Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Tom Cruise?

“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” opens wide tomorrow. It was an awesome flick and is getting great reviews, but one of the big concerns going in was – would Tom Cruise still sell as an action star?

We’ve had 30 years of Tom Cruise now. He made his big screen debut in 1981. He has 37 films on his IMDb page. That’s a large body of work.

But a lot of people tuned out during his crazy time, when he was attacking Oprah like the Emporer, and then telling Matt Lauer that he was an expert on the history of psychiatry. MI:3 bore the brunt at that time… will MI:4 as well?

So what do YOU think of Tom Cruise? Can YOU handle the truth? What are your favorite movies of his? What are your favorite Tom Cruise breakdown moments? Would you rather your favorite Hollywood Stars practice voodoo than Scientology? Was Les Grossman enough to win you back?

Let’s hear it!! 😀


53 thoughts on “Tossin’ It Out There: What do YOU think of Tom Cruise?

  1. I look at his body of work and think, he knows how to pick a movie! His action films hold up and his performances are usually top notch. I tend to think of him as an actor who puts everything he has into a role and if it falls short I blame other things, cast, director, storyline, etc… As far as his crazy time, I feel it is inherent in the pressures of mega stardom! What star hasn’t had their time on the couch? It must be difficult to deal with being under the microscope all the time? His religious beliefs are his personal choices and I am not qualified to talk to that choice. His good looks are just part of that hollywood formula that all stars are a part of, except Steve Buscemi, I don’t know how he did it!

  2. The media portrays him as a complete wack-job, but Ray is right, he knows how to pick a movie. While I really don’t think of him as a favorite or anything, I find most of his movies to be entertaining and I am not put off at all.

    That being said, I really hate Top Gun. So that fact that he stars in the movie I most love to hate is something I will always hold against him 😉

  3. I think I’m one of the few people that really didn’t like Les Grossman! But then, I didn’t really like the film as a whole!

    As for Tom Cruise, I know he’s nuttier than a bag full of walnuts (peanuts are legumes!) but I like a lot of his films. All the way from Born on the 4th July, Top Gun, Minority Report, Last Samurai. I have a fair few of the films he’s been in sitting on my DVD bookshelf.

    God knows what he’s actually like. Or whether he is Tom Cruise – the persona, all the time. He’s done good films and looks like he’s continuing to.

    • Peanuts are legumes? You’re pulling a Tom Cruise yourself here. What are you saying? Peanuts are really beans? You’re crazy Jaina. You’re crazy.

      I’m a HUGE Tropic Thunder fan. That movie slays me. So…

      But of course, Cruise has tons of movies in my collection, too. With A Few Good Men taking the top prize, I believe.

      • Isn’t it?

        Although I’m not the hugest fan of his other Spielberg collaboration, “War of the Worlds” I mean, it was alright, I’m just not crazy about it.

        “Minority Report” rules though.

      • I don’t mind War of the Worlds, the sound the tripods made did scare the crap out of me at certain bits and aside from Dakota Fanning’s incessant screaming, I enjoyed it.

        Minority Report is an under appreciated sci-fi film in my eyes.

  4. T.W.A.T. Arrogant, stubborn individual who thinks he’s too cool for school – or too school for cool, even. Though, I will always be a Top Gun fan. HELLO Val Kilmer, pre-fatness days! Great jawline. Oh wait, but Tom Cruise isn’t to praise for that one…
    The younger years were better, before the self-important stench fully stuck in. Lots of contract relationships, rather mysterious.
    By the way, did we talk about the Frodo//Blue Steel face-off?! Check out my last couple of blog posts…a tiny little something there….

  5. Minority Report, Last Samurai, Risky Business, Jerry Maguire, Collateral, A Few Good Men, Rain Man, The Color of Money, and the Mission Impossible series. Those films alone are more of an accomplishment than most actors can achieve, and he has a quite a few more that can be considered great.

    I don’t think of him as a brilliant actor as far as his talent goes, but he sure puts the effort in. Way more then some.

    • You’re right, he’s got an impressive resume.

