Tossin’ It Out There: What movies can YOU watch again and again and again and again?

So, Thanksgiving has come in gone, and in its wake, I’m sure it left lots of left-overs behind for everyone.

It was left-overs that got me thinking about this week’s topic. Movies you can rewatch infinitely. Sometimes I refer to them as “Black Hole Movies”, because if they’re on cable, I can’t escape their gravitational pull.

Now, mind you, these can be your favorite movies, but they don’t have to be. For example, “Jaws” is one of my top ten, but I’ve also watched “Road House”, “Rocky III”, and “Rocky IV” about a billion times each. It’s gotten to the point where I’m ready to do a “Caine/Hackman Theory” research project on them, because I think between the three of them, one of them is always on TV at any point of day or night!

What movies suck you in for repeat viewings? Which ones can’t you get enough of? What movies turn you into a toddler, selecting the same DVD over and over and over?

Let me hear it!!


69 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What movies can YOU watch again and again and again and again?

    • The Star Wars movies have suffered greatly due to Lucas… The ones on TV are the CGI redos. One day soon I shall rail against those properly.

      Of course, I have seen all three a combined billion times, so, good ones.

      You and I have discussed No Country before. So we’re both on the same page with how awesome it is.

      I think it illustrates the difference between favorites and this topic though. I only watch No Country, The GF, Pan’s, etc like once a year. And it becomes like a special event. These others I just mindlessly have on like background noise… Often. Know what I’m saying, Duncan?

      • Yeah i’m with you. I don’t rewatch that many to be honest, but NCFOM i watch once every 3-4 months and i forgot Anchorman and True Romance, i’ve re-watched those a few times too and never get tired of them. I tend to only re-watch films that are my favourites.

        And yes, i would love to see the original Star Wars again. Did you see the latest Ewoks on the Blu-Ray release with their CGI eyelashes and blinking? Awful.

  1. Star Wars, Lord of the RIngs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pixar movies, most of the Monty Python and Mel Brooks films. I seem to have quite a few and they either involve swords/sorcery, animation and/or comedy. Some comedy is just classic like Mel Brooks and Monty Python.

    • God. Blazing Saddles. LOL. I still can’t believe that movie. Never gets made today, never. No studio would have the balls, even though it mocks racism and bigotry, they just wouldn’t touch it…

    • You know? I’ve never seen Darjeeling all the way through… Not that I didn’t like it, just kept getting interrupted when it was running on HBO.

      Have to get back to that.

      I think “Sunshine” left a mark on me. I can’t see Arkin now without thinking of his “&$@% a lot of women” speech to Dano. LOL. He has a cameo in Muppets and all I could think was him saying that, making the Tiger claws, etc. Great flick… Love it.

  2. Princess Bride, Gremlins, The Goonies, Short Circuit. Almost any film from my youth. More recent films are Casino Royale, QoS, The Bourne Films, Tomb Raider Films (they’re my guilty pleasure!), 10 Things I Hate About You, Inception, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, the list is getting a bit long!

  3. One of my favorites is Ralphie with his red rider super delux bee bee gun, his little brother sitting in the cabinet and the father opening up the giant leg. Fra gile!
    I could do that all day.

    • Hoosiers! If there is two hours or two minutes left- I aint movin…Look its not one of the big 3 – GF 1, GF 2, or Goodfellas, but who can resist? Hackman, Hopper and a charcter named Jimmy Chipwood…Don’t get caught watchin the paint dry…

      • Speaking my language man.

        I wonder what it is though? I rank GFI higher, but WATCH Goodfellas more. Huh. Strange. I watch GF only like once a year like a special event. Get all excited…

        Goodfellas? $&@% you, pay me.

        Hoosiers is awesome, very solid. Have seen it tons but not often if that makes sense… It’s been awhile.

    • I DO do that all day.

      No joke, total seriousness. If the “A Christmas Story” marathon isn’t on around me on Christmas day, I react like Dustin Hoffman in “Rain Man”…

      Just substitute “Why isn’t a Christmas Story on” for “Hot water burn baby!”

