Announcing the 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards

The end of the year is almost upon us, folks.

And thus, as a movie blogger, I’m required to turn my attention to top ten lists, best and worst ofs, etc, etc. And of course, I’m happy to do it! Write up my opinion of the best and worst films and performances of the year and have people read it? Uhm, Yes, please. 😀

Of course, if you think this will be something simple, or low key, or not played up to the max, well… welcome! You must be new here! Check out the categories on the top right of the home page and have a poke around! I hope you find something you like!

For the rest of you, click “Continue Reading” to hear about the overblown year end spectacle of awesomeness that I have planned for us over the next couple of weeks…

The FMR MAJOR Awards!

2011 was a great year for movies, and I’ve had the joy of blogging about them this year for the very first time. So I’m pretty excited to really blow this thing up. We are taking this to a new level PEOPLE!!!

As you can see from the header pic, the Award of choice will be the infamous “Leg Lamp” from “A Christmas Story”. It is after all, a major award!

Each day next week, I’ll be posting up the list of nominees in the categories below. I hope to get your input and thoughts on them as I wait to announce my already written decisions carefully consider who should be chosen the winner.

The categories for this year are…

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Director

Best Picture

Worst Actor

Worst Actress

Worst Director

Worst Picture

Most Surprising

Biggest Disappointment

Lifetime Achievement

I’m going to begin posting nominee posts on Monday, the 26th and run them all the way through the end of that week. Then Monday the 2nd of January, I’ll begin posting up the winners! Throughout, I’m going to keep up with my reviews, and Tank and I are going to try to work in our (title pending)s but I think I’m going to put “Tossin’ It Out There” on temporary hiatus until they wrap up. Hope that’s ok with everyone. Consider the topic to be an ongoing “Who do YOU think should win ____”

And finally, as a note on the awards themselves. These could pretty much be read as the “MAJOR” awards for two reasons. Number one is, obviously, around here I’m either completely self aggrandizing or self deprecating, there’s no middle ground. So of course, there’s that way to read them. They’re the most important awards EVER!!

But the other way to read them is that for the most part, I’m only seeing Major releases. If it’s not making it to a megaplex, you know? I can’t consider it. I’d like to… but it’s not easy to get to these things! “The Artist”? Pfft! Do you know I did a search for the nearest theatre showing “The Artist” and Quebec came up among the top three? Quebec. I live in Connecticut! I’d love to see these films, if Hollywood would provide more opportunity for me. I think it’s nonsense that they couldn’t work them into the rotation at the regular Cineplex. Nonsense. I also think it sucks that so many movie studios sneak their minimal release qualifications for a movie in for the year, and then don’t show it for the public at large until they’re up for Oscar consideration, if even then. So, sorry “Albert %#$&ing Noobs” get into a theatre or get lost.

That said. I’ve seen a lot of movies. A lot of good movies, and a lot of movies that if you haven’t seen? You’ve heard about. So I think we’re going to have a great, great couple of weeks ahead here. I’ve been working hard on them behind the scene, and my buddy and collaborator Mark “Digger” DiBella has worked up some title cards for the events, we are going to blow these things out in STYLE!!

I hope you’ll all enjoy them and I’m sure that we’ll have some excellent discussion regarding the best and worst that 2011 had to offer us in the world of Movies!!!


24 thoughts on “Announcing the 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards

  1. Oh boy. 😀

    Love the choice of the “Major Award” (and I also love your Christmas decorating; what’s the film in the lower right of your background, by the way? It’s the only one I didn’t recognize, and one of only two I haven’t seen.)

    I’m definitely with you on “Get into a theatre or get lost”; it really irritates me when I see the nominations for Best Picture, and they’re all from the last month of the year, and have only been released in NYC. That’s not Best Picture, that’s Most Recent Picture.

    • I actually may have changed that picture since you posted.

      Kind of work the details out as I go, and I found the backgroundd pic out on the web premade. Pretty sure it was from Love Actually, but I havent seen it.

      So I changed it to the Heat Meiser. Who I can support. 😀

  2. Awesome. I am looking forward to it. This year was a really crappy year for me when it came to getting to the theater. A 2 year-old, a pregnant wife, buying a house; all lame excuses for why I didn’t get out much. But I vow, here before everyone on Fog’s Movie Reviews, that 2012 will be a better movie year for me!

  3. Looking forward to it Fogs. I have my own awards, but I think I’ll hold off til around January/February. I’m hoping with the Oscars, some of the more prestigious films get theater releases. Specifically because last year, I did my awards and a week after I finished, 127 Hours got a major release. After I saw it, I realized I’d have nominated it in several categories. All that to say I want to see as much as possible before doing my awards.

    I’m really looking forward to yours man. I think I’m looking forward more to the “Worst ofs” and not the “Best ofs”.

    • GOOD!

      Seriously… I hope people want to hear the “Worst ofs” I’ve been ploughing through piles of shite researching them… I’m halfway through “Arthur” right now. I needed a #$%&ing BREAK.


      Meanwhile, exactly…. if you want to do year end awards that coincide with the potential Oscar winning movies, you’d have to wait until the timeframe you discussed.

    • That’s the joy of having your own space, man, you can post up whatever you want. You could write up the favorite one you saw or even your favorite classic you revisited.

      Anyways, I’ll be blowing them out, so feel free to chime in with your opinons when they’re up, Matt… 😀


  5. Looking forward to the FMR Major Awards 🙂 The anticipation is so intense, a crowd is already starting to gather outside the FMR headquarter and some of them are pitching tents on the lawn wow!!

    (what?? That’s the line for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2!??!)

    • LOL.

      I’ve been IN one of those lines. I was waiting for Tim Burton’s AIW, and then Avatar later in the day, meanwhile, the line outside of Hall H was sleeping bag city because New Moon? I think it was… was in between. Twilight has no place at Comic-Con. Irks me….

  6. Not having seen too many movies in 2011:
    Moneyball & Muppets standout; maybe actor & most surprising respectively. From plot & cast, Descendants may be worthy of picture.

    • Descendants absolutely is worthy of best picture. Not to give any spoilers or anything, but it’s pretty much a safe bet it’ll be amongst the best picture field here.

      Considering I gave it an A++ LOL. I’m a big fan.

  7. Can’t wait to watch the FMR Awards!! Going to be an epic thing of epicness! ha!!

    I am right there with you when it comes to being ready to storm the gates of Hollywood in protest to their stingy-ness of theatrical release distribution!

    • It will be epic in its epicness. I’m glad you truly understand the spirit of the thing. 😀

      On the distribution… It’s crazy man. Like I’m searching the Golden Globe noms and SAG awards and stuff for movies that are getting props that maybe I could hit on PPV or catch in a theatre nearby that I haven’t yet. It amazes me the percentage of movies that – as a RABID moviegoer – I’ve had NO opportunity to check out.

  8. Maaaaaaaaajor.

    This is a huge undertaking, Fogs. Not sure I’d have it in me to do the same, so a tip of the hat to you– I’ll be sure to pop in and give my two cents. Especially on “Worst movie”, because negative criticism is fun.

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