The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Director Nominees

Here we go, boys and girls. The nominees for the Best Director of 2011.

These are the people behind the lens. Its their vision that the movie brings to life. It’s like the old axiom about a quarterback, “They get too much credit when they win, and too much blame when they lose”.

But at least, for these five candidates, it’s definitely the winning side of the equation we’re talking about.

Click through to see the nominees for the 2011 FMR MAJOR Award for Best Director!


Woody Allen – “Midnight in Paris” I saw this movie, literally at the last minute possible for consideration here. I didn’t buy any of the hype, I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah, Midnight in Paris, Midnight in Paris. Little did I know that Woody Allen would weave a wonderous spell. An enchanting film, and I mean that literally. I felt “charmed” by it. Kudos.


David Fincher – “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Dark, Unsettling, Dangerous, Disturbing. Fincher filmed this movie, and then wrapped it up with barbed wire, and gave it to us as a Christmas gift. Unmerry Christmas to you. Except it worked, in a big way as we were treated to “The Feel Bad Movie of the Year”. And loved it.


Terrence Malick – “The Tree of Life” the year’s most controversial movie, without a doubt. There’s no doubt that Malick is the star more than any actor or actress or dinosaur within. Challenging, awe-inspiring, confusing, beautiful, astounding. This is film as moving art. The world is a better place for having movies like this in the mix. ______________________________________________________________________

Alexander Payne – “The Descendants” This movie was heartfelt and honest. Funny as hell, and genuinely moving. A package like that doesn’t just appear out of thin air. Payne got the absolute most out of every single performer in the movie, and then used great cinematography, great music, and perfect pacing to create a unforgetable movie.


Nicholas Winding Refn – “Drive” Stylish. Bad ass. Understated. Confident. Cool. Refn took his first major US release and knocked it out of the park. Drive is gorgeous to watch and filled with top-level performances – credit to Refn. It’s a crime drama with a cool streak, and deserved all the raves it got.


So there you have it folks!

My picks for the best directors of 2011!

Can’t wait to hammer me over “snubbing” Scorsese? Can’t get behind “The Tree of Life”? Surprised to see Woody Allen in the mix? Let me hear it!

Let me know what you think. As usual Help! He’s holding me captive! Call the cops! I can’t wait to get your input as I face these tough decisions!! 😀


19 thoughts on “The 2011 FMR MAJOR Awards: Best Director Nominees

    • Tommy D!!

      Sorry, LOL, great “handle”. Is there any “Goodfellas” reference up in that, or did you just luck out with abbreviating your name? 😀

      Not much I can say to the Fincher comment except “Definitely”. I completely agree.

      As to getting around to other people’s stuff… I’ll try to get back to it, honest. I think you can tell I’m a busy blogger right now. LOL. But I’m sure other readers here might be interested.

      Thanks for chiming in, have a look around at some of the other categories, too!

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  2. An amazing website. Words can’t describe it! (I’m pretty sure that’s a compliment.)

    I love the pizazz. I might not agree with the choices – ok, I flat out don’t – but fantastic delivery, hats off to you.

    • Thanks Colin! Appreciate that. 😀

      I’m always open to counter arguments… discussions usually dont last long if everyone sees eye to eye… They wind up being like, yup. yup. LOL

      Who would you say, or exclude, as the case may be?

      • Well, less so in this category than others, in truth. You’ve got Refn in your top 5,so do I. I liked Midnight in Paris, and you have the Woodster here. Point is, damn you write well. Consider the site added to my RSS.

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