The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Worst Actress Nominees

Below are the candidates currently under consideration for the dubious distinction of winning a MAJOR Award for turning in one of the Worst performances of 2011. I cringed when they were onscreen. In their own ways, they each detracted from the quality of the movie they were in, regardless of how garbagey the movie was to begin with.

Click through to check out my list of the five ladies that really stunk out the joint in 2011.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” LOL… Nice ass though. Listen, why even pretend that Huntington-Whitely was hired as an actress? Michael Bay doesn’t… and even though our beloved Bond franchise has a long history of doing the same thing, c’mon Mike. At least find a pretty ACTRESS.


January Jones – “X-Men: First Class”  January Jones’ performance in X-Men First Class led to a trademark Onion news bulletin parody, “Hackers Shut Down January Jones” You’d think that being “Icy” and aloof would lend itself well to a character like Emma Frost. …Nope. But hey, at least she looked the part.


Minka Kelly – “The Roommate” You know you’re seeing some bad acting if it draws into question the roles you used to like the person in question in. As I watched her sleepwalk through “The Roommate”, I mentally went back over the entirety of Friday Night Lights, trying to recall why it was I thought she might be able to act…


Freida Pinto – “Immortals” Her character was an Oracle – blessed/cursed with visions of the future. She was hunted, her life was in danger. To be free of her curse, she offers her virginity to Theseus. I challenge you to point me to where in her performance you can detect the difference between any of that, and her ordering a sub at Subway.


Lucy Punch – “Bad Teacher” As Diaz’s “nemesis” in this movie, Punch is ridiculous. Beginning the movie as sickeningly sweet, and finishing it playing over the top deranged. I realize that a lot of this was an attempt to get laughs, but it was a fail. She was a complete annoyance and a big reason the movie wasn’t “better” than it was.


A quick note. No, I haven’t seen Twilight.

So there you have it folks! Let me hear it. Which of these ladies do YOU think are worthy of being tagged with the title of “Worst Actress”? Please help me out! These awards are already written, sitting in my queue waiting to be posted hard to decide on!!

Check back in later tonight, when I put up the nominees for BEST Actress! 😀


43 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Worst Actress Nominees

  1. In Huntington-Whiteley’s defense, it’s not like the role left any room for her to actually do any acting. Mind you, what room she did have, she was unremarkable in, so as defenses go, this is the sort that gets you a few months off your sentence but doesn’t earn an acquittal.

  2. Haven’t seen the last three, but Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was definitely not cast for her acting skills. Would’ve rather they (cringe) kept Fox just to complete the trilogy. I mean, how bad was she that I’m saying they should’ve kept Fox? I kinda agree with Morgan…for me, except for maybe Shia, I consider the Transformers more the main characters in this movie.

    On the January Jones thing, I never really found myself saying out loud that she was bad during the movie. I guess you can attribute that to the plot and other actors. Definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen.

    • I was disappointed with her, because in the comics Emma Frost is such a bad ass. She was lame in the first order here.

      But she was just patently un-emotive… She needs to be called out for it.

      As to Fox, yeah, she’d have been better, but there was no way that was going to work. Not after she called Bay Hitler and all…

      • I never was a fan of Emma Frost in the first place, personally. Standard snob template, with no embellishment beyond a tendency to confuse lingerie for a combat suit. But I’ll have to bow out of discussing January Jones’s acting as I haven’t seen First Class yet.

        As for Fox… I wasn’t a fan of her even before she stupided herself out of her job. She was lousy in both Transformers films she was in, and I don’t think that would have changed. And while I’ll grant that the same “TF doesn’t allow for good acting” argument applies to her as well… she’s also been critically panned in non-TF films. The woman simply cannot act.

      • January Jones was far and away the worst part of “First Class” but I still think it was an outstanding movie, and even her robotic performance didn’t ruin it for me. Anther of my top 5 films for the year.

  3. I have to admit, haven’t seen any of these films. Your descriptions made me laugh though and sometimes, isn’t this site what it’s all about? Reading the incredible writing of a good friend? Keep it up my man.

      • Yeah this blog is really awesome and Frieda gets my vote cause i think the comment is the funniest. I actually want to see this movie now just to see how givin’ it up to a big dog like Theseus could be reminiscent of ordering a sub.
        Now would you say it was most like ordering an Italian sub? at least that’s a little more exciting than Turkey. Did the audience get to see any pickle?

