The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Actor Nominees

Here they are boys and girls. The headlining actors who turned in the most memorable performances of 2011. My choices for Best Actor for 2011.

These guys created great characters, and/or showcased their impressive talents in a way that I think deserves mention.

Click through to find out who’s at the head of the class!


George Clooney – The Descendants This role was tailor-made for him, and it took full advantage of all the things he brings to the table. He’s likeable, funny, and smart. He also gets an opportunity to show off a range I never knew he had. He had one scene in particular that tested my ability to keep my eyes dry. ______________________________________________________________________

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 50/50 This would have been a really easy role to botch. Overplay the sickness and sadness, or underplay the humor and the craziness, and this movie just doesn’t work. But Levitt does an impressive job, creating a character that’s sick and frightened, but still has a heart, a sense of humor and hope. ______________________________________________________________________

Ryan Gosling – “Drive” It speaks to Gosling’s performance in this film that he was able to portray so much with so little dialogue. The phrase “man of few words” was practically invented for “The Driver”. But he pulls it off. Cool, mean, protective, sweet, angry… he does it all in this flick. Much more impressed with him here than in “Ides”


Brad Pitt – Moneyball No kidding. Moneyball was an excellent flick, and Pitt was front and center. He handled Sorkin’s rapid fire dialogue with ease, and came across funny, smart, and thoughtful. He took the “character” of Billy Beane and ran with it. I was impressed.


Andy Serkis – “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” Let’s be honest. “Apes” was ALL about Caesar. In fact, there were NON Caesar elements of the film I’d call downright laughable. So why is it one of the most surprising hits this year? Because Serkis, via motion capture technology, brought to life an intelligent, emotive, charismatic leader of Apes. ______________________________________________________________________

So there you have it people! What do you think? Which of these actors is worthy of a MAJOR Award? You gotta help me out, you know I completely handle all the decisions here like to foster a sense of community! So let me know, which of these guys do you think did the best job?


42 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Actor Nominees

  1. Haven’t come across 50/50, but I’d agree with most of the other picks. Why was Rise of the Planet of Apes so laughable? I thought it was bloody entertaining stuff myself, one of the better blockbusters this year (and a huge improvement on the woeful Burton reboot). Also, I’d say Michael Fassbender has to get a mention somewhere along the line here. 4 performances of quality in one year is pretty unheard of (Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method, X-Men (poor film but McAvoy and Fassbender did great work) and Shame).

    • The only Fassbender mentioned above that Ive seen was XMen first class. So, I have to plead the fifth on that count.

      I liked Apes Rohan, I really did. And, LOL, you wont catch me defending Burton’s version by any means.

      But there were some really fall on its face moments. Franco and Pinto pretty rough around the edges, and a lot of the corporate/science stuff was ridiculous if you thought about it… I liked it overall. A lot! But I felt like it was a movie I had to forgive a lot of stuff on.

  2. Nice selection (and this time I’ve seen all of them!). Great to see Serkis, Gosling and JGL get some love here since the academy is too uptight to recognize them (I’m presuming, of course). It’s interesting that Fox is campaigning Serkis in Supporting (I guess under the theory that Franco has more lines that are in English), but I’m somewhat willing to go along with it since his chances are slightly better there than they would be in the lead category (although still slim, unfortunately.)

    • Franco barely “acted” in any regard. LOL. I should have at least considered him for worst actor. He was getting out acted in his scenes by a monkey.

      Of course, he’s not the first (Wahlberg, :))

      But yeah… Gosling might get some recognition for the more traditional “Ides”, but this was the role that really got MY attention. He barely talks, yet you know everything that he and Mulligan were thinking. It was an awesome movie.

  3. It comes down to JGL and Clooney for me. I would probably lean toward JGL in what was a breakout performance for him, but Clooney was terrific as well. Not to mention the other strong candidates… Glad it’s you and not me doing these awards, haha.

  4. Hands down: Joseph Gordon-Levitt! He was so awesome in 50/50. He went through those 5 stages convincingly. He was great!

    • He WAS great. LOL. I thought that whole movie was great. I thought he definitely elevated that movie to be the best that it could be. I was really shocked that I liked it so much.

      I mean… going into it… a cancer comedy?

    • Au contraire!!

      And wait… sniff… sniff… whats that I smell? Oh! Its an Oscar Nom! LOL

      I’m betting the ranch he gets a nod.

      (by the way, you can feel free to throw that joke back in my face when we talk Scorsese in the days to come)

      • Hey man, I love Brad Pitt, and I thought he was good in Moneyball, it’s just that the other four nominees are all that much better 😛

        He isn’t a bad choice, not by any stretch.

