Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Animal?

This weekend I went to see “We Bought a Zoo”.

Last night I watched Kevin James’ “Zookeeper”.

Anyways, there’s too many animals in my brain right now NOT to have this week’s “Tossin’ It Out There” revolve around movie animals!

Is your favorite a classic, like Old Yeller or Lassie or Toto? How about some small trivial animals but they’re from a movie you love, and you don’t care what other people think of you so you say them anyways like Cuff and Link! Rocky’s turtles! 😀

Something animated? Fish are friends, not food… could be Nemo if you wanna… just saying.

“Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!”

How about the “villain animals”, like the shark from “Jaws”, or the bear from “The Edge”? Ooooh… the lions in “Ghost and the Darkness” (Good %#$&in’ movie)

Not your thing? Ok, well, how about movie horses? Secretariat? Seabiscuit? Black Beauty? Hey, “War Horse” is coming up (must. not. make. jokes.) My favorite is Khartoum, from “The Godfather”! 😀

Cats, dogs, birds, frogs, they’ve all had their day on the big screen. So let’s hear it! What’s YOUR favorite?


104 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What’s YOUR Favorite Movie Animal?

  1. Being a dog lover I have to have Hatchi and Whtie Fang at the top of my list. I know he’s not a movie animal, but also, the Littlest Hobo!

    Mufasa gets my vote too. Simba I found a little whiny and wanted to slap him upside the head, but Mufasa… chills!

    • Mufasa, good one! My only real brush with fame was with James Earl Jones, who signed my copy of Lion King as Mufasa. He lived in the next town over, and brought his wife to the doctors where I used to work. Awesome guy!!

    • There was a husband and wife in the waiting room when he walked in…clearly having a debate whether it was him or not. (He had on a hat, thermal vest on, and a beard, plus he came in with his wife, Cici…who most people don’t know) The husband said it was him, the wife said no….then he said “hello”….there ended the argument. He is very down to earth. And his voice is awesome….he could give a speech about jello, and I would be hanging on every word.

      • Yeah? Well listen. You need to put that and about a dozen other movies in your “queue” to possibly get us even for all the time I left rediscover the 80s with a song in my head that I had to listen to multiple times afterwards.


  2. Scooby Doo obviously.

    Sid the Sloth (ice age)…I love him! Not to say I don’t have a slight affection for that poor pre-historic squirrel on a quest for the acorn.

    Benji was cool, but my favorite was really Boomer (i know that’s a tv show, not a movie, anyone remember it?)

    I am also a big Dory fan….

    Jack and Gus (the mice in Cinderella)

    And on a side note Fogs…the restraint you showed when it came to warhorse…impressive!     Hahaha

  3. Sebastian the Crab and Flounder the Fish from The Little Mermaid
    Jack the Monkey from Pirates of the Carribbean
    Hooch from Turner and Hooch
    Bruiser from Legally Blonde
    All the animals from Madagascar
    and finally I agree with everyone on Sid the Sloth from Ice Age and Nutty the squirrel…actually all the Ice Age characters 🙂

      • My impulse is to say it failed the test of time from Day 1… but I may be being harsh on it.

        In all honesty, I havent seen it since it came out. So.. That may just be cynical Dan talking.

      • It’s actually on my list as well, as I also remember loving it as a kid but not remembering anything else about it. Along with some other early Tom Hanks comedies. I suspect that only Big will hold up, but I hope I’m wrong about that. (Side note: While I gather Larry Crowne wasn’t very good, I’m still glad to see Tom Hanks return to comedy; it’s been far too long.)

  4. I know that this is on TV, but the rats from Mongrels are just brilliant. In case you don’t know (which I’m guessing is quite likely as I’m pretty sure it’s only shown here in the UK), Mongrels is an adult puppet comedy show, and the rats are incidental characters between scenes. They’re so funny.

    On the subject of puppet rats, I’ve always been a fan of Rizzo from the Muppets too. 🙂

    • Did NOT know about Mongrels. But I’ll keep my eye open.

