Jack and Jill

It’s dull, it’s dumb, it predictably tries to turn into a “tug at the heartstrings” type movie along the way. Adam Sandler isn’t just ugly as hell in drag, he makes his “sister” character a shrill, annoying, emotionally fragile nightmare of a character.

But maybe I’ve just run out of hyperbole for the weekend, maybe I’m just happy a movie tries to entertain after the waterboarding that was “J. Edgar”, maybe I’m just happy to still be sane after watching “Immortals”.

Whatever it is, I’m feeling merciful here, sorry if that disappoints anyone.

While it’s FAR from recommendable, by any strecth of the imagination, it’s not the horrifying F minus minus of a movie that I thought it would be.

Serioulsy, it’s not GOOD, not at all, don’t get me wrong. It’s a bad movie. But I think the film world was prepared for this to be one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse, and it’s not all of that. It’s not the worst film I saw in the “Trilogy of Terror” (That would be “Immortals”) and it may not even be the worst Adam Sandler film I’ve seen this year (“Just Go With It”).

As everyone knows, Sandler plays dual roles here as a man whose twin sister is comes to stay with his family. She’s (obviously) a very homely woman, and seriously lacking in the social graces department. When she makes absolutely no secret of the fact that she’s suffering from lonliness, Sandler needs to hook her up in order to get her out of his house.

You’d THINK that Sandler in drag would be nightmare enough, but…. its not. Instead, he makes the “Jill” character shrill, dumb, hypersensitive to criticism, a couple oversharer, and incredibly needy. We get to listen to her go to the bathroom, we get to check out her pit stains on her clothes, we get to watch her put on gigantic pink oversized granny panties, and of course, there’s 728 jokes about her being ugly. I counted.

But the most amazing thing is that the movie got Al Pacino to sign on, playing himself, and falling head over heels for her (Adam Sandler in drag) romantically.

Read that again.

No, really. One more time, sink that in for a minute.

It’s not in the marketing – I wasn’t aware of it until I saw it just now. But Al Pacino plays Al Pacino… smitten with “Jill”. I’m not making that up. Supposedly (in one of the most BLATANT product integrations EVER) Dunkin’ Donuts wants Al Pacino to be in a commercial for them, advertising Dunkaccinos, because his name rhymes with their product. The level to which they incorporate that into the movie takes product placement into another stratosphere.

Of course, I’d be far more upset if I didn’t love Dunkin’ Donuts so much myself.

So anyways, Sandler is an ad exec charged with pitching the commercial to him. Typical movie comedy this leads to that leads to this stuff ensues and when Sandler finally meets Pacino, he’s got “Jill” with him. Pacino – playing as Al Pacino – sees this woman and falls head over heels, trying to woo her.


I mean, it’s bad. It’s really, really bad. But there’s enough occasionally redeeming things along the way to keep me from absolutely crucifying it. There’s an occasional joke here or there that land, and I actually thought the entire Mexican Picnic scene was funny (for those who have seen this). Not the “aftermath” if you will, but the scene itself. And along the way, while there – undeniably – were a bunch of cringe inducing moments, it wasn’t as excruciating as I had imagined it would be.

And you know? Sandler’s trying here. I’m not his hugest fan, I’m not his hugest detractor either, but I think a reason that a lot of these comedians fail is they start cashing checks and stop trying to be funny. Say anything else you want, but I think this was an effort – he took a shot – to be funny. I can hear him thinking “I will put on a dress, I will make a dumb voice, I will do whatever it takes, but I’m going to make people laugh…” It may have been a misguided effort, he may have failed at it, but it was an effort. Which is more than I picked up from him in “Just Go With It”.


It does indeed suck, but it’s not the worst movie ever made.


13 thoughts on “Jack and Jill

  1. A quick thank you….We were going to take the girls to see this, I said to my husband, “wait….let me see what Dan said before we spend $85 on a family movie outing.” Haha
    I told them we can redbox it one day. 🙂 (then it won’t hurt so much)

  2. OK, now I’m even less inclined to watch this movie, which is really impressive, considering I had it mentally marked “stay far, far away” just from the trailers. But the idea of sitting through extended product placement for Dunkin’ Donuts on top of everything else, well, that would just add an emotional sting to the whole thing.

    See, I know Dunkin’ Donuts makes some of the best doughnuts around. And I love doughnuts. If I’m not careful, I could go through a half-dozen in an evening. My first words were an attempt at “doughnuts and milk”, and that is not a joke. But I live in western Oregon. And about 15, maybe 20 years ago, the local franchise holder decided to screw around with the company, and tried buying non-approved ingredients to cut costs. Dunkin’ Donuts jerked the franchise. Sure, the doughnut shops remained… initially… but they weren’t Dunkin’ Donuts anymore, and without the cachet of that name, most of them failed within a few years. I have to get most of my doughnuts from grocery store bakeries now, and it’s not the same. It takes 45 minutes — one way — to get to the nearest Dunkin’ knock-off, and it’s only a knock-off. I have no idea how far away the nearest real Dunkin’ Donuts is.

    So I’m definitely not going to suffer through Jack and Jill if, in addition to all the other things obviously wrong with it, it rubs it in my face that I can’t get Dunkin’ Donuts. Adam Sandler gets Dunkin’ Donuts and I don’t. The world just ain’t fair, Fogs, the world just ain’t fair.

    • No man, roger that! Life without Dunkin’? Oh my lord! LOL

      I’m not even down for the donuts though man! I’m all about the coffee… Oh my god, I’m such a fiend. 😀

      My last job before this I was doing accounting for a Hospital, and they had one right on site. HA! Couple different breaks a day I could just walk downstairs and grab a cup… mmmmmmm.

      THAT is an aspect of this movie you should check out one day though. Once this gets out on DVD and whatnot there will be YouTube rips… the product placement here goes to new heights. I dont want to give any spoilers I suppose but damn…

      • Haven’t quite acquired a taste for coffee, personally. But I haven’t given it a chance in several years. I’m apparently immune to caffeine, so my main use for it is to warm my lungs, and apple cider works just as well and tastes better.

        I’m sure you’re right about the product placement. It’s been getting pretty blatant in a lot of movies and TV shows lately, so it was only a matter of time until someone really went whole hog on it.

  3. Fogs you should do a segment on product placement. I too have seen an increase in marketing activity. But the term blatant is sometimes an understatement. I recently was watching something and during a diatribe of critical importance to the storyline, I pointed out a product placement to my wife. I guess the story wasn’t that important after all. Then there are times when I almost expect the actor to pause, turn to the camera and say “America runs on dunkin”, or something similar.

    • I dont know, man, its weird. Its a weird place to be with expectations like that you know? I went in predicting the most horrifying movie of all time, and when it wound up being a movie that was just normal level bad and stupid it became kind of the news angle I had to take on the story… Newsflash: Jack and Jill sucks badly, but not the end of known universe, as anticipated!

    • A good rant. Nicely shared.

      I agree – I too have begun to question why we ever found Sandler funny to begin with.

      I disagree – I clearly remember American Pie 2. “My name is Petey!! I have giant balls!!” That’s pretty memorable to me.

  4. I have NO interest in seeing this one. But I gotta tell ya, I actually enjoyed Just Go With It! haha

    Liked your “read that again” Al Pacino note!!

    gotta love your “Hook us up” banner! That’s legit!!

    • Thanks Spider. Trying to encourage sharing, you know….

      People have been responding pretty well actually. 😀 I’ve got a variety of them, I’m going to be mixing them up so people dont get bored.

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