The Sitter

I don’t have anything much dramatic, or creative, or funny to say about “The Sitter”.

I have to say, my muse is failing me right now.

“The Sitter” is a tepid comedy about a reluctant babysitter who has to oversee three behaviourally challenged children, then makes some unfathomably irresponsible choices, and winds up in a series of completely implausible situations.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the far-fetched, ridiculous reaches of its plotline, none of it is all that funny.

Jonah Hill’s character agrees to babysit the children of his mother’s friend, so that his mother can go out on a blind date. Of course, the children that he winds up being tasked with aren’t just your average, normal children, they’re a psychologically disturbed young boy, a foreign foster child fond of explosives, and a pre-teen celebutant wanna be who makes herself up like young, drunken Tammy Faye Baker might. Within two minutes of meeting them, the young girl is assaulting him with her perfume, he’s threatening her, and the foster child is wantonly breaking things around the house.

And that’s before the outrageous plot points begin.

No sooner have the parents left than he gets a call from his quasi-“girlfriend” that she’ll have sex with him if he can get to her within a few hours and pick her up some cocaine along the way. So, of course, Hill drags the children out of the house in his efforts to score drugs and get laid. Before you know it, they’re being chased by guido the killer pimp (Sam Rockwell in a decidedly unfunny turn), having their mini-van stolen, robbing a Bat Mitzvah, knocking over a jewelry shop, getting accosted by the cops, walking the streets of Chinatown, spending time in a ghetto pool hall and getting into a car chase.

But along the way, there’s time for everyone to work all their issues out and become better people.


I wouldn’t have had as much of a problem with the far-fetched nature of the occurrences if they had been supported better by the humor. Dont get me wrong, there’s certainly a laugh or two here or there, I mean, little foul-mouthed kids are always good for a chuckle or two, and I’m a big fan of child endangerment in film. But things just aren’t that funny. I hate to have to judge Jonah Hill’s potential as a comedic lead from this. He might have a decent scene here or there, but for the most part, he seems bored. And the material isn’t strong enough to stand on its own.

It’s not terribly bad, it’s just not anything good. I can’t recommend people leave their house or spend their money to see it. It’s being pushed as an R Rated “Adventures in Babysitting”, but I don’t think its worthy.

It was “Ok”, I guess.



18 thoughts on “The Sitter

  1. This movie came out of nowhere. I think total production time from writing the script to filming to editing probably took around three weeks. Or maybe I’m being generous?

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Jonah Hill and have not really ever found him funny. So this is definitely not even near my list of films I need to see.

  3. To me this didn’t even seem funny in the trailers! It actually sparked no interest in me at all. I wasn’t planning to see this anyway. Now I’m glad I didn’t.

  4. I didn’t even know Jonah Hill was in anything before Moneyball. So I was surprised he took a step back ion “Adventures in Babysitting”. That being said… The role belongs to Elizabeth Shue….. And should end there. 🙂

  5. I knew that this would be an awful film. The babysitter theme is done! Stick a fork in it. Also, the pretentious kid has been overdone as well. I seen the trailer with the little girl wearing too much make-up, singing adult themed songs, and distributing off comments just made me nauseated. Poor Jonah Hill. He has been stuck in the same roles…I think the last film I truly liked and he starred in was the indie film Cyrus.

    • I know the movie of which you speak… but I havent seen it.

      He was good in Moneyball, and overall that was a good flick. Not sure if you like baseball or not though, I’m not sure how well that film will appeal to non baseball fans.

  6. Saw the newly skinny Jonah Hill on the Daily Show this week, and while I applaud his getting healthier, he is a scary looking dude now. Like gangster scary.

  7. I remember being jazzed at the red band trailer, but man this must be the most hated movie of 2011 outside of Red State and Straw Dogs. Glad I know that I can skip it.

    • Its not doing well critically no.

      Personally? Its not bad enough to make my “worst” list, but that may actually be a strike against it LOL. At least if its that BAD it would be more notable. You’re not missing anything…

  8. No surprise here. I’ve been seeing the same type of reviews for this all over. Hopefully Jonah Hill gets to doing roles more similar to Moneyball than Get Him to the Greek and showcases more of his talent! this one looks to be pretty so-so and boring.

    nice review (even with “lacking muse!”)

    • Heh.

      Yeah, I was like well… I dont know what to say.

      And then in what may be the biggest put down I’ve said in regards to this flick, I was like “I refuse to get writers block over THIS movie”

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