Tossin’ It Out There: The Do Si Do

Ok folks, bear with me, we’re gonna try something new here.

Jaaaaainaaaa called me out as her “Good Egg” of the weekend, and I felt like a million bucks. πŸ˜€ But she also said something really cool, and that’s that she noticed the efforts here to really build a movie discussion community. That’s something I’ve been trying to foster, and I’m glad it’s coming across.

So in that between that compliment, and the fact that I’m really not going to have time to do justice to replies on a TIOT comment thread this week, it’s time to try something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now.

The “Do Si Do”.

For this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There” I want to get a discussion going where everyone has to reply to each other. Yes, this could be an ill-conceived disaster that winds up derailing FMR as we know it. But what I’m hoping is that it helps everyone get to be friends and get to know each other a little better.

Here’s how it’ll work.

Before you’re allowed to post a comment of your own, you HAVE to leave a comment on someone else’s comment. Obviously the only person exempt will be the first commenter. Just hit the reply button on their specific comment in order to comment directly… My apologies to mobile device users, not sure if that will come across or not.

This week’s “topic” will be super easy. Just mention a movie you like, and maybe a quick sentence or two why you like it, no need to write a total review or anything. Short and sweet. Any movie at all. Old, new, whatever you like. But before you can post YOUR movie, you HAVE to comment on someone ELSE’S movie. Then you’re free to post a movie blurb of your own. You can also feel free to comment on other’s comments without having to leave your own, thats free game.

Now. If you haven’t seen someone’s movie, but you’d like to post up, it’s simple. Just post something like “I haven’t seen that one, but I’ll check it out” or “I’ve heard of that but haven’t seen it, glad to hear it’s good!” You get the idea…

The general idea is to just get you all talking movies with each other as opposed to just one on one with me… Hopefully that will help build our friendly environment even further. Try not to leave each other “hanging” – you know when someone posts a movie, theyre out there hoping someone has seen it and will reply, ok? Don’t leave em in the lurch!

Be patient, there will definitely be some cross posts and logjams. Be nice, be polite…

Well, except for you, Brik. Don’t go changin’. LOL πŸ˜€

Have fun, got my fingers crossed this works out well.


104 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: The Do Si Do

  1. Just hit refresh, and there were no comments… So….

    I just bought “Gremlins” on BluRay yesterday. I think I’m going to watch it this weekend. I’ve always loved the story, and owned all five of the Read-a-long Record books when the movie launched. I was too scared to watch the actual movie, though, until after Gremlins 2 came out.

    Curious to see if more (anyone) comments on Gremlins itself, or other movies they might have been too scared to watch when they were kids, even if they thought they looked cool.

    • I saw Gremlins for the first time recently. I thought it was good, but not great. It reminded me of “Nightmare Before Christmas” and that you could watch it at Halloween or Christmas. I thought the film was a bit slow, but gets real awesome when the Gremlins actually start to go crazy.

    • “Gremlins” is so worth it on Blu-ray! Its transition to Blu-ray is okay, it still has its extremely dark contexts to the film, it is a tiny bit hazy in some respects, the audio is good. Other than that, you cannot beat the nostalgia that is the ‘Gremlins.’ Still a win film in my book!

    • Is Gremlins worth it on blu-ray? I’ve got the DVDs and think it looks awesome on them alone, but do they upscale well?

      Gremlins didn’t scare me so much as a kid. Well, all I could really remember was Gizmo!

      • The transfer is good. It is similar to the DVD but clearer, if that makes any sense. You truly do not see any further enhancements other than the audio. Other than that, I think it’s worth it due to a lot of media is being transferred over to Blu-ray, then streaming as well–if you don’t already have the DVD. Just like CD’s are now mostly digital. If the DVD still works, and you maintain your DVD player, then no need for Blu-ray if you already own DVD.

  2. James Bond – Skyfall.

    Anybody else doing their best to avoid any hype / pictures / plot / spoilers online – but failing miserably (because it’s absolutely everywhere)

    • I haven’t had any trouble, myself… honestly, this is the first time I’ve even read the title. Honestly, I’m more interested in trying out the Goldeneye videogame remake on the Xbox 360. But I’ll probably just fire up the N64 sometime, instead.

      • Let me see if I got this correct. I have to comment on a comment before I can post a comment? Alrighty then! Skyfall is 200 million worth of James Bond sequel and wont be open till Nov. 2012. That’s more time then the Presidential Primaries.

