Tossin’ It Out There – What do YOU Love About Movies?

So initially, in honor of Thanksgiving, I had initially wanted to ask something along the lines of “What are you thankful for” but in regards to movies. I just… couldn’t find a way to make that work.

So I went with the next best thing.

We all love movies.


I know, for me, I love that movies (well, good movies) can be interpreted and thought about like pieces of literature. Or viewed as works of art. I love getting lost in a movie – the escapism of it. It’s a ticket someplace else for a couple of hours. And I really love that movies are a common language for people. It’s a great conversation you can have with anyone… a shared experience even if you don’t know each other. “Hey, have you seen ___?” is one of my favorite questions, I love when the conversation turns to movies.

How about you?

What is it YOU love about movies?

When they make you laugh, or cry? Maybe that they’re a good excuse to spend time with your family? Do you love hearing stories, or watching the special effects, or the cinematography?

I realize this week’s question is a bit “tougher” than usual, but it’s Thanksgiving, I figured we could all dig deep and take a turn at the table telling what it is we love about this awesomeย medium we all love.

So let’s hear it Folks! What do YOU love about Movies??


28 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There – What do YOU Love About Movies?

  1. I think I’m with you, I like getting lost in a film. Just watching something that takes me from where I am to somewhere completely different. I just like getting swept away. I love good cry, be it happy or sad, when watching films. Love to laugh. Love to be entertained.

  2. I love the different stories movies tell. I love how it could be a story as true as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, or something as imaginative as Avatar. I just love scripts and like you said, the fact that it is a way to escape.

    I also love and appreciate a movie with good actors. I enjoy, and almost expect, actors who will do anything for their role, and to become the person/thing they are playing. That makes me respect the actor more as an actor and as the character.

    • Yeah, that’s a good one right there Palm Trees, that IS enjoyable. I was fascinated by Brando in “On the Waterfront” this weekend… He totally created this great character and then became him in front of our eyes. That’s SO cool to watch, it really is something to enjoy.

  3. I love movies because they allow you to see different perspective on the world and live through many lifetimes of those.Good movies also manage to reveal a little more about your own identity, and ultimately that’s what storytelling should always be about.

    • On the see through different perspectives, I thought of “Hotel Rwanda”

      When you said learning something about ourselves, I thought of “American Beauty”

      But then I also started thinking of movies that have INFLUENCED my life.

      I spent my youth partying, as instructed to by “Fast Times” and “Animal House”.

      I learned Karate – I’m 90% sure – because of “The Karate Kid” and wound up teaching it because of “Say Anything”. Lol.

  4. Wow! There is so much that I love about movies but if I had to pick one thing, it would be that they give me a chance to live other people’s lives and say “what would I have done?” I really love it when you just can’t get a movie out of your head and you keep thinking about it for days, either for good reasons or bad reasons.

  5. I don’t think I can really say why I love movies, I just know I do. I can’t really pinpoint what about film I find so appealing, I just know they make me feel good. As far was what elements I appreciate, I’d say all of them. From the make-up, to the writing, to the acing, I love everything that goes into a film.

  6. So many reasons, of course. I love narratives, for one thing; I used to go through a book a day when I had the time and money for it, and movies fill a similar need, and usually cut out the cruft of some of the less-skilled authors. I love being shown different lives, different worlds. Seeing entertaining characters put through interesting situations, knowing that a different character would handle the same situation in an entirely different way. The fact that movies can be just plain fun; there are more than a few that I know objectively I should give 4 stars that I can’t help but give 5 stars because I’m watching them with a big ol’ grin the whole time. The spectacle. The relatability, and the fact that there are some movies where almost anybody has an opinion on them.

    As for things I’m thankful for about movies, what comes to mind first is that I’m thankful I live in an era when the movies of the past are, for the most part, readily and easily accessible. Picture yourself as an adult working man in late 1973. Last year, there was this film, The Godfather. Got a lot of critical acclaim, people loved it, won some Oscars. There’s a sequel coming out next year, maybe you’ve seen the trailers. But when it was in theatres, your boss was making you work double shifts. You missed it. You’d really like to see it. But you’re out of luck. It’s gone. There’s no home video yet. HBO is brand new, doesn’t have much, you probably can’t afford it, and you might not have even heard of it yet… and forget about other networks. Your only chance is that some theatre decides to re-run it, and that’s a crap-shoot at best. Back then, being a student of classic films probably meant literally being a student — a University library might actually have had some of the classics on reel to run for classes.

    But in 2011, you’ve got options. There are several websites that legally put up old movies (admittedly, I’m not aware of any showing The Godfather right now, but still, it’s at least a possibility.) There are dozens of cable channels, and even if you don’t have the premium package, you probably have at least some that will periodically air it from time to time. And there’s home video. Rent it from Blockbuster or Netflix. Buy it at the store. It probably won’t even cost you much more than the theatre ticket. At least as far as availability is concerned, this is a golden age for movie watchers.

    • I don’t know anything about giving a movie a higher grade than it deserves. I’ll let you know if I ever experience that.


