Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Scary Movie?

Drew: Hello?
Fogs: Hello.
Drew: Yes?
Fogs: Who is this?
Drew: Who are you trying to reach?
Fogs: What number is this?
Drew: Well, what number are you trying to reach?
Fogs: I don’t know.
Drew: I think you have the wrong number.
Fogs: Do I?
Drew: It happens. Take it easy.


Drew: Hello?
Fogs: I’m sorry, I guess I dialed the wrong number.
Drew: So why’d you dial it again?
Fogs: To apologize
Drew: You’re forgiven… bye now.
Fogs: Wait, wait. Don’t hang up.
Drew:Β  What?
Fogs: I wanna talk to you for a second.
Drew: Tuh… They’ve got 900 numbers for that. See ya!


Drew: Hello?
Fogs: Why don’t you wanna talk to me?
Drew: Who is this?
Fogs: You tell me your name, I’ll tell you mine.
Drew: I don’t think so.
[checks popcorn]
Fogs: What’s that noise?
Drew: Popcorn!
Fogs: You’re making popcorn?
Drew: Uh huh.
Fogs: I only eat popcorn at the movies.
Drew: Well, I’m getting ready to watch a video.
Fogs: Really, what?
Drew: Oh, just some scary movie.
Fogs: Do you like scary movies?
Drew: Uh huh.
Fogs: What’s your favorite scary movie?
Drew: I dunno.
Fogs: You have to have a favorite, what comes to mind?


79 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Scary Movie?

  1. In the spirit of familial loyalty, I feel obligated to mention “The Incredible Melting Man”. A film which many consider completely terrible, with good reason, but which holds a very special place in my heart. You see, it was produced by none other than my dear old Dad, Samuel Gelfman:

    Incredible Melting Man

    A true ‘low budget” horror film, produced in the mid 70s for a song and a prayer, the biggest expense of this movie was hiring the then nascent Tom Baker to do all the make-up effects. One of the most memorable scenes is the decapitation of a random fisherman. The story behind that goes that the actor hired to play te fisherman got seated in Tom Baker’s chair (in his garage) and covered in the foam for the mask and freaked out, claustrophobia or something. Rather than lose a day’s work my Dad said “Screw it, I’ll do it.” So the fisherman who gets decapitated in the movie “The Incredible Melting Man” is, in fact, my Dad. To shoot the scene Tom Baker made about 4 heads, which were to be seen floating down the stream and then smashing on the rocks below. One of these heads remains today, and I am the proud possessor of this family artifact.


    (I’m the one in the tie-dye)

    So anyway, years later this movie’s REAL claims to fame are that it was Elvira’s favorite movie for a while, and then the MST3K crew really shredded it. We were all so proud.

    PS I’m not sure those images are going to show up. Are [img] tags functional here?

    • No, I don’t think they do… I’ll figure it out and edit it later when I’m not on the mobile.

      That’s so cool though! It got MST3Ked? Did your dad have a good sense of humor about it?

      Is it available to see anywhere? DVD? YouTube? Bootleg VHS tapes? πŸ˜€

    • Ok. Fixed up.

      To continue the [IMG] tag discussion we had earlier, the code they use is:

      [img src=”” alt=”Incredible Melting Man” /]

      …with the src being the address and the alt being the “title”. In order to get that to show and not post the image, I used [ and ] instead of the wordpress uses.

      I trust one of you will give that a shot with something else at some point so we can double check it can be used by anyone?

  2. Also the MST3K version seems to be on youtube in 10 minute chunks.

    In answer to your other question, I’m reasonably sure that my Dad’s only reaction to the MST3K was gratitude for a residual check 20 years after they stopped coming in. I don’t know that he ever saw it, which is sad because the MST3K crew insisted that he looks like Bill Gates, which was followed by a lot of Windows95 jokes (somewhere around 04:40 on part 2)

  3. The Wicker Man. I love me some fearsome monsters, eerie ghosts, deranged masked psychopaths, and the like, but nothing gives me the heebie-jeebies more than good old fashioned human ignorance and cruelty.

  4. ahaahah nicely done Dan… Horror movies really aren’t my thing, as you probably know by now. I guess my favorite would be Halloween. I also liked 28 Days Later and did find Cloverfield to be quite memorable as a creeper.

  5. I’ll admit I avoid scary movies but have watched a few before I started to steer away from them. The last one was probably ‘The Others’ which I don’t remember quiet well because I had my closed eyes most of the movie. But wow, what a post! In short, I loved it! Such an inventive way to introduce a scary scene, really big respect for writing up the dialogue. It’s not too much and not too little, just the right amount to make it work. And what a great choice of scene too.
    The pictures were more than important here, almost essential, and you dispersed them in such a way that it created tension right up until the last picture, which was the ultimate climax of the story. Really great work.
    Your background is great too, the pumpkins with the movie characters- well thought out and so appropriate. I like your inventive writing- thought I’d let you know. And Happy Halloween! πŸ™‚ Cudos

    • Well, thank you Canada!! πŸ˜€ thanks for stopping by!

      I can’t really take credit, as much as I’d like to… That’s the opening scene of “Scream”, I just plugged my name in to be funny.

      Of course, you may have been being sarcastic, too, in which case, my apologies.

      Regardless, there’s plenty of stuff around I DID write. I hope you’ll poke around and find some of that and you’ll like it too! Try the “Movies That Everyone Should See” category… I tend not to mail those posts in. LOL

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