    • I am so ready for this movie! I am the opposite in that I am doing my best to soak up any and all info about it that I can. Sometimes it’s fun to get wrapped up in the hype πŸ™‚

    • I’ve done pretty well avoiding hype. Well, so far. The only thing I want to see are trailers. That’s it!

      Oh and is that The Fall in your avatar? Loved that film! Even if it was a little over indulgent…

      • It is The Fall indeed, great spot. Definitely hits you most on first viewing, then you can poke fun at it the 2nd, 3rd, 4th times etc.

      • Yep, very true. I put it on every few months to remind myself of the beauty, the amazing little girl acting her heart out and Tarsem Singh just going mental with it all.

  3. Since we are to discuss movies, I will have to confess that I am an indie and foreign film addict! So Fogs, you will see me comment often ‘haven’t seen’ this film or that one. I became so burnt out on watching mainstream movies due to obsessive remakes. Which is why I depend on reading film reviews on ‘certain’ Hollywood movies that only peak my interest. Other than that, I consider many movies (like the Twilight, Harry Potter, Transformer, and films like them) as movie junk-food. May be good to watch, but the end result may be bad for you. I save these for my Sunday couch potato night–only if and when they are on Netflix.

  4. Recently I have had Thor on the brain. I just keep relating everything to Asgard and quoting lines from the film, watching cartoons with my kid, ect. I can’t really explain why though. Yeah it was an entertaining movie, but it’s not like it was THAT good! haha

      • But the fantastical is kind of a necessity when dealing with Thor (any version of Thor) isn’t it? Without the fantastical, it’s no longer “Thor”, it’s just “Big Scandinavian Guy”.

      • I dont know if I’m in TOTAL agreement Arlee…

        But the phrase “too much fantastical crap” brought a huge smile out of me. That’s funny right there. LOL. There sure was a lot of “Fantastical Crap” in that flick. πŸ˜€

      • A bit of fantastical back story is fine and necessary, but I could more easily identify with scenes on Earth rather than far-fetched long drawn out space fantasy stuff. The way I see it is that the point of the superheroes has more to do with what they do on our planet. I want to see big Scandinavian guy with super powers protecting us bullied little people and not battling with special effect creatures from some other planet. Thor’s and the humans’ interaction were more fun and entertaining for me.

        Blogging from A to Z

      • I thought the fantastical elements in Thor were handled brilliantly. I was afraid how potentially cheese-tastic they looked in the trailers, and loved what they did with Asgard.

      • If Michael Bay would have just slowed down the pace to let us breathe it would have been better. And those dumb bot voices really bugged me. Yeah, I know it was just a live action cartoon. The whole movie was too much of too many good things. I was so annoyed after I watched it I immediate wrote a one star review at Amazon. If anyone’s interested here’s my review


    • I’ll agree that the special effects that brought Asgard to life were extraordinary, but to me they just started getting boring after a while. Sometimes I think a movie starts giving us too much of a good thing. And besides, I just didn’t relate to Asgard–it was just dazzling special effects without any realistic emotion attached to it. That’s just the way it struck me.

      • I must be a weirdo. I preferred the Asgard scenes over the Earth scenes. I really liked their “Buck Rogers” throw-back feel and thought that many of the relationships on Earth were kinda forced.

    • Philip, I don’t think you’re a weirdo for liking the Asgard scenes better–you just have different tastes than I do. My guess is you probably like space movies better than I do. I prefer real life dramas. However, I also like well done special effects.

      Just saw Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon the other night and hated it. The effects were great it was just overkill. What did you think of that one?

      A Faraway View

      • Cant speak for Phil Arlee, but I know I thought if you took the effects out of TF3 it was one of the worst movies ever made. LOL.

        Not that it was all that great otherwise, but I think I had to land on like a B or a B+ when I reviewed it with a huge list of qualifications.

        It was a spectacle. There’s something to be said for that in the traveling carnival sense of entertainment… You know, it gave a reason to be IN a theatre it utilized all the resources of what you cant get at home.

        That said, Im hoping against hope that somehow Michael Bay doesnt do #4. I can only imagine how good those films would be if they had a half decent director. He can do second unit stuff.

  5. Got a film for Aidy. A Korean thriller called “The Chaser”. Totally original based on a true story of a serial killer and the police incompetence in catching him. Its on Netflix now. But guess what? A remake might be in the works. Scorsese picked up the American rights.

