The second episode of the “Title Pending Movie Podcast” with Tank and Fogs is up, and available for download through iTunes, or for mp3 download  at buzzsprout.

In this episode, Tank and I turn our attention to horror movies! We go over some of our favorites, talk about the different paths movies take to try to scare us, we break down the “Horror Movies That Everyone Should See”, and give out a couple of special, seasonal recommendations.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the positive feedback we received last time, and point out that we have a new email address now, specifically for the podcast – movies@underscoopfire.com

Give us a shout if you have feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, heckles, whatever!!


Oh… and as promised on the podcast, here’s the link to Tank’s toy collection being profiled on “Cool and Collected” http://coolandcollected.com/collector-profile-chris-tanski-and-his-awesome-movies-tv-toy-collection/

LOL. Grown man… collecting toys. Geez. (snikkggh, snikkgghh Ok I can’t hold back. I have to stand all my stuff back up and get some photos submitted to that site… I feel like this could become an arms race!)


10 thoughts on “PODCAST!!

  1. Hi Guys, first let me say…thumbs up……you’re two for two.

    The opening segment seemed a little shaky at first. You clearly knew what you want to talk about…but getting there seemed to be the part you haven’t quite figured out yet. But once you got there…your conversation flowed well. Now that I’ve listened to 2 full podcasts, I say, don’t worry about a nice lead-in, just jump in with both feet, as a returning listener, I know you’ll deliver!

    I do have to say, I did laugh about the whole Silver Shamrock song being played so much. (I am absolutely sure on some campus, some where, it was made into a drinking game!)

    I am not a huge horror movie goer, I’ve seen my fair share, but to keep me entertained enough to listen to the whole thing was a pretty good indicator that it was done well! I haven’t seen all of the movies mentioned, but I have become inspired to see Trick r Treat. I however will not add TCM to that list of “Wanna Sees” the whole thought completely grosses me out.

    I love the banter between you two. I would have thought you were neighborhood kids who grew up together. I love that you say exactly what you are thinking too. (and sometimes what I am thinking) I was wondering how many people you lost with the Horshack reference; the thought came into my brain, and leaked out your mouth. That’s was a good trick. HaHa

    Speaking of clueless…..what the hell is CGI blood? I tried to look it up, and all I could put together in the way of information is: movie enthusiasts seem to hate it, corn syrup and red food coloring is better for realistic shots, but CGI blood is what they use when an artery needs to squirt for distance. Is there more to add to my “Fountain of Useless Knowledge” on that front? Please advise.

    I’m not sure if your intention is to be funny, but there were so many parts I laughed at…..loved the After-the-Fact Spoiler-Alert for the 30 year old movie. Classic!

    I even laughed at the “Is it a Horror Movie” discussion, because literally, just last night I asked my husband, Scariest Horror movie you’ve ever seen? He came up with Jaws…..I’m like, “seriously, that’s not a horror flick…

    Lastly, going to show a little loyalty here…sorry Tanks….gotta side with Dan on the Psycho debate.

    All this talk about horror movies, it reminded me of one I didn’t hear mentioned on the podcast or in the blog. I would call a step or two above “awesomely awful”. Happy Birthday to Me. The story behind it was pretty inventive. It was definitely a different way of viewing Melissa Sue Anderson, although, I have never eaten a shish kabob since.
    Okay that’s going to wrap it up for me.

    Wait! Speaking of wrapping it up… (You’ll find this amusing) I was listening to the podcast while I was alone at work. As soon as the boss came, I paused it, and figured I would listen to the rest once my morning meeting with him was done. When I was ready to settle back in to some more talk, I hit play….much to my surprise the podcast was only 65 minutes, not 81…..I had paused it at 62…… HaHaHa

    Again, nice job, I look forward to future podcasts!

    • I was a little concerned about the 14 minutes of dead air at the end as well. Technical hiccup I presume, but the movie/music geek in me kept listening for a while looking for the easter egg at the 4:20 mark. lol.

    • That’s some FEEDBACK right there! 😀

      I’m going to make sure Tank sees this one too. Thanks for taking the time to help us out, I totally appreciate it, it’s the best way to get better, or in certain cases, to realize you’re doing alright

      Happy Birthday to me is like one step above Awesomely Awful, isn’t it? That ENDING! Lol. Still just one of the most hysterical finales ever.

      Anyways, a glitch somehow caused the wrong runtime to get reported… We heard that. Corey (who does our editing) is aware, I’m sure he’ll nail that next time.

      We’ll work on how to “open the show”, that certainly was awkward, I noticed that myself, thanks for not being too polite to bring it up… We need to hear the constructive criticism.

      CGI is short for Computer Generated Imagery. So if you hear the phrase “Practical Effects”, that’s something “real” like makeup or models, but if it’s “CGI” someone’s drawing it in after via computer. So, CGI blood is when they’re NOT using corn syrup, food coloring, ketchup, etc.

      I HATE it. It still looks terribly terribly fake to me. I still notice it EVERY time it’s used. My brain says “That’s not real”. And the kicker is… It never used to be a problem. In the 1970s, Sonny Corleone got shot to hell and Quint got chomped by a Shark and I never once thought… “That blood looks fake”. Now, 40 years later, we’ve taken a huge step back.

      Notable lately? “Conan” and “Drive” both at opposite ends of the quality spectrum, but both have CGI blood effects.

      • Glad you didn’t mind the short novel I left for you. 🙂

        I feel complete now that I understand CGI….of course I am ruined for all future battle scenes. HaHaHa Although picking out the first few may be fun.

        Too polite……nope, not a term used for me often. HaHaHa I pretty much say what I feel all the time (a blessing and a curse, depending on the subject)

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