      But I dont know, I think he’s a… well, maybe you’re right, maybe not “brilliant”… but he’s a really good actor at the least. He’s had some roles where he really gets to showcase his versatility. Maybe more early in his career than lately, but, he’s had them.

      Love him in Magnolia, too. There’s one no one’s mentioned yet 😀

  6. When people hate Tom Cruise for his personal life/beliefs, it makes me think, “Why do people give a shit? Do you really have nothing better to do than obsess over some phony Hollywood actor’s personal life?” The answer, sadly, is always “no.” Why are we so obsessed. I don’t know. I can’t escape it either. I read and commented on this post, after all. No one is immune to the Cult of Celebrity. All I can think is that if we paid these actors what they deserve (certainly not millions of dollars to read lines someone else wrote for them), and not what they actually make, then maybe we wouldn’t care as much. The world in an unjust place.

    To summarize, I don’t really give a shit about Tom Cruise’s personal life. If the movie he is in happens to be good, I’ll probably like it.

    • Voice of wisdom stuff right there.

      I wonder how the whole thing got started anyways, but there’s a part of me that thinks that the public needs to be educated on the people they’re purchasing the product of (when the product is themselves), for example, not that I did prior to the news, but after the whole Michael Jackson scandal thing I could never purchase any of his stuff…

      But the media takes it way too far. I dont want to see candids of them out to eat or shopping and stuff… hell, I dont even want to know what’s going on in their lives unless its something that would potentially sway me away from being a fan of theirs.

      Some people must though. The stuff sells. Thats why its out there…

  7. My brother has worked with him on a couple of films (They’re shooting right now in Pittsburgh – “One Shot”) and he’s told some wacky stories about Tom and his entourage and weird demands, but mostly he’s said that Tom really is a professional when it comes time to shoot, that he’s always prepared and eager to go.

    Me, on the other hand, think his acting talent pool is pretty shallow, but what he’s good at, he’s real good at. Dont try to make him emote too much (“War of the Worlds”, “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Vanilla Sky”) and he’s probably fine. I tend to like his more comedic turns (“Tropic Thunder”, “Knight and Day”, “Rain Man”) but his straight adventure roles (MI excepted for treasons other than Tom Cruise) are usually enjoyable enough. I wouldn’t go to a movie because he was in it, but I probably wouldn’t stay away either (unlike Mel Gibson, whose behavior has not only turned me off his future roles, but unbelievably made it very difficult for me to watch his past roles, which do include some of my previously favorite films.)

    • On the Mel Gibson thing, that kind of reinforces what I was saying earlier to Brik. I actually wish I had thought to use that example instead.

      Cruise was hysterical in Tropic Thunder…

      I guess, you know, if you get that kind of money, the entourage just comes with the territory.

      • On “War of the Worlds” he had 4 tents set up in a rectangle with an ice skating rink in the middle… at EVERY LOCATION THEY SHOT AT… even in Jersey… in the summer. I think that’s a bit extreme. 😉

      • I dont even know what to say to that…

        Ice skating? Was he dating Oksana Bauil or something? LOL… It’d be one thing if he was in “Blades of Glory” or something.

        Wow, thats some strange stuff right there.

  8. Fogs,
    This Cruise guy, top-notch and Ray said earlier, ‘he [Cruise] knows how to pick a movie.’
    I don’t follow anything entertainment celebrities have to say on the real world, but I sure enjoy their work. Newsflash: even if people don’t like Cruise, his fantastic films will be rerun in perpetuity; there great! BTW, as far as Les Grossman goes just look at the character name. This movie, this role is humorous, and I dig that Stiller, Cruise, Downey and others can poke fun at their industry and themselves. “I know who I am! I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!”

    • That IS a crazy flick. I’m a big fan. Can quote it endlessly. “Just cause it’s a theme song dont make it not true” I realized the depth of my affection for that flick when I saw “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son” and I was sad for Brandon T Jackson. I was like ohhhh noooo… Alpa…. LOL

      I try not to put too much creedence into celebrity stuff. Can be a challenge though, you know? Hard to avoid.

