The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Alright, alright.

Let the acting awards commence! Up first, the supporting actresses! Those ladies who did a great job, even though they didn’t have the spotlight all of the time. They have a scene here, a scene there. But when it’s said and done, you can’t deny they’re a big reason why you liked the movie so much.

Click through to see my nominees for Best Supporting Actress for 2011!!


Bryce Dallas Howard – “The Help” “Racist White Bitch” isn’t an endearing role. But Howard was awesome giving a face to the institutionalized racism of the privileged south. I realized just how fantastic a job she was doing when at one point in the movie my thought was “God, I HATE her!”


Melissa McCarthy – “Bridesmaids” McCarthy was this year’s Zak Galifianakis… she came out of nowhere to star in the year’s surprise hit comedy, and now everybody knows who she is. She put on a tour de force in “Bridesmaids”. There was no way to watch her and not laugh.


Octavia Spencer – “The Help” Spencer kept the performances in “The Help” high across the board. But she also got to add a lot of levity and humor to the proceedings. I’d never want to eat anything she cooked for me, but I’m glad I got to watch her work here!


Evan Rachel Wood – “The Ides of March” Wood easily held her own in a field of acting heavyweights. She had to play a young naïve flirt, then a hurt, vulnerable woman. From sexy to scared, she had a pretty wide range of ground to cover, and she covered it well.


Shailene Woodley – “The Descendants” This was such a credible, authentic turn as a grieving young girl acting out. She had a great range, she was funny, there were times I felt like she was acting circles around Clooney. I hope she’ll choose good roles, because I have the feeling  she could be a great actress.


So there you have it folks. The scene stealing ladies of 2011.

Who do you think did an awesome job this year? Did I leave anyone out? Is there anyone I put up there you think should be left out? Let me know what you think my mind is already made up I’m looking forward to considering everyone’s opinions as I go!

Check back in later today for the Best Supporting Actor Nominees! 😀


26 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Supporting Actress Nominees

    • Yeah, it’s excellent… you’ll have to check it out. It’s out on pay per view, etc. now. I think its a good rental option.

      BD Howard is such a BITCH in that movie. LOL She did a great job.

  1. I haven’t seen The Help yet, but out of the remaining three I would probably go with Woodley. She really came out of nowhere and delivered an impressive performance in The Descendants.

  2. Hmm, I feel like I can’t really say anything in this category. I’ve not seen The Help nor The Descendants. I wasn’t actually that impressed with Evan Rachel Wood in The Ides of March, dunno, it just felt like a very good but standard performance. But I’m struggling with finding an actress I was impressed with this year.

    • It gets kind of tough without the “Limited Release” movies.

      Maybe PG is right, I should hold off til like late February next year. But then it’s a double edged sword. I mean, we’re already running into a lot of “I haven’t seen it”s and I’m staying pretty mainstream… that only gets worse if you go for the smaller, more obscure movies.

      Unfortunately, that tends to be where the more remarkable acting performances are you know?

      • Completely agree – there’s no point holding off, you’ll always have a few of us who haven’t seen sod all!

        I always find it difficult to “like” actresses or female characters. There’s a very small handful I think are brilliant.

      • Is “sod all” a swear? I might need to look that up. Well, I guess it’s the same as “f**k all” so maybe! Just a disguised swear 😉

      • I dont know. I presumed it had to be some sort of abbreviation for “sodomize”… people arent talking about lawn chunks. LOL.

        At least I dont think, so.

        So, whatever, just a fun note… 😀

  3. Octavia Spencer was good, but her character was way more of a cliche. Sassy funny black woman. Been there, done that. Bryce Dallas Howards’ character is probably harder to play without it become a caricature of racism. She played it well, without falling into the usual pitfalls of that type of character, so I’d give my vote to her.

    • Yeah, actually I saw you expect she might take home the supporting statue. I thought she was good. Hell, everyone in “the Help” was great. But Howard made my skin crawl. And I realized it later when I was thinking back on it. She wasn’t really given a role where that was all that “challenging”, but she sure as hell nailed it. LOL

      Woodley floored me in the Descendants. Look for that movie to get an enormous amount of attention from me this week

  4. I thought Howard was good, but at times it felt like she was playing a caricature. I also thought McCarthy played a pretty generic overweight vulgar character who’s only getting acclaim because we aren’t use to women in these roles. The other nominees are good choices.

    • On BDH. Maybe… I mean, its a character we’ve “seen before” its not exactly Lisbeth Salander. LOL. But she was completely credible… I thought she was believable, for sure.

      “I also thought McCarthy played a pretty generic overweight vulgar character who’s only getting acclaim because we aren’t use to women in these roles”

      I’m not even going to deny that that factors in. I mean, yeah… sure. But its certainly not JUST that. There’s that and then there’s the fact that she was hysterical at it. It probably IS the combination of the two getting her the recognition, but I think recognizing the “glass ceiling” aspect of the whole thing is fine to include as a component.

  5. Both Spencer and Howard were immense in The Help, with Spencer just shading it in my book. Yet to see any of the other performances above. I’d also give an honorable mention to Keira Knightley for her work in A Dangerous Method, as well as Carey Mulligan in Drive. The former, in particular, surprised me, as I’ve never been all that enamoured with her acting talents.

    • 😀

      I’m going to disagree with you on Mulligan in only ONE small regard, Rohan. I wouldn’t consider her role in that movie a “Supporting” role. 😉 I know that’s where it seems to be getting “put”, but until studios start sending me screeners, I’m making THAT call myself. LOL

      Havent seen “A Dangerous Method”.

  6. Ugggh, why the Help?! It’s like the Blindside of 2011, racially insensitive schlock written for middleaged white women so they can call themselves “informed” and “cultured”.

    But I digress, you really ought to check out Meloncholia or The Artist. Gainsbourg and Bejo would have easily made this list if you had :P.

    • I WANT to see the artist. I do. People have been crapping all over Meloncholia though. I’ve heard some good things about a couple of the performances, but overall, the buzz has not made me want to check it out.

      I’ll just say I disagree on “The Help”. LOL

  7. Jessica Chastain in The Help really had me! I am afraid I haven’t seen too many of the more recent releases due to theater release restraints. My city still hasn’t received The Descendants and others like.

    I’d perhaps add Bryce Dallas Howard for her role in 50/50 though too.

    • You know on 50/50 a lot of people are bashing her! I think its her character there they cant stand though… I thought she did fine acting wise….

      Chastain WAS good. I just felt like I didnt want to nominate the entire movie, so it really came down to a choice between her and Howard for me. Cause I’d be damned if I was going to leave out Davis or Spencer! LOL

  8. Damn, I still have to check out 4 out of those 5 movies (I’ve seen only Bridesmaids so far). Not much I can discuss at this point although I wonder about Berenice Bejo (The Artist).

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