    • I knew a remake of it will come sooner or later. Not enough ideas circulating in Hollywood that now they will begin to ruin truly good foreign films. Still mad about an Oldboy remake. I try to advocate to everyone see the original film first before it is ruined as a remake, with sub-par actors and un-necessary explosions!

      • “Oldboy” huh? Missed that one will check it out posthaste.IMDB rates it highly! See Daniel, you came up with a good idea after all. Whoda thunk it!

      • I have my moments, though time will tell if this topic winds up one of them or not, LOL. Jury is still out.

        Old Boy is a sick, disturbing movie. Full of violence and depravity.

        You’ll love it.

    • You go Mr. Haus.
      And I can’t think of any movies but I am feeling a wave of beastie boys just now, can that count?
      Ok ok! how about any of the national lampoons movies? I’m feeling a little Chevy Chase today

  6. I keep going back to an old film from about 1955. The B&W film noir Mike Hammer detective film Kiss Me Deadly is a great film–one of my favorites. Anyone seen this?– especially fans of Pulp Fiction since Tarantino was partly inspired by the 1955 film.

    Blogging from A to Z

    • I know a lot of people do, but I fall into the other camp. To me, there’s a distinction between “movie set at Christmas” and “Christmas movie” — in order to be a Christmas movie, it has to be about Christmas in some way. Die Hard could just as easily have been set in mid-January and it wouldn’t have changed anything but a bit of set dressing.

    • Now why would that be considered a Christmas film? Just because it may have had a Christmas tree in it? No. Did not see this one either.

      • The new Die Hard film you mean? I know there’s another one with Bruce Willis in it. No wait, Jackie Chan? No, he was with Chris Tucker…wait, I’m mixing up movies here.

      • Aidy? No Die Hard? I know you’re all about the foreign films and the indie movies, but that’s a classssssic. πŸ˜€

        And its set at xmas, thats why people say it.

    • I have always considered Die Hard to be a Christmas movie. In the same regard First Blood and Lethal Weapon are also Christmas movies. Ah, the holidays.

    • I consider Die Hard to be my alternative Christmas movie. When you’ve had enough of the saccharin coated Christmas films and you’re stuffed full of turkey and you just want to yell out “Yipee Ki-yay!”

    • Okay. Did some Google’ing and watched a trailer of the first ‘Die Hard’ film, and I can definitively stand with a no. Now I remember seeing the film on TBS for maybe 8-15 mins tops! There was a Xmas tree. The events occurred around Xmas time. Still not a Xmas movie. πŸ™‚

  7. OK, here’s mine to toss out out there… Sneakers. Intelligent, funny, has enough action to keep it interesting, and an incredible cast. Still far-and-away the most realistic and highest quality movie about hacking.

  8. So today at work I’m sitting there working away and listening to music. My music of choice is almost always a movie score soundtrack and today I was wanting something big and orchestral. Managed to make my way through all three LOTR film scores.

    And every single time I had to stop myself from shedding a tear when I listened to certain tracks.. Oh dear! Just listening to the scores of my favourite films can get to me as much as watching the films.

    I am slightly obsessed with film scores… anyone else out there too, help me feel marginally normal!

      • Pbbbt.

        It’s a free for all! LOL

        I can’t adequately track whats going on, so dont sweat it. The main thing is to talk to others so… I think youre good. πŸ˜€

    • Soundtracks are great…I really should listen to more of the orchestral soundtracks than the pop music. Although there were alot of great soundtracks in the 80s and 90s that I love.

      Have you ever listened to the L.A. Confidential soundtrack? Love that one. There are some video game soundtracks too that are amazing like Halo.

    • I don’t listen to many orchestral scores, although obviously I have mad respect for them. Soon we’ll have a podcast up about film music… Soon. The storm kind of ruined the timeframe we were going to do it in.

      I do often listen to the two major songs from the Godfather though. (The main theme and the love theme) and of course, when I was a kid I had the Star Wars soundtrack. Who didn’t?

      • Gosh, film scores made the 40% of my iPod πŸ˜›
        The latest one is The Lion King. I dind’t get it when I was a kid… So powerful! And, of course, I got Ennio Morricone’s scores: Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The Last of the Mohicans… Just Epic!

    • I love film scores Jaina! Sometimes, I will watch a movie and if the score is memorable, I will be listening to it for days afterward… in loop! ahah That happened with the Harry Potter movies, The Tree of Life and many others πŸ˜€

      • Film scores just take me back to the film, when I can’t watch the film. See, I never got into the HP malarkey, but had I, I reckon I’d be digging those scores.