  9. I am just “eh” when it comes to Cruise. He doesn’t bother me, but I won’t rush out to see him in a film either. I was happy for him in Collateral. I remember telling friends after Denzel won an Oscar for Training Day that Cruise needed to do the same and break his stereotypical typecasting (wronged agent trying to overcome all odds and defeat the system). I thought that Collateral was one of his best in recent years.

    MI-3 was bad. So I am really looking forward to MI-4 trumping it for me this evening!

  10. As an actor, I generally like Tom Cruise. He’s reasonably talented and charismatic, and certainly picks more than his share of good movies. I’ve stayed away from the Mission Impossible movies since the ending of the first one pissed me off so much, but that’s not because of Cruise’s acting. As a person, I think he’s a bit of a dim bulb, but overall he’s all right. If he’d just remember that his views on psychology aren’t germane to anybody else’s life, he’d probably be fine.

    • I know it’s a hard thing for a fan to do, but you should give this new one a shot. I still dont think its related to the original concept much, but it IS a great action flick. Some really coool action scenes…

  11. I don’t really care about Tom Cruise, the real life person. Actually I could care less. As an actor, I do find him to be reasonably competent and he does manage to star in a lot of above average/good movies. I think my favorite movie of his is Collateral, which is a quite underrated film as a whole.

    • Yeah, Spider was mentioning that one above, too. I have to say I’m not that huge a fan of it. It was good and all, but I think a lot of people REALLY love it, and I cant give it all that…


      You know. For me. 😀

  12. I don’t mind him as an actor, but I’m not crazy about him as a person. I wouldn’t go and see a film specifically because he’s in it, but then I wouldn’t stay away from a film just because he was in it.

    He’s had some good roles, and I’ve admired his acting in quite a few of them. However, his public persona as ‘crazy Scientology guy’ is really unlikeable and it does put me off. If he believes this stuff, then fine – I just don’t really want it shoved down my throat.

    I just have to add, because I feel strongly about it and because someone mentioned this film earlier in the comments, that War of the Worlds was a big pile of steaming rubbish as far as I’m concerned. Just awful.

    • Heh!

      I think I brought up War of the Worlds earlier. I was saying I wasn’t its biggest fan… although I wouldnt go that far. 😀 Definitely one of my least favorite Spielberg offerings.

      It’s telling though, that I’m not too inclined to “stick up for it” you know?

  13. Tom Cruise is only good in one kind of film–action films where he has to “run” away from someone or something. He shines in only those type of films. Honestly, he does not have ‘acting’ talent. I consider acting talent is being able to be versatile. He just isn’t. But those Mission Impossible films–the guy just shines. As a romantic and/or rock star (an upcoming musical he is in “Rock of Ages”) well, he sucks.

    • You may be being a little harsh on him, to me… but I hear you.

      In fact, I think a lot of people feel that way. I cant get over how LITTLE he’s in the promotional material for “Rock of Ages”. I havent seen the movie, maybe the ad campaign is representative of the film and he’s really not in it all that much. But that’s not what it feels like, to me… to me it kind of felt like they’re “hiding” him.

  14. I like Tom Cruise. I do not go gaga every time he has a new release…. just because it is him (I still have to be drawn to the movie material itself) But, hey, I like the guy. Maybe I am an emotionally under-developed movie goer, but I like Top Gun, A Few Good Men…..I enjoy a little bit of arrogance from a guy, in a way, it is part of his (hell, any guy’s)…..ummm….charm. I liked Rainman, Collateral, Jerry Maguire, Minority Report. I didn’t like War of the Worlds….and that had nothing to do with Tom Cruise.

    As far as his personal life…I could care less…..If we start judging actors based on religious beliefs, outbursts, drinking binges, meltdowns, and infidelity……….movies would become obsolete.

    • LOL… they dont seem to have a good track record as a cross section of the population, do they? I’ve always thought that it was the temptations of fame and all the money that conributed to it, you know, kind of a chicken and the egg issue.