      Two British comedies that I’ve seen this year (“In the Loop” and “Four Lions”) are right at the top of my best comedies I’ve seen this year (I realize theyre both 2010 or prior films)

      So, I’d be willing to give it a go…

  5. Oh baby, for me it’s Kermie all the way
    That picture you have posted with his arms
    all about is so freakin’ adorable!
    But wait
    Miss Piggy here reporting Live! from the scene of Fog’s Movie Reviews. Mr. Fogs,
    what’s your favorite movie animal?

      • Uh. LOL.

        Just as a point of clarification… I dont want to leave you hanging here…

        The “Khartoum” thing was kind of a joke. The “horse” in the Godfather I’m refering to winds up meeting a gruesome demise and winding up as an intimidation “message” from the Godfather…

        I dont know what my favorite is for real yet. I gotta think about this one I guess.

      • See? I love movie blogging.

        So. Is Kermit a frog, or a “Muppet”. The new movie seems to distinctly set Muppets apart as their own zoological species, especially with the existential ballad, “Am I a Man or a Muppet?”

        However, they commonly reference which “animals” they’re supposed to be – Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear, etc etc…

        So which IS it?

        Seriously, this is the stuff I love right here. I’ve ALREADY thought about it more than I should

      • I certainly don’t think it discounts your vote. (He was woefully absent from the new Movie btw – at least I dont recall seeing him.)

        But it is an interesting scientific question. Per Wikipedia’s page on Taxonomy:

        For the new species to be valid, the formal description must be published in a scientific journal . Several journals exist devoted to the publishing of new species. The description of a species will contain a description of typical features of the organisms, and how it differs from other similar organisms. The new species is given a binominal nameaccording to scientific naming conventions , usually accompanied by a formal biological classificationgiving Kingdom , Phylumor Division, Class , Order, Family , Genus, and Species .[3

        Thus, I’m not sure that “The Muppets” is enough scientific basis to authentic a new species… now, if we could somehow get this debate elevated into scientific journals.. well… then we might be on to something.

      • Oh. We’re way beyong that now Debbie… I’m pondering this sentence:

        “The description of a species will contain a description of typical features of the organisms, and how it differs from other similar organisms.”

        That is going to be a BITCH of a challenge considering the enormous diversity within Phylum Muppeti.

      • Personally, given that Walter and Gary are brothers, my suspicion would be that Muppets aren’t a separate species, but rather a mutation common to different species. Thus, Kermit is a frog and a Muppet. He’s a Muppet Frog.

    • I am glad I am not the only one thinking too deep with this one. You did not specify which, but you did state ‘movie animal.’ So Kermie the Frog and Fozzy the Bear would qualify 🙂

  6. At this point, all I can think of is Snowy in Tintin, but I also love Flike in Umberto D. You could also argue that they’re sort of cousins to one another, as they’re both dogs who save their owners’ lives in their own ways. (Snow being a lot more overt than Flike, but Flike does kind of keep Umberto from cashing in by way of train at the end of the film.)

    • I haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet. I hope its awesome.

      Spielberg and Jackson said that the dog played a big factor in their decision to go Mo Cap. Otherwise they’d have had to dumb him down.

  7. haha. a fun post! I’d have to probably raise my hand for dogs! My German Shepherd is my companion and when I see another dog on the screen I always think about him. Man’s best friend…loyal companion to the end! (Unless there’s a big t-bone steak in the picture! haha)

  8. Alright, time for mine.

    I thought it over and I can’t NOT say Bruce, the shark from Jaws.

    One of the greatest movie foes of all time (I refuse to use the word Villain… just doesnt seem right) Everything about that movie is incredible. Still. And when it swims under the front of the boat and you see how big it is for the first time? Mannnnn… that is COOL.

    Love that flick. Love it.

    That’s a 20 footer.

    25… 3 tons of ’em.

  9. I think I’m going to have to go with Fozzie. Maybe I’ll think of some others, but he’s what’s coming to mind right off the bat.

    Also, though I only saw it as a child and thus remember very little of the film, the drunken horse from Cat Ballou has stuck in my memory.

      • That was a great scene, but if I remember right, the drunken horse was a constant in Cat Ballou. (I have got to get my hands on that one of these days to watch it again.)

      • Which brings us back to Muppets as a unique species.

        Obviously, Animal is a Muppet.

        Yet… Animal is not some “Animal” he’s not a frog or a bear… neither is the Swedish Chef. Or Statler and Waldorf. They’re all just straight up Muppets.