  4. I find myself re-watching Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead a lot. Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back come off the shelf fairly frequently too (love Kevin Smith). Amelie doesn’t lose its charm however many times you see it… oh and I totally agree with Jaina on Short Circuit.

      • Alright. For real? Cause you were like 6 or something, right?

        I’ll confess to not having seen it in years and years and probably only seeing it once ever, but… Short Circuit 2?

        And revisiting it is just out, no. Lol.

      • I was pretty young … I think I was about 8 when I saw it. I remember crying my eyes out!

        Why not revisit it? He’s alive!

      • Amelie surprised me with how entertaining it was. It was one of those quirky, funny little films that does a good job of blending a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Not saying I’d re-watch it, but yeah, it’s definitely worth at least one viewing. And don’t fret the subtitles, it’s pretty easy to follow.

      • I dont sweat subtitles. Not my issue with foreign films at all. My only issue is there’s so many American films to plow through, I only watch the really buzzed about foreign ones.

      • Keep an eye out for the more low key foreign films. I find they’re the ones that I get the most out of.

        Though, Amelie was hugely buzzed about, no?

      • Amelie is a great film – it’s all about finding the magic in the ordinary. There’s little laughs, quirkiness and friendships formed – it’s the characters that make it. I love it, and I think everyone should see it.

      • And yes, to Jaina, Amelie had a buzz, but I dont know, the cover/poster is just Audrey Tautou grinning… and… just hasn’t appealed to me enough to catch it.

        But that’s one of the benefits of a movie discussion community, right? Picking up good ones you’ve missed… Doesn’t just work one way…. 😀

  5. I tend not to view movies repeatedly but there are a few favorites that I’ve watched several times and will continue to watch. Apocalypse Now, Fellini’s Roma, Kiss Me Deadly, Wizard of Oz(How many times have I watched this since I was a kid?), The Jolson Story, and any of the musicals of Rodgers and Hammerstein or Busby Berkeley.

    Tossing It Out

    Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
    Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26

    • Daaaaazed.

      Love Almost Famous too, but that’s a once in awhile and it’s a treat movies.

      Dude the Wrestler was awesome, but I don’t know how many times I’ll rewatch it. Not cause it’s not good, just tough… Tough movie. Rourke’s awesome. He got robbed, should have got the Oscar.

    • All great. The top three are all movies I’ve seen crazy amounts of times too. Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were both great. T2 (&$@%in’ Bono, man, my iPhone just auto corrected my perfectly good T2 to U2 for a second) is one of the greatest action movies ever and a MTESS coming soon… And of course, Predator.

      Never forget, Phil. If it bleeds, we can kill it.

  6. Roadhouse, Top Gun, A Few Good Men, Speed, Gone in 60 Seconds
    Goonies, Shrek, Little Mermaid, Ice Age, The Muppets (my newest addition),
    Grease, Dirty Dancing
    Peanuts Christmas, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation
    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Sweet Home Alabama, A Walk to Remember, The Wedding Date, 50 First Dates, Wedding Planner
    Misc. Breakfast Club

    Wish I didn’t get sucked into these as much as I do: Bring It On, Mean Girls

    • That was a roller coaster ride of agreement and disagreement there! I was like yeah! I love Road House, I always watch “Speed”, pop quiz, hotshot! “A Few Good Men”? You want answers? I want the TRUTH!

      But then suddenly, we’re headed down the dropoff and I’m like Chiiiiiiick Fliiiiiicks!!!!

      But in the end you added Breakfast Club, and we coasted in to a stop safely, 😀

      I will say, as sexist as it may come across, Mean Girls boasts a murderers row of young hotness, I’m a fan too. LOL

      • My hubby and I work completely opposite shifts, and I have 4 daughters… the movie sense….chick flicks are where it’s at during downtime at my house…..hahaha

        In fairness I could watch Hoosiers, Rudy, Invincible, and Blindside over and over too.