      Not a lot of love for “War of the Worlds” out there, good to know I’m not alone in that regard.

  15. I’ve liked a some movies he’s starred in, disliked some. I don’t think he’s a great actor, but he’s not horrible either.

    Off-screen he comes across as a flake, and I think his views on some things are potentially dangerous for the peoople out there that believe taking medical or psychiatric advice from a movie star is a good idea.

  16. I think Tom Cruise is a whackadoo, but that’s not really important when judging his work as an actor. If I did that I’d have to start despising career anti-Semite H.P. Lovecraft, or eschewing the works of politically retarded and morally grotesque Frank Miller. Separate the artist from the person and all that.

    Cruise is a major talent. He’s one of the most genuine “movie stars” out there, loaded with charisma and star quality; he knows how to handle himself in front of the camera and make himself, the movies he stars in, and his co-stars all look great. I think it’s hip to hate on Cruise for his proclivities when he’s not performing, and I get that he’s a nutjob, but that has nothing to do with his skill in his profession.

    • A whackadoo!! You win the prize for word of the day right there!

      He is a movie star, bigtime. I wonder how he’ll handle the next phase of his career… you know, when he’s not automatic box office gold. He’s totally got the talent, but that doesn’t always translate to tickets. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on…

      • A winner is me!

        Will Cruise ever not be automatic box office gold? I wonder. Guy hasn’t managed to become poisonous just yet and he’s, uh, well, a whackadoo. So there’s that.

  17. Fogs, I think he is a Pratt. When I first saw him in Cocktail, Top Gun and An Officer and a Gentlemen, I thought he was the sexiest MF going. But, when he started airing his true personality, I just can’t take the guy seriously anymore even in his films. If he had a film come out tomorrow it wouldn’t excite me or make me want to see it like in the early days, along with the fact that I think his latest films are crap anyway. A true, heart-breaking let down of a teenage crush :,-(

    • A Pratt!

      I’m pretty sure I “get” that LOL. “Ninny”, would that be a close synonym? 😀

      Yeah, you know, sometimes its hard once you get to see behind the curtain. Not really here too much for me with Cruise. I dont care if he’s been brainwashed by a cult. Thats fine. All he’s doing is embarrassing himself.

      But I think Gelf brought up Mel Gibson earlier. That’s a REALLY good example for me. I still like Mel’s movies a lot, but good giref… how are you supposed to talk about him now? You know?

      Sorry you lost your crush Immie 😦


  18. That’s a hard question… I mean, he’s unbearable. But as it has already been said, he definitely knows how to pick movies.
    For instance, let’s talk about “Magnolia”: the movie is great and he is sooo good. But… he’s Tom Cruise, the one that jumped on Oprah’s couch! Just try to watch the movie again after seeing that horrible scene. It’s not going to convey the same feelings anymore.
    Well, at this point, I think we should just forget about the real Cruise and only think about Mr. Stiller’s Crooze! 😀

    • HA!

      And/or Tug Speedman, who wasn’t 100% cruise… but a shot at him in many, many ways. LOL

      And I hope you’re wrong. I havent watched Magnolia in a couple of years apparently. But I love that movie, and I hope it still works for me. Thankfully there’s nothing He can do to change Julianne Moore’s meltdown in the pharmacy. 😀

  19. Gotta say Tom is hit and miss with me.

    Being the 80s freak that I am, Top Gun, Risky Business, Rain Man, Color of Money are some of my personal faves. I can even stand Cocktail for the Elizabeth Shue value.

    90s were up and down, ups with Few Good Men, Mission Impossible, and Jerry MacGuire.
    Downs for me with Vampire, Far & Away, and the Firm…didn’t attempt to watch Eyes Wide Shut or Magnolia.

    In the last decade or so, ups would be Valkyrie (Yes even with his non existent German accent.), Last Samurai, and Collateral (which was probably the best IMO since Jerry Macguire) The rest to me were average or downs.Probably more downs in the past 15 years I’d say.

    I’m hopeful from the reviews I’ve heard from the new MI sequel that an up trend is on the way.

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