      • Wow. Funny, but… I’m not going to touch that one with a ten foot pole.

        LOL (snicker)

        Meanwhile, to further expand my anology, she’s one of those people who, when ordering a sub, dont know what they want, and stand there going “uhmmm” when the counter help asks “Can I help you?”

  4. Haha, I like how you described Freida Pinto’s acting. I only saw two movies on here, Immortals and X-Men First Class, but I’d have to agree with your assessment in both cases.

    • Even calling what she (Pinto) did “acting” is an embarrassment. LOL

      She showed up and read lines. I think a random person off the street with an hour to memorize some lines could do just as good a job. LOL

      Thanks for the support Ian! 😀

  5. Before I read the body of this post my mind went straight to January Jones, so she has my vote. It was one of the most disappointing female performances for me because I am such a big Mad Men fan. I thought she played Betty Draper so well because she was a good actress. Turns out that she play Betty so well because she IS Betty; a cold, boring, stiff woman who happens to be easy on the eyes. She nearly ruined that First Class for me.

    • Yup. she’s a stiff all right.

      When she was cast, I thought that that “Ice Queen” persona would suit her well here.

      Apparently not. And you’re right too Phil, it does make you kind of retroactively reassess her work on Mad Men all these years. I had thought up til now that she had been doing a great job.

  6. My vote’s for Pinto! She’s never been good in a movie, her fame is something that to this day I will never be able to comprehend. Immortals was the perfect mix of a horrible actress performing horribly written lines horribly in a horrible movie.

  7. It’s got to be January Jones. Man, she just sucked the life right out of Emma Frost who’s one of the baddest bitches in X-Men! Did her no justice whatsoever. She’s great as being the uptight and annoying Betty Draper, but that’s it!

    • I did not know you were an Xmen fan. 😀 Good to know. Good to know.

      Yes, she was painful. And I’ll tell you, cause we’re cool, so I dont care…

      She’s hot. Shes really stinking hot. So I’m thinking, she’s hot as hell and then she’s got the whole ice queen thing down… she was going to be awesome!

      But nope. They should have just had some comic book scans instead.

      • I’ve been an on and off comic book reader. Read some of the ultimates, astonishing x-men, a little civil war but there’s just too much! Like reading comics that are small and self contained!

        She is very pretty, and I though she could bring some of her coldness to Emma Frost and nope, just didn’t work.

  8. F. Pinto was horrible in TWO movies, Immortals and Rise of the Planets of the Apes.

    Great call out on January Jones!! No doubt there! Can I please add my 2cents worth by including Olivia Wilde in Cowboys and Aliens, Evangeline Lilly in Real Steel, and of course, Kristen Stewart in Twilight!!!

    • Oh god, yeah. Lilly WAS bad in RS wasn’t she?

      Wilde was bad, but so was her character, so I have a tough time drawing the line there. I wouldnt argue on it if that were your list, lets put it that way.

      And of course, I havent seen Twilight.


  9. I really like Punch in Hot Fuzz, but her overacting in Bad Teacher was kinda bad. At least her American accent was spot-on.

    I can’t really think of anyone to add to this list. This is a very well-rounded good list.

  10. I’d always suspected Minka Kelly was a bit BLAH. She was definitely the least interesting of the central characters in Friday Night Lights. As for the other woeful wenches up here, all I can say is JANUARY JONES… an actress so horrible that she makes the Pope want to convert to Judaism.

    • Ha! And I thought Brik gave her hell. LOL.

      Yeah, Minka Kelly was a big shocker, in a bad way. In the final scenes, when she was supposed to be scared, its almost not even her fault. Her director and her editors need to make her look better than that!

  11. The only film on this list that I’ve seen is X-Men, which means my powers of self-selection must be pretty good. Then again, how many of the guys in that movie had to prance around in their lingerie? Oh wait, I forgot that one scene…. and he was more convincing that she was!

    To be honest, I don’t even remember when The Roommate was released.

      • Not seen Runaways but have seen Adventureland and, for me, she was passable in that. She just seems to have the same look of disdain on her face in whatever she’s in!

      • She was completely dull and lifeless in Runaways and did Joan Jett zero justice.

        As for Adventureland, she didn’t suck all the life out of the film but she didn’t add anything to it for me.

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