    • Good movies all. Nicely played TCT. I like em all but the two on my rewatch list that stand out are Pulp Fiction (that movie is always at hand… Needs to be seen often) TDK set the record for most click throughs while on HBO, although Scott Pilgrim is threatening. And of course, Lebowski.

      In Bruges was great. Haven’t seen it often, but always nice to hear it get some props. Same for Moon. I love that flick.

  7. Saving Private Ryan and Wedding Crashers are two of the main ones. I have seen both at least like 50 times each. It’s insane but I love those movies and never miss a chance to watch them on TV when they air.

  8. Animal House. A laugh riot ensued every time Belushi lifted an eyebrow!
    Delta Tau Chi is still on double secret probation at my house!

  9. There aren’t many that “suck me in” while channel surfing… a few though, and mostly they are favorites of mine. Ghostbusters, Blazing Saddles, The Princess Bride, Three Amigos

    The Blues Brothers used to, but I can’t stand to watch the TV cuts any more. The TV version is always cut down from the theatrical version, which itself had a lot of cuts solely due to length. Once you’ve gotten the DVD version with the cuts restored, it’s impossible to go back and watch an edited version without going “Hey, you skipped–!”

    • Yeah, I have to say. I’m not always a fan of the “Directors cuts” and such, but on the Blues Brothers? The extended version is way better. Mainly because what they cut down were the musical numbers… adding those extended sequences was great

      • Well, yeah, as well as a few scenes adding to some of the running gags. The scene with Elwood’s apartment alone beefs up several segments. You watch the TV cut, and Carrie Fisher seems to come out of nowhere; the DVD version has it clear that she’s been chasing them for a while.

  10. Movies I sit through every time they are on; Unforgiven, Outlaw Josey Wales, Animal House (saw it 12 times in the theater), Hoosiers, Terminator movies, and Rat Race (my family likes this one over and over and over). A Christmas Story, only on the holidays.

  11. Great topic. For me, I’d start off with The Lord of the Rings— the whole trilogy, not just any one of the films. They never get boring for me. In fact I think I can better articulate why they’re great and also touch on their flaws now than I could eight years ago, and I think I appreciate them more for how they constitute great filmmaking while still bearing a few mars here and there.

    Another good one: 8 & 1/2 and La Strada. I love Fellini more than just about any filmmaker out there, and these two films I can watch all damn day. Seriously. I could just queue them up over and over and over across a twenty four our period and not get bored. I love 8 & 1/2 for all of its surreal complexity and depiction of an artistic struggle; I love La Strada for being so utterly real and heartbreakingly human.

    Put me down for Up, too. Pixar’s best film for my money.

  12. I can watch the films “The Piano” and “Fargo,” and any and all of the films by Koreeda and Kurosawa. The holidays are the perfect time of the year for me to catch up on my favorite films. Great site and engaging topic.

    • Fargo’s great.

      Do I lose cred for never having seen “The Piano”? 😦

      Dont know Koreeda… Kurosawa rocks though. Only scartched four or five of his flicks of of my “to see list” though. That guy was prolific!

      • No, you won’t lose cred for not watching The Piano. Great film. I agree with Kurosawa. Koreeda films include: “Still Walking,” “Nobody Knows,” and “Hana.” To name a few. Those first two films are on the Netflix instant queue if you have it!

      • I do Aidy, yeah. I’m gonna tell you though, its really ironic, but my blogging is kind of killing my casual movie watching! Between watching the new things out every week, picking a classic and coming up with a tribute column, and then all the writing and the podcasting… I’m having trouble nowadays “checking things out”

        It’s where I’m at.

        Good ideas for my potential future series though… my yet untitled Foreign Film series, kind of like Chick Flick city but without the diary format. You know, where I take recommendations and watch them and write them up. Its been kicked around before….

  13. I can watch Blue Streak, The Italian Job, Jurassic Park, Elf, Toy Story, My Man Godfrey, John Q, Rush Hour, The Santa Clause, and The Fighter would have to all be on my list!

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