I’m Nuking My Blog Roll

Sorry folks, no movies to review this weekend… at least nothing I felt like getting out to review.

So I thought this would be a good time to slip a quick admin post in about something I had been intending to do for a while… I’m going to remove my “Blogroll”.

The Blogroll is a list of links to other blogs. Mine WAS on the right, and said something like “Other Blogs You’d Like”

In theory, it should be a way to give your visitors more resources to explore the subject you’re blogging about, and a way to potentially steer new visitors to the blogs of your friends and other blogs you like.

The trouble is, well, that’s a list that keeps on growing. And you forget to attend to it. I’d imagine if you do keep up with it, it monopolizes your entire sidebar.

I’m going to “pick on” Sp1der here, because I’m pretty sure he won’t mind, but… why isn’t Sp1der on my blog roll? He’s a frequent commenter here, and I really like his blog, I go there a lot, myself. I like it! The answer? ‘Cause I don’t keep up with my list. I havent thought about it. Its been awhile since its crossed my mind in any other capacity than “I really should take that thing down”.

My main issue is – and not to say that Sp1der has thought this but – I can imagine him seeing my blogroll and thinking “WTF? Why am I not on that thing?” I know I’ve thought that myself at a couple of places. Again, just making examples. Hopefully, you don’t mind T.

So on the one hand, as much as I’d like to “honor” other blogs, there’s a chance of ruffling some feathers, and all in all? I don’t think the actual “Traffic” is worth it. I’m not seeing it if it is… and I’m out on a few blog rolls now.

Listen, I’m all about growing traffic. LOL. You all know I am (Hook us UP!! 🙂 I love mocking myself) But lets turn our attention to more productive ways. I’m all kinds of open to guest bloggers and or doing guest blogging spots. I may start running like a “Other Blogs Spotlight” or something where I do a post just plugging other folks. I hate being a hypocrite, so I’ve taken to tweeting and posting write-ups that impress me out on stumble upon or my Facebook page, and I ALWAYS make it a point to hit the like button when a blogs Facebook page post comes up in my newsfeed.

But the best way of all is to grow traffic and referrals is to just hang out. I can speak directly from personal experience here. In my six month’s here of blogging and actively trying to network and seek out other blogs and bloggers, and make readers and friends both, there is no comparison between the number of times I’ve clicked on a blogroll link vs the number of times I’ve clicked on someone’s comment. There is absolutely NO substitution for visiting other blogs, sharing your opinion, and making friends. In time, or hey maybe right away if you say something clever or something, people will want to find out who you are and visit your site.

If anyone feels miffed about it, feel free to vent. Obviously its no reflection on my feeling on the blogs currently in my blog roll, you all know I love your sites. And hey, honestly, if you can sway my opinion, I’ll put it back up. But to me, in my limited experience, it doesn’t appear to be worth the hassle. The traffic going through will be long odds at best, and for every blogger you “honor”, there will be three you “miff”.



31 thoughts on “I’m Nuking My Blog Roll

  1. I’m always in favor of nuking stuff! The USF blogroll is about as long as I want it to be. I also need to figure out an alternative. I like the monthly blog spotlight idea.

    • If you keep up with it, it would become enormous. Which in turn, would defray the meaning. Not only is it unlikely someone would click the link, but now your odds are diminished by the factor of would they click YOUR link.

      It’s just troublesome to me. I’m bailing.

      • You know what? I respect your vison and leadership. You are a pioneer and a visionary. I have also nuked the blogroll on USF, partly because I want to be like you :), and partly because I also feel there is a greater chance to offend a blogger who deserves to be there than there is chance for mutual growth. If the members of that list are disappointed, I do feel bad, but I feel it is for the greater good. Thanks for always keeping us posted on your thoughts!

  2. Nice post, I’ve moved my blogroll a ton of times from the side bar to it’s own page because it was getting too long but I found a solution that keeps it on my sidebar and doesn’t take up too much room. I made it scroll-able. But your right, it doesn’t bring too much traffic.