        Which leads me towards they have to have their own definition as a species.

      • I don’t think Animal is a “straight-up” Muppet, any more than, say, Gonzo or Sweetums is. He’s not a Muppet human the way Statler and Waldorf are. At the very least, he’s a Muppet monster (though as a kid I wondered if he might be a lion or something.)

        I’m sticking with my “Muppetism as mutation” theory. There’s too much diversity within the Muppets for them all to be the same species. Whereas if we go with “mutation” as the explanation, it works like albinism — similar traits across species that set them apart from normal members of their species.

      • Interesting, Dr. Lewis. Rather extraordinary theorem!

        So this Muppet mutation could afflict any species then… Mammals such as humans would be vulnerable to it, but so would amphibians! Swine, rodents, EAGLES… all variety of animals, theoretically, could be vulnerable!

        So in this line of speculation… would say, Kermits parents potentially be actual frogs? Interesting, interesting.

        It would CERTAINLY end the speculation as to how Gary and Walter could be brothers! I dont think they mentioned adoption anywhere in the movie, but I might have missed it.

      • It’s possible that one or both of Kermit’s parents were non-Muppet frogs, though they may have been Muppets as well. Clearly the existence of his nephew Robin indicates that Muppetism runs in families (as do Miss Piggy’s nephews Andy & Randy from Muppets Tonight). But then, so do many recessive and/or mutated traits in species (the terms are, to some extent, synonymous; most mutations are recessive, and theoretically all recessive traits were mutations at one point in history.) It may be that there is a large community of Muppet frogs in the Everglades; the film Kermit’s Swamp Years indicates he had several Muppet frog friends. But it’s clear from some of his objections to Doc Hopper in The Muppet Movie that Kermit also identifies with non-Muppet frogs.

        And no, I don’t think the movie ever made any attempt to explain how Walter and Gary were brothers. It seemed to be assumed that the audience would accept it. What little we see of their parents indicates both were non-Muppets, but if it’s a recessive trait, there may have been Muppet relatives on either side of the family. This would also explain the indecision of the two on the “Muppet or Man” question, as they would very reasonably feel that they had traits of both Muppet and non-Muppet humans.

      • This may be the most brilliant hypothesis ever put forward on a completely nonsensical subject matter.

        There need to be prizes for this shit. A nobel prize in the field of Muppet Mutation Research.

        Such a thing doesn’t CURRENTLY exist. But when it does, you’re a SHOO in. You’re a GIANT in the field. Why this isn’t getting as much attention as the Higgs Boson Particle is beyond me. They didnt even ACTUALLY find that thing… just think they WILL.

        Pbbbt. They should see THIS.

      • Thank you, thank you. (And thank you.) While no award for analyzing fiction exists, that I know of, I suspect that a proper geneticist examining the question would at least be eligible for the IgNobel Prize. It’s the sort of thing they go for.

      • High five to Morgan!!! Fivtionally informative, and highly entertaining! If this was how genetics was explained in high school…. I bet more people would have payed attention!

      • Touché. HaHaHa

        I know….. now I am scaring myself!!! I totally got sucked into this whole thing…….thinking to myself, “Well, actually, he has a point….” LOL I guess I never posted my “mind set change” HaHaHa

        Way to call me on it! 🙂

  10. Madagascar is a family favorite. So many fun animals with different personalities in that movie. LOVE the penguins and the monkeys with the English accent.

    Gonna go back to the 80s for another personal favorite… Falcor, the luck dragon from Never Ending Story. The wolf in that movie also scared the bejesus out of me.

  11. I think that cats are the cutest animals ever, so my favorite animal movie character is Puss in Boots from Shrek films and you can imagine how much I enjoyed the 2011 spin-off, even though the story was silly. Pandas and raccoons are cute, too, so I also loved Kung Fu Panda.

  12. The Black Stallion
    The scenes on the beach and on the track are powerful onscreen images.

    The Man From Snowy River
    Jim and his horse Bess esp in the last 10 minute ride in that film. Wow!

    Viggo and his mustang are honorable mention as they race in the ‘Ocean of Fire.’ Incidentally, people may know that Viggo (Aragorn of LOTR fame) bought that horse once filming wrapped.

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