Sorry Folks, park’s closed.

Hey everyone, my apologies, but I’m temporarily out of commission here.

Due to a freak occurrence winter storm while all the trees still had leaves, my town is in the stone age. It looks like a war zone here… It’s easy to imagine being without power (and Internet and heat and cell service) for a WHILE.

I’m posting this during a pilgrimage north to find an open Dunkin Donuts. Once I head back south, I’ll be radio silent again for God knows how long.

I’ll be back as soon as I can… I hope to reconnect with you all then!


29 thoughts on “Sorry Folks, park’s closed.

  1. Tell me about it. Hey why aren’t you at work? Don’t you guys have a generator there? I’m pretty much in the same boat, but you know at work here, I have coffee, food and heat. I guess this place is good for something.

    • Uhfff. If I had a method of making coffee, this might not be that bad!! Went coffeeless all day yesterday. Today we found an open Dunkin’ in West Springfield, by the Rotary.

      Mmmmmm. It was a lifesaver.

      Massively packed. Never seen a DD that busy. Crazy mobbed.

    • Thanks PG πŸ˜€ appreciate that.

      MIGHT be soon! One street over has power! It would be torture if they didn’t get ours up soon.

      But who knows? I can’t believe they got anything running this quick. There are literally wires down everywhere. 5! In between my house and my mothers alone – she lives two blocks over. And there’s five downed lines. Now I don’t know if there power lines or phone lines or what, but still…

  2. I didn’t know you were in the Springfield area. The Mass. one? My Sister lives in Chicopee, MA. Stay warm buddy!

    • Yep, just south of Springfield. Enfield is on the northern border of CT. Next time you go visit her, give me a shout!

      Meanwhile hope she’s doing alright. Heard power was out there too. Still like 700,000 people with no power in CT.

    • I don’t want to admit just how close to the truth that is.

      One of the worst parts of this whole deal has been whatever time I’ve spent in the Fortress of Solitude has been spent sitting in front of the inert entertainment center. Just all that darkened, dead equipment… Taunting me. LOL.

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