      Meanwhile, no doubt! We live in an age where every device in my house can practically play a movie! (When they have power of course)

      Seriously, “The Notebook” is a great example. Plan a was to buy the Blu, but Best Buy didn’t have it. Plan B was Netflix. Plan C was is it showing free on Tv? Plan D was PPV. I finally watched it – Plan E – on my XBox for a couple of bucks.

      And I had fallbacks if that didn’t work!

      Just in general, it’s a relatively good time for movies. Little censorship, high accessibility, tons of options, good effects. If it weren’t for Hollywood greed in the greenlight process and CGI growing pains, everything would be awesome!!

  7. Why I love movies? Good question.

    I love movies because they allow me to see parts of the world I may never get to see. Whether that be on the other side of the globe from where I am, or whether that be a different time period than what I am in, or maybe even out of this world! The adventurer/detective in me is glad to see those things.

    Also, because of the great music that is put into them. Movies have turned out to be probably the greatest medium for classical music to be appreciated nowadays.

    I also enjoy movies because, well, it gives me something in common with a lot of great people on the blogosphere.

    I could go on and on, but I think those are 3 good reasons to “be thankful for movies!”

  8. Movies? Meh. They’re alright, I guess… I mean, if nothing better is going on…


    Seriously though, My love of movies comes from a slightly different place, maybe. Growing up in the house I did, with the people I grew up with my appreciation of movies involves the craft of movie making, the collaboration. dozens of people with widely scatters skills and passions coming together for the common good… making the magic. “Making the magic” was a very important phrase in my house. Making the magic takes a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of people, who, when they do their job right, you never even know they were involved. All the people from before the first foot of film rolls, and after the last line is read. All the people who never meet an actor in person, but who have a personal relationship with every celebrity who wore a piece of clothing they stitched, or picked up a prop they picked out, or acted to an invisible space creature they added in post. All those people whose names scroll up as people are filing towards the exit…. those are the people I’m grateful for.


  9. Why I love movies is explained in all of the comments above. I also like movies for their diversity. I pick movies that satisfy my personal need for that day. If I’m feeling intellectual, adventurous, silly, dramatic, numb, etc., I can usually find a movie that I think would placate my feelings. Or even turn them around, it is so invigorating to be surprised by a great movie. One other enjoyment I get out of movies is the immediate review of your perspective after you have seen a movie with someone. It astonishes me how different our perspectives are after watching the same thing. Pure enjoyment.

    • Good points across the boards. I can’t help but relate the “Emotional States” comment to seeing “The Descendants” last night. No spoilers for my yet to be written review, but it definitely put me in a place emotionally that… wasn’t where I was at prior to seeing it.

      Fantastic flick, and yeah, that’s definitely a reason to love movies.

  10. Movies have meant different things to me at different stages if my life.

    I went to the movies once a week in high school with my best friend…. To avoid being home on a Friday night, (who wanted to be the girl without a date) to keep up with the times…and purely for fun.

    I refused to go to movies on a date with my now husband…..what good could come of a boy & girl in a dark place for 2 hours (brainwashed for sure)

    Then I got married and had kids….as my four girls entered the picture… movies meant a quite a different thing. It meant three hours to myself…. because my husband would take them out once a month to give me that much needed down time.

    Now that my kids are older, movies are again different…. It’s usually date night…. which is hard to do given our opposite work schedules.

    I am a big fan of RedBox, library rentals, and movies on TV now… cheaper, built in snack/potty breaks, and freedom to pick my movies by mood.

    A sign of a good movie to me is when youcan watch it (for the millionth time) and still cry….I shed a few tears during “The Patriot” and “A Walk to Remember” this weekend.

    Or still laugh….altough you know what is coming….”Hall Pass” …even though I still have a hard time watching the hot tub scene. Poor Irish…

    Or still feel the anticipation of a new film…..even thought it is a reveval of an “old idea” like the Muppets…..hands down the best part of Thanksgiving this year!

    In any case, I really think the best part of movies…….. is thinking about them in greater depth….and that is totally because of this Blog. So for that….I thank You Fogs!

    I sincerely thank you for giving me a deeper perspective, a more open mind, and something to do in the mornings (read your Blog) while I drink my tea.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    • I did! Yeah have a nice Thanksgiving but this was a nice comment to add to the weekend’s fun. Thanks for the kind words… hope you saw the “Thank You” thread, that was my thank you note to everyone like yourself who’ve been such a big part of this…

      Anyways, that’s a really clever perspective you put on things, I suppose I havent thought of that. I do know that if I were to write a comment like that myself, I’d have to put a BIG OL page break for when I started blogging. It’s almost as if my movie watching is going to be definable into pre-blog / post-blog. Pre blog, I was waiting for a lot of things to come out at home, a lot more selectove, etc etc. But post blog, not only am I watching more, I’m also viewing them more critically (obviously), but I’m learning a lot about them, too. Every movie in my MTESS series, I’m just learning a ton of stuff about. Making me much more knowledgeable…

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