    • Its just… its not even maintaining it or the sidebar so much as I dont want to slight anyone. And it’s an ongoing thing (at least I HOPE its an ongoing thing :D) You know? There are always new people coming through, and when do you “induct them” and then god forbid you DONT induct them…

      Honestly even from the beginning, I didnt think adding someone to the list was sufficient, so I used to put up a post announcing it.

      I’m all for cross promotion, seriously, big time. Thats just one thing that hasnt made much sense….

  3. I was thinking of ridding myself of my blogroll as well. Many of the sites I link to already have links via the comments. What’s more important, you are retaining valuable link-juice for your site. All that is missing is the immediate referral access via blogroll. Have you considered networking as a collective? Meaning, a few related site webmasters get together to create one site, organize categories, and delegate news, reviews, etc.? I see this is the popular thing to do nowadays. Cuts down on the effort of creating frequent posts–easier to monetize and establish media/studio contacts for review materials.

    What do you think?

    • I have… obviously because yeah, there’s a lot of that out there,

      But I dont play nicely with others. LOL. JK to an extent, but I need to be a solo artist for awhile and see where I can take my own thing.

      In the current state of the blogosphere though, it would be foolish to not see that as a possibility for myself one day. Its the way it is.

      • Something to consider anyway. I totally agree with working on your own thing, taking smaller steps, to see the bigger picture.

        I dig it.

  4. Fogs, you are completely right. Keeping up with the blogroll is such a pain in the ass. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent awake at night (zero) worry about making sure my blogroll was up to date. Instead of honoring my favorite blogs, I think it’s much better to just alienate everyone and destroy my entire list. I’m sure everyone will be glad to “hook me up” after I removed my links to their sites.

    Oh wait a second, hold on, just one more minute…. there. I turned the sarcasm machine off. Sometimes I forget about it, and I leave it running all the time. The point I want to make is that you are totally over-thinking this thing. The blogroll is a good tool to let others know about sites you like, and to share traffic. It should not be a central focus of your site. Just throw it up and there and be done with it. Update it once every quarter-year. If it looks to big, turn it into a drop down menu.

    Or don’t. Whatever.

  5. I can’t say I disagree with you here. I was already contemplating much the same, and my blogroll is nowhere near the size of yours, nor has it been around as long. But I was already wondering “OK, if I’m following it, should it automatically go on there? If I’m not, but they regularly post here?”

    To a certain extent, it feels like “rewarding” people for posting on my blog. I’d rather the conversation be the reward.

    • It kind of is like that, which is why I hate to take it down, there are a lot of people here who should have that symbolic honor. I just think that it winds up being more symbolic than actual, and that if you dont keep up, there are people who might feel slighted.

      So, anyways, sorry man, I know Morgan on Media was there… but… you’d get way more click throughs if we could work out a guest blog post or something anyways. Not that that would be some grand bonanza, either, LOL but you get the idea.

      • Yup. To a certain extent, I started with it thinking it’d be a list of blogs I read… but not all blogs I read are necessarily relevant to the interests of the people reading my blog. So that’s another little wrinkle in it for me.

        I don’t mind having your blogroll, and my site’s place on it, gone. I suspect most of the people who have come to my site through yours have done so from my comments, not the link. And that guest blog will happen one of these days… still hashing out the tone, and there’s an image I want to create for it that I’ll have to do from scratch. (When you see it though, it should be worth it; if my execution lives up to my imagination even half way it’ll be hilarious.)

  6. Yea blogrolls are so 2005’s! 😀 To be honest, the traffic I get from blogrolls is minimal and I don’t expect mine to do much better, especially since I moved it from the sidebar to its own page last year. Basically, people who regularly show up on AM will get my visits and involvement, it’s really that simple.

  7. I think blogrolls are a bit of the past. I think nowadays their purpose is more to show what you’re interested in rather than creating reciprocal links. So my links on my blog are other places I go to, people’s blogs I visit. I try and keep it small though. You never know when sites start disappearing.

  8. Haha. I love this post, Dan, because it is so honest and completely what we all feel!

    I’ll tell ya, I did a poll with my readers about 5 months back and asked who uses the blogroll, and the answer was…0.

    I only have it so that I can make sure that I visit everyone else’s! it’s there for me and my use! I am behind on updating it myself and I’m sure several other faithful bloggers are curious as to why.

