Ok folks. It’s not Tanski and I’s fault that Hollywood decided last weekend wasn’t suitable for any new releases!

That’s not going to stop us from podcasting, though, Hell no!!

So in this episode of the “(Title Pending) Movie Podcast with Tank and Fogs”, we do a run down of our 10 favorite movies of all time. You’ll get a better feel for the movies we love – a little bit of “get to know your hosts” if you will – and along the way get to hear our takes on some of the greatest movies of all time – including, but definitely not limited to: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Godfather, Empire Strikes Back, Jaws, Ghostbusters, The Karate Kid, Pulp Fiction and more!!

So check it out!! You can download it directly, here, or by searching for Tank and Fogs and/or Underscoopfire on iTunes.

As always, feel free to leave us your comments, compliments and criticisms here, or you can email us at movies@underscoopfire.com



17 thoughts on “PODCAST!!

  1. An abbreviated commentary form me today, as I was actually busy with work….imagine that! haha
    First off, great lists (I actually saw 13 of the 17 mentioned) The four I missed were on Fogs side (three I never even heard of). I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else who will listen so you will have to refer to your #’s for my quick comments …..Fogs, this could get tricky for you 😉 jk.

    Tank #8 — still can’t sit through it
    #7 — saw last night, and it never gets old
    #6 — I have a friend with a wooden leg, who took it off in my pool and yelled …still made
    people scream
    #5 — not an advanced move??? I too am crushed.
    #4 — Most definitely my fav of the 3 I saw
    #3 — never really like this one
    #2 — First movie of this genre that I actually sat through and enjoyed
    #1 — forced to watch this the first time with my Dad, his all time fav….I have to say, I loved it!

    Fogs #10 — I originally watched this only because I was already in love with the star haha
    #9 — This would make my top 10 for sure! (you surprised me with the 16 min. trivia…. I
    would have bet against that little tidbit)
    #5 — great movie, yet it scares me that I like it so much
    #6 — bought it for my hubby last Christmas, he never saw it
    #8, 7, & 3 — never heard of any of them (Do I need to get out more?)
    #2 — refer to #10 hahaha
    #1 — Never saw it (hangs head in shame)

    • Oh. I get it. You’re busting my chops because I couldnt count. Ha.

      Ha Ha.

      LOL… anyways, I had MY list, and then got Tanks just before we recorded. I spaced mine out and put his in between, but mine had numbers and his didn’t. So anytime I looked at his titles to go to “next”, I got messed up on which number we were on and flubbed it.

      Anyways, I’ll learn for next time we do top tens – which should be in a ocuple of weeks for year end lists…

  2. Great job. Top ten lists are ridiculously hard. You always forget something you love and then have one of those ultimate head slap moments when you forget The Godfather or something. lol. That was a funny moment.

    My lists seems to differ from you guys’ (no surprise, right?) But I was a bit surprised that none of my top 5 even made either of your lists at all. My top 5 would include Blazing Saddles, Apocalypse Now, Adventures of Robin Hood (Errol Flynn), Casablanca, and #1 The Lord of The Rings trilogy… but then someone might mention North by Northwest and HEADSMACK! *DOH!*

    • oh, and I completely agree with you on Citizen Kane. I always felt like it was a movie I was supposed to like a lot more than I do.

    • Tank and I were trading off on Facebook a bit about how hard it is to put a list like that out there.

      Where’s the Blues Brothers, wtf? He mentioned Airplane. Blazing Saddles is literally like #12 for me, and my highest ranking comedy (right now)

      It’s a challenge, but I thought it was a good idea for some discussion. We’re going to have to keep coming up with ideas, so might as well pick the “low hanging fruit” right?

      And thanks, man. I appreciate you checking it out!

  3. Part Two is better 😛

    In all seriousness, I think both are top notch, and my opinion on which I prefer changes all the time. Solid lists from the both of you, I don’t know how many of the films you mentioned would be in my list, but almost all of them would be considered. Another great podcast.

    • Ha! Thanks PG.

      And you can say it, Tank’s the reason to tune in, it’s cool. LOL…

      He’s got that “radio” voice.

      But seriously man, thanks. I’ve been having fun with it, for sure. It was a lot of fun to make an official “Top Ten” and put it out there like that!

    • Oh. And you know? GFI vs GFII isnt actually a debate I get into too much. I PERSONALLY favor I. But II is so great. And honestly, just outside my top ten… I think like 12 or 13… so I feel that THATS a great one too. So if anyone wants to choose II I’m more than cool with it. I love that one too.

      It is a cool discussion though. Perhaps one day we’ll have to do it in depth.

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