The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Actress Nominees

Here are the list of the actresses currently under consideration for an FMR MAJOR Award in the Best Actress category.

Each of these ladies turned in a highly memorable performance in 2011, and they’re all worthy of praise. When I talk about their work in their respective movies, I cant help but get that respectful tone in my voice and say things like, “Yeah, she was great, wasn’t she?” or “God she was awesome!”

Of course, unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

Click through to see who the Nominees are!


Viola Davis – “The Help” Without the high calibre of the performances in this movie, it just doesn’t work. It’s a powerful story, but without the actresses to deliver it… to convey it, it’s nowhere near this good a movie. Davis’ righteous, frightened, compassionate Aibileen is unforgettable.


Rooney Mara – “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” Mara completely loses herself in the character of Lisbeth Salander. I’m sure she bears absolutely no resemblence to the character in real life. What does that equal? Acting. Like transformative, “who is that?” type stuff here, people.


Carey Mulligan – “Drive” It’s a little unfair to the other actresses include her, seeing as she’s telepathic. I mean, the fact that she can project her thoughts directly into the audiences minds is patently unfair in a contest like this. Her sensitive performance here gave this movie its heart.


Charlize Theron – “Young Adult” “Young Adult” may have been a bit of a mess, but Charlize was on top of her game. Her character was an unstable, depressed, alcoholic mess of a woman, and Charlize makes you want to get her some help. She’s subtle (crazy, but subtle) for the most part, then explodes when its time. Bravo.


Kristen Wiig – “Bridesmaids” In addition to recognizing her remarkable achievement of being the female lead of female-centric comedy in the male dominated world of raunch comedies, Wiig does an impressive job. She’s expressive, sympathetic, believable. Did I mention hysterical?


So let’s hear it! Who do YOU think should be awarded the 2001 FMR MAJOR Award for Best Actress? Please help me out, I’ll be completely disregarding people’s input in my decision weighing everybody’s opinions carefully as I make my selections!


28 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Actress Nominees

  1. I haven’t seen The Help or Young Adult, but I don’t know if anyone will top Rooney Mara for me this year. She had some tough shoes to fill for the role of Lisbeth Salander, and she was more than up for the challenge.

  2. I still need to see Young Adult, and am very much looking forward to it. I will say that I liked Kristen Wiig much more in Bridesmaids than what I’ve seen of her on SNL, but am still not sure she’d appear on a top list for me. I also suspect that some of the best performances of the year won’t be seen by many folks until next year–including Michelle Williams (which I loved), and Tilda Swinton and Meryl Streep (which aren’t out here yet either).

      • Yeah, I’m in San Francisco, which means that we don’t get everything the first week, but do get a jump on some of the rest of the country.

        On the other hand, the film “Courageous” showed everywhere else first and only showed up here for a limited one week at the end of its cycle. Not that I was running out to see that one anyway.

  3. I thought Carey Mulligan was pretty good in Drive but she didn’t really have all that much to do. Again, haven’t seen The Help yet but it seems like Viola Davis is at or near the top of the pack.

  4. My thoughts while reading: “What a great list of nominees”

    And then I see Kristen Wig: “F–k you Fogs!”

    Naw I’m kidding. Well, not on Wig. I thought she was awful as was the film. But we clearly disagree on Bridesmaids 😛

    No complaints about the rest of these nominees are all good though. I don’t know if I’d have nominated Theron, but she’s certainly a worthy choice. I loved Drive so I’m happy to see anything from that film get nominated. Davis was easily the best thing in The Help. As for Rooney Mara…wow…just…just wow (The good kind of “wow”).

    • LOL. Between you and Spider, I’ve been laughing my ass off over here.

      I had kind of been hoping you would have checked in on your comment in the worst actress thread before here. But that’s ok (I just linked here)

      Sorry man, what can I say? I thought she was great. Here’s a term I havent used yet (running out of freaking superlatives writing all of these thigns) Wiig was a “revelation”. Boom.

      She was great, she was cracking me up one minute and then having me feel sorry for her the next. Big fan of her work here. Big fan.

  5. I really hope Viola Davis wins the Oscar, honestly, and I haven’t even seen the film yet 😀

    Btw, I nominated for the 7X7 Link Award. I don’t know if you have gotten it before or not but you can check my most recent post out for details 😀

    • Thanks Matt! Appreciate that! 🙂

      Congrats on being selected yourself too, that’s cool.

      You might want to make all those links in that article clickable for people by using the hyperlink tool in the edit function…. I know that’s a bunch of work cause you have a lot of links in that article, but the devil is in the details man. 😉

      Just a friendly blogger tip! Thanks for the props 😀

    • 😀 Glad you clarified, cause its a lot of fun “Filling in the blanks for people” for example, understood is a fun one to put in there, or fooled around with…. LOL 😀

      Thanks for stopping by Sam, it’s good to see you here!

    • Mmmmmm….

      I dunno. I disagree. I thought her and Gosling both got roles that were very non verbal. There was a lot of unsaid things passing back and forth. And they both stepped up and got it done.

      I was impressed with her very much in that movie…

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