    Don’t worry. I know that you visit my page and I greatly am honored! I thought nothing about your blogroll, and now…I won’t ever have to! 😀

    Away with the blogroll!!!!

    • Totally just used you because a) I know we’re cool and b) I should have had you in there. So I got the double whammy.

      Second time I’ve seen people mention using it for yourself… maybe I’m old fashioned but I still use bookmarks. Are those like old school now and I didnt realize? Plus, between Facebook and Twitter I see basically everytime someone posts something new anyways so… Or at least most blogs.

      • I’m glad you used me. ha! It really is the perfect example!

        I don’t know about bookmarks being oldfashioned or not. I don’t use them, but a lot of people are doing the whole “RSS” Google Reader thing…and I have no idea how that works yet.

        You’re right though, btwn FB and Twitter, we stay pretty well connected!

  9. Fog, this doesn’t even make sense. You’re axing your links because someone might get offended that they’re not on there? That’s like saying “if I can’t give candy to ALL the children, then I shall give candy to NONE! >: I ”

    You don’t owe bloggers backlinks. If you link them, they’re grateful, but no one is burning you in effigy for leaving them off. Backlinks create good will, but the inverse – no backlinks create bad will – isn’t true. “No backlinks” creates nothing. Given the choice between good will and nothing, what is the sense in choosing nothing?

    I mean, hey, it’s your blog, and if you don’t want to have a blog roll, that’s fine. I’m just questioning your logic.

    For instance, I was (very) slowly working my way through your list, and referred to it as kind of a jumping off point for blogs of similar interest. Not having that resource is not going to stop me from coming to your blog, but it is going to stop me from coming to your blog for that purpose. Obviously that’s no skin off your nose, and I’m sure I’ll manage, same as if my bank stopped giving out lollipops. I’ll still bank there, but now I can’t get a lollipop when I want to. Dang.

    Links are like a bowl of lollipops that never runs out! You don’t have to keep adding new flavors, as long as the bowl is already full with the flavors you’ve got.

    • Well, nobody ever accused me of being Socrates.

      I’ll say right up front, not that I would ever call anyone out, and I certainly didn’t stop visiting their site or anything, but there was at least one instance where I was miffed myself over not being on someone’ list, so it does happen…

      Let’s just say its actually an optional excerise, so I’m opting out. I just tried to shed some light on my feelings about it.

      As far as finding blogs of similar interest, pretty much everyone with a clickable link for a username is a blogger, so just check them out when they say something that catches your interest.

      • Haha, totally fair, man. I’m not criticising your decision – I’m just thinking, theoretically, if The Blogroll were God, and the links were prayers, then no links might damn you to hell, but if there is no God…or wait, no Blogroll, then…

        Point it, if you have a tendency to over think things, I’m just as guilty. I’m not secretly crying over the loss of your blog roll…



  10. Hmmm….I just updated my blogroll about an hour ago but it is going to get longer and longer eventually. Putting them on another page sounds a good idea as I have text for each. As far as over thinking it, I do the same as you. On the note of traffic, I had a bloggers link on mine yet when she replied to one of my comments she said that she only returned the favour because I’d bothered to visit her site yet she’s on my blogroll! So that leads on to just how many people DO actually bother to view it? It’s a toughy. But Fogs you do what is best for you and what you are happy with 🙂

  11. Hey Fogs, I decided the same as you. Despite not having 1000 followers, the ones I do have I feel bad about not putting them all on the Blogroll. I do not want to upset anyone or show “favouritism” and also like with your quandry, it will just keep on growing and become difficult to keep updating it too.

    I read this artcle of yours when it first came out and it stuck in my mind and what I was picking up was “how” useful and used is a blogroll anyway. So I am going Nuclear too!

    I’m glad you wrote about this. Immie 🙂

    • Well, thanks Immie. 😀 Appreciate the support.

      I just wound up realizing that it was making me feel awkward at times… and you know? Thats not what this thing should be about.

      It’s fun, or I bail. That’s my motto here. Not sure its a good one, but I’m stickin’ to it!!

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