three stick out to me as ones that just plain squandered their potential.

    • I love the Adam West/Burt Ward Batman… so awesome, such nostalgia for me. One of my favorite panels ever. Got to ask them a question just by raising my hand… don’t get to do that often!!

      As for Luther, the world we live in is perfectly suited for his level of high financial greed and corruption. All Superman has to do is threaten to expose him, and there’s you motivation. Plus, Luthor’s classic motivation has always been JEALOUSY. He should be a modern Machiavelli, but all everyone wants to talk about is Superman, Superman, Superman…

      He desrves better than he’s gotten onscreen.

  8. My first response is none – its just not my thing…(I guess you won’t find me at Comic Con). I suppose if I’m “gun to the head” it would have to be the ’78 Superman- Heck of a cast- Brando as Jor-el in the creepy white outfit- Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor with Ned Beatty as his sidekick.

    • Yup. Cause that’s what we’re all about here! Coercion!


      Brando made like a gajillion dollars for that. Pretty iconic for a small role though.

  9. And so we head back to the “Best Cameo” tossin- Now thats one I can get behind…no need for coercion on that eh….

  10. Thats What I’m Talking About!
    If I was really thinking , I would have charcterized your coercion as Gestapo Tactics….I mean Gestapo Tactics!

  11. Lots of good mentions here. I was about to go with X-Men 2, which I love (Nightcrawler’s attack on the whitehouse, … “You are a god among insects, never let anyone tell you different.”) but then I thought about V for Vendetta, which actually exceeded my love of the source material. I know a lot of comic purists have a problem with V for Vendetta changing the politics of the original, but I’m not one of them. I actually prefer the veer away from actively espousing Anarchy as a viable choice.

    For worst, well, I mean… Catwoman is the obvious choice, but I might throw in an also-ran like Superman IV or Batman and Robin.

    • V was good, sure. I read the book… never really connected with it. Kind of strange, cause I love like almost everything else Moore has done.

      That Nightcrawler scene was awesome…

      Here’s a bad one no one’s name dropped yet. How can we forget that Shaq played Steel? LOL 😀

  12. C’mon…no one’s mentioned it…Scott Pilgrim vs.The World! Total “every-person,” Karma kicks butt film, plus I’m a huge indie fan. (I would like to give honorable mentions to Kick-Ass, Spiderman 2 – huge Alfred Molina fan, X-Men & Batman & Batman Returns – Michael Keaton=Batman, period.)

    • Interesting… I never thought of that movies as a Superhero movie. The jury will consider your submission.

      Its a great movie though isn’t it? I’ve only seen it once from start to finish.

      But then 3,497 times if you add up all the snippets I’ve watched on HBO as I click through… ten minutes here, 20 minutes there…. Oh cool, I love this scene, 5 minutes there….

  13. I really can’t forget the first Batman. I have to give it props because at the time, I didn’t think they could pull it off. Spiderman 1 & 2 are closer to my heart because they were perfect. There are lots I have not seen and I think I’ve steered clear of many of the stinkers. I would have to say that Batman and Robin was simply awful.

    • Whaaaaaat? You don’t like Batman & Robin??

      “Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it’s the chilling sound of your doom!”

      Come on!! That’s awesome.

      LOL, ok. I cant keep that up long. It is a ridiculous movie.

      The first Burton Batman though is awesome, and even though time hasn’t been all that kind to it, I still love it. Saw it in the theatre close to ten times!

      • The Batman: The Brave and the Bold recently had an episode that paid homage to all the ice puns from Batman & Robin. It was pretty awesome. Batman: The Brave and the Bold that is, not Batman & Robin.

  14. Spider Man 1 & 2, because they opened up a new chapter for Marvel movies. The Dark Night, that renewed Batman’s myth. Then X-Men, X-Men First Class, Iron Man… Does Scott Pilgrim counts?

      • I love Scott Pilgrim to death. great fun film, but to me it’s really more of a computer game movie than a comic book movie. The heroic powers of the characters are more based on computer games and computer graphics than on comic books, although I know the source is a comic/manga style book. He definitely has super powers though, so I think the judges must allow it. 😉

  15. That’s a tough question, I have many favourites…

    X-Men 1 & 2, Spider-man 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins are all great…

    If I had to choose one, then heck, I’ll pick X-Men since that’s the earliest to come out

  16. Not really a film as such, but Super Ted was one of my faves as a kid! Otherwise, I’d have to put The Incredibles up there. “Edna. Mole.” And for non-animation, The Dark Knight is pretty supreme as well. I love Gary Oldman, and Heath Ledger’s performance is unbeatable.

  17. Starting things off by being negative, as I’m wont to do, I can tell you my least favorite “superhero” movies would either be V For Vendetta or Watchmen; the former because it doesn’t at all understand the politics of Britain or who Guy Fawkes really was, and the latter because it’s too much about style over substance, which is antithetical to the very idea of the story. Note that both are Alan Moore adaptations. Curious.

    Anyways, I’d probably stick with Hellboy/Hellboy 2 as my favorite superhero movies with Spider-Man 2 and Blade. Big fan of Del Toro– I’m torn between Blade 1 and 2– and Mignola’s demonic paranormal investigator is my favorite comic character of all time, so that’s kind of a slam dunk for me, especially with the added stipulation of Ron Perlman.

    • Del Toro is awesome. I know we’re both huge fans of Pan’s Labyrinth.

      He’s so funny, too, he’s seriously, like half a comedian.

      Not a huge fan of the first Hellboy, I thought it was alright. But Hellboy 2 is incredible. Very fantastical…

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