  5. Ok, I’ve only seen 50/50 and The Descendants but of the two I would have to go with JGL. Don’t get me wrong Clooney was excellent but I felt it was safe, and with a “cancer comedy” for JGL, the slightest misstep could have spelled disaster. But he pulled it off and that gets my bravery vote.

  6. I’m sorry, this must be an unintentional omission but where is Adam Sandler? He pulled not only one but two roles in Jack & Jill, that’s true acting! 😛

  7. Good choices, I thought Gordon-Levitt was brilliant in 50/50 🙂 Personally, I think that Gary Oldman was outstanding in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and would therefore be worthy of a nomination, but nonetheless, it’s a good set of nominees

    • LOL. I’ve been wanting to see Tinker Tailor for MONTHS.

      Damn Hollywood release strategies… LOL.

      Here’s something funny for you. My Megaplex has had this huge standee advertising it. Its been up for three weeks. When I saw it I was psyched, cause I figured I’d be able to see it and put it in contention for stuff, etc etc. So I asked the ticket seller when it opened. They didnt know. So they got the manager. Who didnt know.

      Three weeks straight,

      LOL, I still dont know if they’re ever getting the movie, or just a very big standee. 😦

  8. I’m tied between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ryan Gosling. Both have done amazing work in their films this year and I bow down to them.

    Though would like to throw Michael Fassbender in there for X-Men First Class. Thought he was brilliant and brought another side to Magneto into the mix.

    • I thought you were going to say “Shame”, which apparently is the greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL.

      Yeah, I should have considered him a little more heavily I guess. Him and McAvoy both did a great job!

      Meanwhile, JGL and Gosling were both awesome.

  9. JGL is always good. Too bad 50/50 was a pile of crap. I wish just once the movie industry would choose to portray doctors/healthcare in a realistic fashion. Of course, I think Clooney is the man. He deserves the award more so than anybody else.

  10. This is a hard choice. Well, not so hard if you count that I’ve only seen two movies out five… So, JGL or Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling or JGL?

    … … … … … … …

    Alright, Joseph Gordon Lewitt.

  11. I can get behind all of these noms outside of Pitt, a) because I haven’t seen Moneyball and b) because I’m getting worn out on Pitt. I’m sure I’d be voting for Fassbender in Shame, too, if I’d gotten an opportunity to see it. Which I haven’t.

      • Shame has only been running at the Kendall Square theater in Cambridge, which is a pain in the ass to get to from where I live; the film started in Boston on December 9th, rather than the 2nd. It DID just expand to the Boston Common AMC, but it’s too late for me to really feel justified rushing out there– my 2011 is wrapped up.

        I’ll probably Instant it. Same as I did Hunger.

  12. Any of the four here are solid due to chops and topics they tackle onscreen. I lean toward Pitt in Moneyball which I’ve seen or Clooney in Descendants which may be more mainstream and a broader range for an actor than Pitt’s role.(btw Oceans 14 anyone?)

  13. HANDS.DOWN. Ryan Gosling (though I admit slight bias – I am a girl after all). Gosling’s performance in Drive was insane, complete lack of emotion, it was amazing. Recently saw 50/50 too, good film. A clever blend of the serious and the comical. It was also refreshing to see Brad Pitt not play Brad hunky Pitt, but a genuine kind of person who could really exist in this world!

    • Brad Pitt was still clever though, by half. LOL.

      They’re all awesome, Clooney was great too.

      And yeah, Gosling is going to probably get any award recognition he gets this year for “Ides of March”… but it was “Drive” that impressed me the most. Just crzy there. Fantastic!

  14. I must admit that I haven’t had the opportunity to see half as many films as I’d have liked in 2011 (proven by the fact that I have only seen “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” from this list. A poor showing I know, but that is all set to change in 2012 as I have started my own blog.

    Due to this poor showing, I’ll have to go for Serkis, although I believe that this would still be my choice. Don’t get me wrong, the others on this list gave a brilliant showing in 2011, but I believe Serkis deserves the credit for bringing Caesar to life the way nobody else could.

    • Yeah! Absolutely! That’s why I had to include him, definitely. He did do an awesome job.

      The winner’s already been announced if you haven’t found that thread yet.

      Suffice it to say all the movies these guys were in are worth circling back on if you haven’t seen them, they were ALL great!

      Hey good luck blogging, I hope it’s rewarding for you. I know it is for me.


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