        Think one of my faves this year has been Clint’s Drive score. Fell in love with it. Also, Patrick Doyle’s Thor and Henry Jackman’s X-Men. Ahhh … it’s been a good year for scores!

        I’ll be quiet now…

      • Loved the film, Fogs. It was beautifully done and Gosling’s nameless Driver was just fantastic. Serious love for the film. Also, totally unexpected in parts! the lift scene… ooof!

  9. Alright, here’s an unpopular opinion. Last night I watched Ghostbusters for the first time and I gotta say, what’s the big deal? I mean, it was good, and Bill Murray was awesome, but I don’t really see what makes that film so special. It’s not THAT funny and it’s not THAT exciting. I liked the movie, but calling it one of the best films ever seems a bit much. Granted I realize I’m in the minority.

  10. I saw a couple great movies this past week. Incendies and In a Better World, definitely up there as the two best movies I’ve seen this decade πŸ˜‰

  11. Since this is a thread about nothing, I need to vent….

    I just found out that my ISP eliminated the free (albeit modest) webhosting they used to offer. Reportedly it was communicated to me in my bill and via email, but since they spam the shit out of me and have gotten me in the habit of not reading their emails, I apparently didnt see it.

    That’s ok, because they’re offering me less services, they’re going to reduce my monthly bill.

    BWAHHHHHHH HAAA HAAA HAAA!!! No they’re NOT, CMON. Seriously.

    It’ll take me awhile to replace my sidebar. I’m thinking its Karma for nuking my blogroll….

    • An ISP providing inferior service for the same or higher price? NAAHHHH!

      But at least you can upload the images to the blog site proper, and link to them that way. Irritating to have to re-do it, I’m sure, but not irreparable.

    • The “techy” end of this conversation I do not understand…..which my brain is happy about…..the Cable company’s “Get less, pay more” concept….that I am familiar with. I have Time Warner (ranking high on the “suck-i-tude” meter). I placed a call to them a few months ago, saying I used to pay $105/month….and now 3 years later my bill is $172/month and my services haven’t changed, I don’t have DVR, no pay stations… ugh! I told them I wanted to be a loyal customer, but they were forcing me to look forward to the arrival of FIOS here, and I will will have to bid adieu to TWC when that happens. Right now they have us over a barrel since they are the only provider who reaches our to tiny Pumpkin Patch of a town. I was however able to argue my bill down to $135/m for a year by doing that.

      So….while I don’t completely understand your rant…..I completely hear your frustration and sympathize with it!

      • It’s annoying.

        I think its not even so much MY particular cable provider as it is the state of corporate America. They dont give a rat’s ass if I stay or go, and my options are limited. I could choose another company, but they wouldnt be any better. (already tried to go Dish, too many trees)

        The only thing that might help is when the Cable tv monopolies are finally broken up so that there’s more than one provider in the local area. At least then we might see some price competition.

      • I’m in full agreement there. I have Dish, and they’ve been pretty good, but back when I first moved out into this area, we had cable provided by a local company. They were expensive, they were inept, and we didn’t always get all the channels we were supposed to.

        It’s an oddity to me that cable companies are allowed to be localized monopolies like this. Sure, the company provides the cable lines, but we can all see the problems resulting from the situation. In this day and age, having some form of broadband internet is more-or-less a necessity for a lot of people (heck, it’s listed as a “human right” by the human rights watch organization. I don’t know if I’d go quite that far, but seeing as how I can’t get work without it, it’s pretty close.) The government needs to either open the doors to competition, or they need to actually go all the way and treat it as an infrastructure issue — and thus regulate the darn thing. This halfway approach isn’t working.

    • Compounding the issue is that I havent been able to access my “Widgets” since this happened. I’m wondering if all the invalid addresses in them are “hanging them up”

      I’ve submitted a support ticket to WP, but… you know…

      So anyways, stuck with ugliness. Thanks Cox.

  12. I’d like to plug the Clint Eastwood (directed/acted) “The Eiger Sanction” (1975) with Eastwood as an international killer forced into climbing the dangerous Eiger Mt to flush out a Russian assasin. Non-stop action with Eastwood at his usual best!!

    • Cool Flick.

      A quick trip to Wikipedia to grab some facts (and beef up my comment beyond “Cool Flick”) reveals “Eiger” means “Ogre” in German. The Eiger’s north face has earned the German nickname *Mφrderwand* or *Mordwand,* “murder wall” or “death wall,” respectively. Been too long since Ive seen it… but there’s something for ya. πŸ˜€

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