The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Worst Actor Nominees

Ok, boys and girls. Hold your nose.

Here are my selections for the actors who tossed bricks up against the backboard in 2011. Clang. Their performances were bad enough to make me cringe. Not a single choice listed comes from a movie I’d consider “good” and they need to shoulder the lion’s share of the blame.

Click through to see my selections for the Worst Actors of 2011.


Nicolas Cage – “Season of the Witch” I’m actually a little torn here. There’s a part of me that respects his ability to just show up and collect a paycheck. But it’s pretty undeniable, he’s practically reading cue cards nowadays. The extent of his “acting” here consisted of putting on chainmail and picking up a sword. ______________________________________________________________________

Taylor Lautner – “Abduction” Imagine  “Before and After” pictures of Lautner’s face. You could insert any of the following events in between the two pictures and they would still be exactly the same: Getting hot coffee spilled on him, hearing that someone died, being given a riddle to solve, seeing a woman naked, I could go on and on…


Martin Lawrence – “Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son” In addition to the joyless, excruciating to watch performance that Lawrence put forth as “Big Momma”, you get the added pain of watching him beat a dead horse. Someone who cares about him needs to give him the news that no one wants to see “Big Momma” anymore. ______________________________________________________________________

Adam Sandler – “Jack and Jill” Watching Sandler’s Jill schtick is more painful than you’re imagining (if you havent seen it). In addition to looking hideous, and talking with THAT VOICE, Sandler created a character that is just unthinkably dumb. Unbelievable  is a given. Unfortunately, it’s also unfunny.


Adam Sandler – “Just Go With It” THE DOUBLE DIP! It’s a dubious distinction, but this dumbass deserves it! Sandler gives new meaning to “Going through the motions” here. He sleepwalks through it as if he got stuck here. But this is his production company behind it, so you have no one but yourself to blame, Sandler. ______________________________________________________________________

I want to note: I did not get to watch “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star”, or I expect that Nick Swardson would have destroyed everyone here. I apologize, but its stuck in that nebulous zone between having already been pulled from the theatre and not yet out on DVD. Apparently no one even gave enough of a crap about the film to bootleg it. I’ve checked.

Watch the trailer if you dare, and feel the actors above curse under their breath, knowing they’d have been off the hook.

So there you have it, the nominees for the 2011 FMR MAJOR Award for Worst Actor! What do you think people? Did I leave someone out? Is there an actor out there that was worse than this? Let me hear what you have to say, my decisions are written in stone still up in the air, and your input is a valuable part of this!


17 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Worst Actor Nominees

  1. I haven’t seen any of these films… and right now, I’m glad of that. I’m especially glad for the heads-up on Lautner, as that looks like the one film I might have fooled myself into watching. The others I had an inkling would be bad from the beginning. And Sandler and Lawrence, even from the trailers, were exemplifying why cross dressing has an automatic negative impact on my anticipation for movies.

    I’m with you on Cage’s acting in general; it’s funny, because every once in a while you get a glimpse of the actor that the directors are hoping they’re casting, but most of the time he’s simply phoning it in. It’s a shame that many of the movies where he’s actually interested are terrible for other reasons (Ghost Rider comes to mind.)

    • On “Abduction”, I thought it wouldnt be THAT bad either, because… its an action movie. And action movies have a long litany of hacks that can act in them.

      But marone… this guy? Ouhhf.

      Cage is still a really good actor when he wants to be, and occasionally he gives us glimpses of why he’s a big star. I havent seen “Drive Angry” but it has some fans out there, and I LOVE Bad Lieutenant POC NO.

      But here? He had his time card in hand for when the whistle blew….

      • I remember when I first saw the trailer of Abduction I though, this could be a good popcorn action flick… until I saw HIS face.

  2. Incidentally, I’m glad you decided that, since Sandler earned a nomination for two different films, to give him two separate nominations, the way the Oscars do. One of the things that always bugs me about the Razzies is that often somebody is nominated (and wins) for multiple films at the same time. Such as Jessica Alba winning worst supporting actress for four separate films all in 2010. Or doing the reverse and nominating the entire Sex & the City as one entity. Either way, it just seems like an obvious case of stacking the deck and tipping their hand. Takes all the interest out of it. Separate nominations, like the Oscars do, and you’ve done here, keeps it (hopefully) focused on particular jobs and not just the “body of work”, and acknowledges the possibility (whether it pans out or not) that Sandler could have been exceptionally bad in two films, but that someone else could have a performance that’s worse than either of those — whereas if that other person had to have a worse performance than both of those films, it’d essentially be a forgone conclusion.

    • Yeah, I gotcha.

      Yeah, you know? “Just Go For It” almost got Nick Swardson a nod too, he was heinous. Probably worse than Sandler, but Sandler had the lead.

      Had to give it to him twice. I am in total agreement with you. I hate the “Compressing”. Plus, in theory, shouldn’t that offset? Like didnt Sandra Bullock win a Razzie and an Oscar in the same year? Or at least she was nominated for the razzies, I know that!

      • Yeah, I think Bullock was the first person to win both awards the same year (she was definitely the first to win both for Lead Actress in one year). Best Actress for The Blind Side, Worst Actress for All About Steve.

  3. I gotta place my vote for Sandler in Jack and Jill and Martin Lawrence in Big Momma’s House 2!

    Surprised Tyler Perry isn’t in here for his Madea’s Big Happy Family, or that Alex Pettyfer isn’t in here for Beastly!

    ha. Nice list!

    • Yeah, I guess there were SOME movies I didnt examine in my quest to find the worst.

      Both crossed my mind, but I didnt have time to catch them all… Next year I’ll do better T 😀

      Pettyfer almost got considered here due to “I am number four” though. That movie was RANK. LOL

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