We’re back!!

%#$&@*@&# Storm.

Anyways, Tank and I put the headsets back on and got caught up on a slew of new releases since last time.

“Immortals”, “Puss in Boots”, “The Rum Diary”, “The Three Musketeers”, “J. Edgar”, and “A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas”!

Then we spent a little extra time and went in-depth on the two big recent releases from former SNL alums, “Tower Heist” and “Jack and Jill”. We look back on the careers of Eddie Murphy and Adam Sandler, and talk about where we think they’re at after these releases.

As always, you can find us on the Underscoopfire.com channel on iTunes or by searching for “Tank and Fogs”, or directly, here.

Comments, compliments and criticisms can be sent to us at movies@underscoopfire.com

A special shout out goes to Mike Rasimas, who put together our themesong, and to our buddy Ray here, for putting the word out. Everyone involved agrees it came out awesome, and we’re really grateful for the contribution. You can find Mike’s band’s music for download (for free!) at Worthies.com


4 thoughts on “PODCAST!!

  1. Listened to most of this the other day while i was tidying my flat. You both make some very good points and it was really entertaining, i’ll need to listen to the last 15minutes at some point and catch the next one too. I try to go into every film with an open mind, but for some reason i was set up to hate kung-fu panda, i walked into the cinema like a drunk guy stumbling out a bar looking for a fight……but i loved it.

    • Cool Duncan! Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. 😀

      We’re still getting into the groove of things, I fully expect they’ll get better as they go along.

      I love Kung Fu Panda. But I’ve been playing that card way too heavy lately, I need to settle down now, lol!

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